Jul 1st, 2012

After the courts granted a preliminary injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, there’s no denying that Phandroids the world over are MAD. And they’ve done an excellent job taking their fury out by getting #BoycottApple to trend on Google+. The content is flowing through quite fast, and it’s certainly fun just glancing over and seeing the posts.

It’s no Arab Spring, and I don’t expect to see this cause a dent in Apple’s earnings, but it’s good to see people vent their fury regarding Apple’s non-competitive behavior. Hopefully the attention would lead to something constructive, like the earlier Apple vs Motorola case.

Disclaimer: This post was written on a Macbook Pro, which I use for my work. But, before you call me a traitor, I must point out that the first thing I did when I got the laptop was add the stickers in the photo below to make it clear where my loyalties lie.

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