PSA: if you sync contacts with Facebook, then you might be sending E-Mails to the address


You might have heard a certain piece of news earlier this week that Facebook had controversially decided to set every user’s <username> E-Mail address in the contact information. As if that wasn’t infuriating enough, users of the Facebook app on pre-ICS devices have something bigger to bother about.

It turns out that the @facebook E-Mail addresses have been pushed to the contact info on all mobile devices, too, which means that the default E-Mail address on your phone of your friends might not be the one you tend to send mails to. Unfortunately, at this point, all you can do is change your own settings on Facebook, and pay attention while composing on your mobile device. As CNET reports, quite a few people have already reported their address books having been altered and E-Mails having been lost (they didn’t make it to the recipients Facebook messages either).

Facebook has got to really answer for this mess. It’s one thing to change a user’s default E-Mail on their own site (which itself shouldn’t happen, since we’ve explicitly set it to something else), and quite another to alter the address books of millions of people. Fortunately for those on ICS, the app doesn’t sync contacts yet on the platform.

[via CNET]

Raveesh Bhalla

#BoycottApple trending on Google+

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  1. FAILbook

    1. ice cream cheeseman!

  2. a cheese burger flys a kite on a planetary child’s restroom!

  3. Yup, sure enough all my contacts which link with Facebook are changed to What an arrogant thing to do. The more I use G+ the more I like it over FB. In fact, this may just be the straw that makes me think it’s not worth it any more. Moto-Atrix 4G. I see #BoycottApple is trending. how high can we get #BoycottFaceBook?

    1. Galactic Bacon French Man!

    2. It’s only going to get worse. People are addicted to Facebook to the point that they don’t mind giving up some freedoms in order to continue using it.

  4. Google should quickly push out something to block this. Then make it VERY public that they needed to do this, and use it as leverage for people to use Google+

    Facebook has quickly become a shady shady company.

    1. They did. Didn’t they just say that this doesn’t work in ICS?

  5. I could be wrong but I think ICS with HTC Sense is capable of synchronizing with Facebook.

  6. And this is why i quit facebook. They used the boiled lobster approach with privacy settings.

    1. big man on a big mac

  7. Facebook is horrible. G+ didn’t do this to you Facebook users.

  8. This is why I use G+

    1. How can you use G+ though? NOBODY I know uses G+. And it’s so much better. I have lyk 4 friends on there and only talk to 1. The rest are people I follow.

      1. Same here. I don’t know a soul that I actually speak to that uses G+… No one wants to learn how to use a brand new social site, especially when they already have FB, Twitter, Tumblr and now Instagram.

  9. Facebook = Myspace……garbage!!!!

  10. Facebook has a bad reputation for pulling there low down dirty tricks with peoples info and not telling anyone about the changes, I’m about ready to give up on it.

  11. this was the last straw for me.. permanently switched over to google+ and my friends are slowly following. it’s time to give up on that unnecessarily bloated, buggy, we-dont-care-about-your-privacy excuse for a social network and let it die.

  12. Umm does anybody even check their stupid “@Facebook ” email???

    1. After the story about the address change made the news, I checked on my Timeline, About, the bottom, and found that my address too had been changed. So, I changed it back. Then I tried to check my facebook email to see if any messages had errantly come in. I couldn’t. I couldn’t even find where tocheckmy facebook email. And this was all via the web interface.

  13. This is precisely why I do not, and will not, put Facebook apps on my products.
    I’m an Apple user, but I really wish we could default the world of social networks to Google+.

  14. What I am seeing is an ADDITIONAL email address entry containing the new facebook address, rather than a replacement. If I had no email address for a contact, I now have the new facebook address in the record. Ya, it sucks, but not as bad as reported.

  15. It boggles my mind that android users “might” be sending email to the wrong email address.
    You make it sound like android users don’t bother to check the email address they are sending email to…before sending email….and that an operating system would allow a third party application make system preference changes without notifying the user or requiring permission.

    Next time, a bank application will be sending from the ‘google play’ store will be sending your account number and login information to ‘whomever’ it decides is the default email address…..and no one will bother to check who they are sending email to..
    lol that’s amazing!


    1. Except, when the user authorizes a “sync” to a third party site, then Android has no reason to notify the user that contact data is changing. That is what syncing is…so as far as the OS is concerned, that is what the user wants. Its Facebook’s fault for being so intrusive. If Microsoft suddenly changed everyone’s email address in Outlook to you wouldn’t blame Android for allowing the change when your account synced.

  16. Hm, I have ICS and Facebook Contact sync activated, but it didn’t alter any of my contacts. My contact adress on my facebook account was changed, however.

  17. It doesn’t sync. When I 1st tried syncing, my contacts pictures wouldn’t show. So now I have to manually go and take my friend’s picture.

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