Jun 30th, 2012

Sony’s new Google TV set-top box (NSZ-GS7) has been one of the most exciting products revolving around Google’s smart TV platform. Its upgraded specs and reasonable price make it much more enticing to try out Google TV. The excitement only lasted so much, though, until the Vizio Co-Star was announced along with its $100 price tag and OnLive compatibility. And though Sony’s box won’t beat Vizio’s price, it might just bring cloud gaming to the table, as well.

Our good friends from Venture Beat have found a very interesting bit of details from Sony’s official website. On the product site, under the specifications tab, one can find the OnLive controller USB dongle listed under the optional accessories section.

This probably means that, like most new Google TV products, Sony’s new set-top box will also come with its good share of OnLive gaming capabilities. The app was not pre-installed in our review unit, but that doesn’t mean that an update or download can’t be done.

I am a huge fan of cloud gaming services, as they are shaping a new generation; one were consoles could become obsolete. Cloud gaming allows users to enjoy the best titles with low-end devices, as the game is really being processed at the company’s headquarters. This system also makes gaming more affordable, as well as accessible. It is just as easy to take your games wherever you go without losing your progress. I can start playing on my TV, move on to my computer and then keep playing the same game on the road, with my tablet or smartphone.

Of course, this is nothing but speculation. Sony hasn’t commented on the matter. But we are going to assume that listing the OnLive controller as an optional accessory definitely means something is in the works.

[Source: Sony Via: Venture Beat]

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