Samsung Display born of Samsung’s mobile display and S-LCD units


Samsung has consolidated their display manufacturing business by combining the entity once known as Samsung Mobile Display with the company’s S-LCD unit to create the singular entity Samsung Display. The merger makes Samsung Display the largest manufacturer of display glass with 39,000 employees and seven factories now set to focus on LCD and OLED production. Samsung hopes to leverage its experience and resources to continue to grow their display business and continue to improve on screen technologies as well as methods of production to meet ever-growing demand. The new arm of Samsung is dedicated to creating “displays beyond imagination.” Hit up the press release for a few choice quotes and more info.

Samsung Display Newly Established as World’s Largest Display Manufacturer

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Samsung Display Co., Ltd., a global leader in display panel technologies and products, announced today that it has begun conducting business as a newly merged corporation with Samsung Mobile Display and S-LCD corporations.

“Our combined strengths will guide Samsung’s display business through the next decade and longer, in turning the many synergistic benefits of the company into far-reaching, tangible results.”
Samsung Display is the world’s largest display manufacturer, now with 39,000 employees and seven production facilities worldwide. Oh-hyun Kwon, vice chairman and CEO of Samsung Electronics, was elected CEO of Samsung Display at the general meeting of stockholders and board of directors.

Kwon said, “Samsung Display is destined to attain virtually unlimited growth, through continuous efforts to combine our proven know-how in the display field with an overwhelming creative spirit.” He added, “Our combined strengths will guide Samsung’s display business through the next decade and longer, in turning the many synergistic benefits of the company into far-reaching, tangible results.”

Samsung Display also decided upon its corporate slogan: ‘displays beyond imagination’ and declared it would move forward with a bold goal of striving to continually lead the future.

Through its merger with Samsung Mobile Display and S-LCD corporations, Samsung Display plans to expand the company’s management efficiencies, while optimizing the synergistic effects of its LCD (liquid crystal display) and OLED (organic light-emitting diode) business initiatives. The company also intends to strengthen its global competitive edge by combining OLED production technology with precision large panel operations and seasoned supply chain management.

About Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Samsung Display Co., Ltd. is a global leader in display panel technology and products. Employing approximately 39,000 people at seven production facilities and nine sales offices worldwide, Samsung Display specializes in high-quality displays for consumer, mobile, IT and industrial usage, including those featuring OLED (organic light emitting diode) and LCD technologies. As a total solution provider, Samsung Display strives to advance the future with next-generation technologies featuring ultra-thin, energy-efficient, flexible, foldable and transparent displays. For more information, please visit

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  1. Seems like Samsung cares more to be worlds best this, worlds best that.
    Largest manufacturer of phones, largest display division, android smartphone leader (blegh) featuring the most nexus devices (blegh), the first with useless other features…….they should focus on being the BEST, not the biggest!

    1. Samsung has the best displays in the TV market. Mobile is a little shaky but their LCD tech is by far the best. Most companies buy their screens from Samsung and build around them. As for the rest of Samsung, yea they are lackluster.

      1. They make by far the best mobile displays as well. It’s just that they sell them to Apple instead of using them in their own phones. Hehe.

      2. You forgot this. As for the dram and flash memory, Samsung is the best out there.

  2. And I’m reading this looking at a Samsung display. Galaxy S3.

    1. I’m reading this on a samsung monitor – SA750.
      While my galaxy s3 sits right next to it.

  3. Holograph display in 2013? Yes please.

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