#BoycottApple trending on Google+


After the courts granted a preliminary injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, there’s no denying that Phandroids the world over are MAD. And they’ve done an excellent job taking their fury out by getting #BoycottApple to trend on Google+. The content is flowing through quite fast, and it’s certainly fun just glancing over and seeing the posts.

It’s no Arab Spring, and I don’t expect to see this cause a dent in Apple’s earnings, but it’s good to see people vent their fury regarding Apple’s non-competitive behavior. Hopefully the attention would lead to something constructive, like the earlier Apple vs Motorola case.

Disclaimer: This post was written on a Macbook Pro, which I use for my work. But, before you call me a traitor, I must point out that the first thing I did when I got the laptop was add the stickers in the photo below to make it clear where my loyalties lie.

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Useless disclaimer for a useless picture.

  2. Of course Google+ users are more likely to support a company that uses a Google OS rather than a company that sues it.

    1. Apparently its trending on Twitter as well….

  3. i use a macbook obviously i love their laptops and i own a galaxy nexus but apple as a company (Mobile department) is just a disgrace to the IT world..

    1. Why Google, Samsung, Motorolla do the same

      1. The same what?

      2. You realize the Galaxy Nexus is a product made by samsung with google’s supervision right?

      3. Recall a Google ban on an Apple product? I’ll love to see this response.

    2. I agree, except I hate their laptops (and any of their products for that matter) because of their walled garden locked in approach.

    3. I like their design language, but I refuse to support a company with these motives, so I bought an HP Envy 14 Spectre instead when I needed a new laptop. Typing on it now.

  4. LMAO! i love the disclaimer. heres mine.. Disclaimer: This comment is being written on my Macbook Air, which I use for college. But, before you call ME a traitor, I must point out that apple only makes good laptops…. Thats it! i came to the conclusion that i like google and dislike apple and im starting to dislike microsoft for calling me a beta tester :/ So, until google comes out with a really nice laptop because chrome os wont cut it for me, i really dont care if i get a mac or windows os running laptop. Oh, and i dont like to put stickers all over my laptop but if i did, i would do exactly what you did! haha!

    1. I must agree that they make great laptops. My favorite feature of Mac’s? Battery that lasts 9 hours! My least favorite feature: No Gaming GPU’s.

      1. Most Thinkpads I have held in my hands had battery life of 6 to 9 hours and cost a quarter of a macs price. Oh and it doesnt jail you in apples policies either…

      2. You aren’t buying the right mac then.

        1. Is there a MacBook that has a GTX680 in it? NO. I think if Apple started putting high end graphics card’s in their macbooks like Alienware does, they would sell more.

      3. Yes, the battery is great on my air and im not that person that games all day so i dont care about that. I honestly just love the finger gestures on the trackpad the most! 3 swipes to the right and im on a new window for my notes for school, then as my teacher begins to talk about bs, 3 finger swipe to the left, and im on facebook and phandroid again! lmfao!

      4. Why do you need a Gaming GPU? Barely any games come out for Macs…

        1. I’m a PC gamer, but maybe if Apple would use better GPU’s, game developers would use the platform.

          1. There is no way. Windows is just so much more popular. It’s easier to game on Linux than Mac.

          2. I’m just jealous of the MacBook Pro’s aluminum Unibody. Other OEM’s have attempted to use aluminum, but none of them were completely aluminum.

          3. Okay, I agree with you there. I do like my MBP’s body(I got it for free from my grandfather.) but the battery has gone out out so I can’t use it anymore.

        2. That’s the whole point, that is WHY no developers make games for Mac. (my opinion)

    2. Why not try a GNU/Linux distro like Linux Mint? If/when Google comes out with a complete computer OS, it’s probably going to be GNU/Linux-based.

  5. Its trending on Twitter too now

    1. I checked before posting this, and even now I’m not seeing that. I’m guessing it might have to do with the new “Tailored Trends” on Twitter. If you’re not on tailored trends, which region is is showing up in?

      1. Heh, didn’t know anything about Tailored Trends, but yes it is

    2. http://twibbon.com/join/against-apple

      Seeing a lot of this as well. Probably won’t affect a thing, but it is interesting to see some public backlash.

  6. Oh wow, they got it trended on google+. Watch out, we got some badasses over here.

    And seriously dude, re-read your article. You sound like a 4 year old in some parts.

    1. It is a fricken blog post! STFU already. Go somewhere else. Nobody wants you here.

      1. Lets be real here, how long does it takes to re-read something this long. 1 minute? It wouldn’t hurt. No need to start a flame war here.

    2. Well you got the derp part down. Now you just need the herp. Apple gives that to you eventually.

  7. And while this is being written on my iMac, if Apple can’t get their shit together and quit with the cry baby lawsuits there will be no more Apple products in my future. Too bad for them, I was lusting after the new Macbook Pro. Instead of choosing to innovate, Apple chooses to litigate.

  8. Boycotting doesn’t work, all it does is bring attention to the company or product you’re trying to boycott. The real solution is just to keep purchasing android products. I’ve ordered the nexus 7 as soon as it was announced for the U.K. and i’m hoping others have as well so google can capture some of the tablet space.
    That will the best thing for android and the consumer in general, not pretending to boycott something and inevitably purchasing an apple product which is good.

    1. Thing is though, it isn’t like Apple is a smaller company that a lot of people haven’t heard of before. I can’t see how this would bring more attention to the company’s products. It does bring more attention to their policies though, which the general public tends to not even know about. It’s really fun for me because I’ve been boycotting Apple for years now for this reason and just in the last day or two, I’ve got friends who are just starting to “see the light” so to speak.

      1. I agree.. Large companies can’t stand too much bad pub. At a minimum it shows that the general public is getting fed up with the crap.

        1. The general public has no idea of the Apple lawsuit BS. It’s only people that read tech news sites like this that are aware. Hell, the general public probably couldn’t name another smartphone of the top of their head besides the iPhone.

          1. Its more than just tech blog readers watching the trending topics on G+ and Twitter. Not saying EVERYBODY is going to know but its definitely beyond those that read tech blogs at this point. And seriously the general public has almost twice as many Android devices in their hands than iPhones. You think they don’t know the name of their own phone or at least that its not an iPhone?

  9. This is brilliant what’s happening on this stream! :))


  10. I’d like to see what type of marketing BS CRAPple comes up with in an attempt to get out of the mess they created!!!

  11. I won’t be impressed until I see traffic into and out of Infinite Loop disrupted.

  12. haha I’ve been boycotting apple for years now and didn’t even know. Hmmm no reason why i should quit now.

    1. By the way before any yuppie i-troll strolls in and say’s: “That’s because you can’t afford one”, I’d like to let you know that i own both a $1500 Samsung 7 series lap top (which i like better than the mac books) as well as an unlocked galaxy nexus :-)

  13. Keep on trending!

  14. Lol nerds unite!

  15. #BoycottApple is now trending on twitter as well.

  16. I started this when all of this attacking open-source software thing had begun. It hasn’t been super easy resisting the temptation of getting an iPad, but I prefer freedom.

  17. While it is great to see a trending in Google+, this anger needs to be taken to Twitter where the non-Android folks and neutral folks can read them….and most importantly, the voters in United States who can vote a judge off the bench. :)

  18. Your stickers are cool and all, but you still gave quite a bit of cash to Douche Corp and are partially funding their war on consumers and freedom.

    The only respectable reason I’ve ever heard for buying a MacBook (and it’s still a minor one) was the cool body, but with all the Ultrabooks around nowadays, there is absolutely no excuse to use Apple’s trash.

  19. love the pic

  20. we need to get a bigger audience Google + just isn’t cutting it need to spread it to facebook/twitter/ the apple hangout instagram

    1. i’ve been reposting stuff i see on G+ to facebook since 5 hours ago. Especially the EFF “Defend Innovation” petition.

      Please sign and share!

      1. lol i have spammed it on 100 + websites with links and everything since last Thursday

      2. where are all the droid fans i mean we only got like nearly 7k votes on defendinnovation.org and like 400 votes on twitter, this site alone has 30,000 Facebook likes and pretty much most the videos on you-tube introducing new android phones have 100k + likes, with 1 mil + views. honestly i was thinking millions >.> cant do anything with little attention and the google+ topic is kind of dying down

  21. #notimpressedbyyourstickers

  22. Its not necessary to boycott apple. Apple has 6% of PC market and 30% of smartphone market (and trending downward). Which is why they are so disparate to sue everyone. Soon Iphone will be a nitch at about 10% market share as android continues to innovate and apple continues to litigate.

    1. Your over looking that fact that most people don’t buy iphone because their innovative. They buy them because they like how it looks and because its a status symbol. No android phone comes close to its mass appeal and none will for the conceivable future.

      Until one of the Android manufacturers decides to make a beautiful looking phone and mount a billion ad campaign that gets your mom and 13 year old sister to want one, Apple has nothing to worry about because this boycott is just preaching to the choir.

      1. Despite all you said; android is significantly more popular than ios according to market share. Ergo; Apple does have a Lot to worry about. This is why they are desparate enough to sue everyone. Notice apple wasnt suing all these companies until android started running away with the market share.

        1. case and point…android has been out for years and even in concept before ios…so once android started taking off and became direct competition is when apple decided they weren’t happy about it. Truth of the matter is you can sue these companies all you want they will continue to use android until there is another option, and thats not happening anytime soon.

  23. I <3 this #BoycottApple movement. But we're all preaching to the choir. For it to even remotely be effective beyond just venting we need to take it to the streets and raise it to OWS proportions. Get in the malls near the Apple stores, get out the big box retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart, get outside the carrier stores, get your signs and picket old school style. Don't just be anti-Apple. Lets raise awareness of how Apple is abusing patent and intellectual property law to gain unfair business advantages. Lets hit the streets people!

  24. I also cant stand this crap apple is pulling i wish when i switched to AT&T from sprint that i would have been able to afford 2 new good android phones but i could not so i had to go with the free iphone 3gs and i hate it cant wait to get back to an android. If there is anything that was to come of all this i would wish that it would be the US telling apple that if they make one more lawsuit it will cost them 100mill and or the banning of all apple products in the US apple needs to learn that if it wants to be a part of the US market they need to learn to play with the others.

  25. Apple didn’t ban anything. A judge did.

    Your government allows one person to decide what millions of people can or can’t buy….and. Your government Can even make it a law that you are REQUIRED to buy something….even if you dont want or use it.

    There is nothing anyone can do about it until that one person or another court decides to decide otherwise.

    1. Sorry but you are wrong … Apple did request justice ( and judge ) to ban it.

    2. Oh please, it’s not like one random person woke up this morning and decided “Hmm, today nobody can buy X”… Apple was the catalyst.

  26. Down with Apple….Down with conformity!

  27. #BoycottApple

  28. but it looks like the Apple is eating the Androids!! :(

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