Droid RAZR owners still waiting for ICS will be able to pull it manually on June 30


Own the Droid RAZR or Droid MAXX with Verizon and still haven’t received your update to Android 4.0? Tomorrow is your lucky day. According to the twitterings of one VZW rep, on June 30th all users can access their system setting and navigate to the software update dialog to be bumped up to the latest version of Android. In case you aren’t near a calendar, that’s tomorrow.

Provided this goes through as stated, it should end the prolonged wait some users have been experiencing. And with that the long road to Ice Cream Sandwich will end for Droid RAZR owners.

[Twitter via DroidLife]

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  1. I don’t believe it!

  2. So. Who cares. You act like your phone doesn’t work without ics.

  3. I think He meant June 30 3013

  4. So when do you guys think we should expect the jelly bean update? I can’t imagine it being any later then sometime in early 2016

    1. are you sure its even going to get the jelly bean update ?

    2. I don’t think Razr will get jellybean. I haven’t heard of any android device with 3 os’s before.

      1. It has happened. OG Incredible started with Eclair, got Froyo, and is rocking GB now :)

        1. Its not very common though. And with this being Motorola Razr, which is only just getting ICS (we here in the UK still don’t have it at all), then it seems unlikely that just months after ICS, Jelly Bean releases.

          1. I agree it isn’t common, and most people with the Inc moved on from it before the GB update came. Just saying it isnt out of the realm of possibilities

      2. The evo 4g. Got android. 2.1, 2.2,and 2.3 so did the nexus one

        1. Fair enough, but still. Even if the update DID arrive, it wouldn’t be until about late 2013 at best (honestly, would it even matter by then if it did?)

        2. So did the Droid X

      3. I must have gotten about 4 updates on my G1. But I guess that was the early days and for a while it was the only phone in town. It’s a little different now.

        1. Exactly. Things are different now. Its highly unlikely for a recent phone to get 3 or more updates.

  5. LOL, I kinda think the same thing Master94

  6. Man… it’s great to know that once a new version of iOS gets released, I get it on Day 1!

    1. Man… It’s sad to know there are people shallow like yourself who have to spam websites devoted to an OS they hate.

    2. With missing features

    3. The lube gets mailed out the following week.

    4. your on iOS 6.0 ? I highly doubt that, but guess what we got jelly bean 9 hours after release. like Shakespeare, said to bean or not to bean, that is the question. the answer is yes and if you choose the later then you’re just a hater

      1. I am currently running iOS6 Beta 2 on my iPhone 4s. It is not released to the public yet. Also… Galaxy Nexus owners got “a build” of Jelly Bean. I’ll be amazed if RAZRMAXX gets Jelly Bean within 6 months. Same with Galaxy S III, and other recent phones.

        1. iOS6 Beta 2 has been released for testing…and as you said, not to the gen public, but it isnt hard to come by. The funny thing is though, their OS seems to always be in beta, even after it is officially released. They even released Siri as beta and used it as a marketing tool to sell a phone. Really? A beta version of software and use it as a upgrade incentive? That is messed up. BUT, the iSheep followed as expected.

          1. Honestly to buy a product just because of a brand is pretty dumb, you shouldn’t make a decision based on the company that makes it or just to be loyal to them, you should put your best interests first, that’s something these iphans aren’t getting, i mean why wait for like 1-2 years for apple to give you a certain feature when you can buy a phone which is equal in performance or surpasses it with all the features you want + more, i personally would buy a non android phone as my main device if it suited my needs better but that hasn’t happened yet. For instance all those features in the new iOS 6 minus Siri we have had for the passed 2 years and actually we still had more features back then then iOS 6 will have in 3 months or whenever the new iPhone drops. Oh and btw just to get a clear picture of how much the performance has improved from ICS to jelly bean here is a quick browser speed test i just ran, on ICS i was getting about 95k and on Jelly bean im getting 165-180k which is higher then the galaxy s3 which has the most power-full cpu/gpu of any mobile phone at the moment, its just insane almost double the performance.

        2. Well the build of jelly bean we got is 100% working, there’s no hiccups and we have every single feature so i wouldn’t say its a beta, + jailbreak-ed iPhone’s don’t run as smooth as an out of the box iPhone i should know i have one >.>, and also the beta version of iOS 6 you guys are running has a lot of faults so its not anywhere close to being similar. I also own a Iphone 4 and a iPod touch 4g, and the recent update to iOS 5 have made them extremely laggy i have to forceclose apps and restart them often just to get them to work properly, just because you can put a more up to date OS on a older device doesn’t mean you should, and all this lagg is coming from just the 4 new major features added on iOS 5 that android already has cept iOS is getting buggier and android is getting faster,smoother and more intuitive while not sacrificing any of the overwhelming features. and to add to the razr maxx comment i would be surprised if they get it at all, Motorola is the worst with updates and to make matters worse those devices are on Verizon so double trouble, that’s why i switched to the nexus.

        3. Has it caught up yet with all the features of Gingerbread released some time ago?

          Wouldn’t that be exciting for you?!!!?

    5. Why don’t you ask Siri why you have so much time on your hands?

      1. “…so much time on your hands?” Because those “special websites” wont play in flash! Ha Ha!

  7. Congrats to those on Verizon. At least your carrier somewhat acknowledges that ICS exists. *Looks at Sprints direction……………..*

    1. They’re holding their word, it’s still 2012.


      1. And they just keep holding it and holding it and holding it…

    2. Yeah. Sprints gs2 hasn’t seen the update yet

  8. I’m waiting for the Rezound to get ICS. I am very pissed off over this. I root my phones in the first 5 minutes of owning them but the Rezound has been so fast right out of the box, the signal and radios are so freaken fast I have held off and left it all stock. I am getting a little anxious waiting for this update, very tempted in rooting this sob now that it has true S-off and flashing my own ics rom. Come on Verizon quit holding us by the short hairs and give us the freaken update, this is total bull sh–.

    1. Verizon has had the Rezound ICS update for 2 months now even HTC had launched a ICS update page for it but took it down shortly after

      1. I know this won’t make sense, but the last “two months” wasn’t actually VZW’s fault per say, but a combo of HTC and VZW…but now they are holding back to make sure RAZR owners get it first.

        1. I’m surprised it even took this long to get it to the razr, i mean its Verizon’s best selling phone at the moment it even surpassed the iPhone in the revenue it brought them.

  9. this actually is the same timing as last year, the atrix, droid x and droid 2 got the gingerbread updates between july-august

  10. Any chance of us knowing the time of release?

  11. It’s available for download now. DOWNLOADING!!

  12. Try pulling NOW! I just pulled and its downloading.

  13. Yup gave up on waiting manually installed days ago… course now its just a matter of when 4.1 is loaded for me to flash… no longer waiting on vzw/moto

  14. Just received my update!!!!!!!!! :-) !!!!!

  15. I’m downloading the ota right now for my razr maxx

  16. Mine is downloading now

  17. Mine is downloading now

  18. Downloading it right now! About time!

  19. Damn it, at work where my data connection goes in and out and have to wait till the morning to download it, it’s killing me lol

  20. Downloading right now

  21. I can download it… Should I charge fully? Or can I download whoever charging?

    1. Obviously don’t do the update with a dead battery, but I just got the update on my second Razr and all went well @ 21% battery.

  22. *while

  23. Roommate downloaded the update twice and both times got the message “update cannot be validated”…….. Any ideas what’s up? He has never rooted the phone, only had it a few months

  24. Downloading… Man waiting to charge was excruciating! I know it’s worth the wait though :)

  25. Life is complete for now

  26. DroidX had 3, mine started with eclair, then froyo, then gingerbread

  27. Well it turned out to be true. Finally after Jelly Bean is announced. This process is way too slow

  28. At a little past midnight, I manually searched for an update, and it was almost instant. So far, I really love the Sammich.


  30. . . . More gorgeous than I expected!

  31. Got mine this morning. Love it!

  32. Today, 30 June 2012 in Indonesia with time 1 o’clock in the morning, I got ICS / Android 4.0.4 on my Motorola Droid Razr. After update, I can use GSM SIM Card in Indonesia without buy unlock code. Great. Motorola.

  33. Motorola Xoom will get JellyBean around July 2012. Motorola Xoom is old product than Motorola Droid Razr / Motorola Razr, so i believe Motorola will release JellyBean for Motorola Droid Razr / Motorola Razr.

  34. Update really sucks. Wish I had never done it. Say goodbye to adobe flash. say goodbye to streaming any videos. How do I get back to gingerbread?

    1. Flash is still available with ICS. What makes you think otherwise?

  35. I like it. Just downloaded flash 11 from the marketplace

  36. I have it already. When you use the phone as a desktop like youtube it wont play the videos.

  37. Can anyone go to youtube.com using dolphin browser set for desktop and play a video. I have enabled flash on my phone. I have installed an uninstalled flash a few times. I have installed dolphin browser on my phone a couple of times. No matter what I do it will not play the videos. If anyone knows how to get back to gingerbread please let me know

  38. I was itching to get this update but now I am missing a lot of features I used to use. I can’t turn off 4G! My widgets for wifi and Bluetooth are gone. I can’t resize the calendar widget. I don’t have a universal in box. The keyboard is smaller and different. I realize some of those things were MOTOBLUR and overall I’m not a fan of vendors messing with Android but dang! I miss those features! Any suggestions?

    1. As far as the keyboard goes, SwiftKey 3 is amazing…it is still on the smaller-ish side, but the auto-corrections are almost always spot on. i would honestly say that my typing speed doubled when i switched from the stock gingerbread keyboard a few weeks back.

      1. I tried swype and that works great for type king I. Portrait mode but I like typing in landscape. It just feels better for me. Must be remnaints of using a voyager and droid2 for so long (with an lg ally for a short time. Awesome keyboard on that!) Please excuse the typos…. I’m using my phone.. :-)

    2. wifi and bluetooth widgets still exist.. check out the widgets… there’s a power control widget with a bunch of toggles…. if you don’t like to see your control widgets on home screen download “widgetsoid” app… using which you can customize most of your controls.. and you can set it in notification area… similar to touchwiz

      1. Right. I have the power control widget on a screen but I liked having just wifi and bluetooth on the home screen. They took up less space. Doesn’t matter much now sine my calendar and weather widgets can’t be resized to the smaller setting I had before. I’ll check that app out. Thanks!

    3. I miss the contacts being integrated into the dialer. I downloaded the free version of easy dialer and it prompts me to put in my Vonage account number every time I launch the dialer. Plus the ads are intrusive. Any suggestions on a good dialer app with integrated contacts?

  39. Hey I got it last night .Its OK. I have not used it enough to feel its great. Seems pretty much the same except it put things in differnt places.

  40. I can tell you one thing my Discess password in Dolphin did not work to long in here so I am posting with a Transfomer

  41. Thank God I recieved my update this morning I have been going nuts trying to get it. So far its cool. I have just played with it a bit.

  42. I want to break my phone and get another maxx that has gingerbread on it. Battery life is so much worse now. No flash and my temple run doesn’t run smooth anymore. All the things i loved about this phone are gone. F**k ICS.

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