HTC planning to bring Jelly Bean to a selection of phones sometime down the line


We’re not the least bit surprised by the statement we’ve just received from HTC regarding upgrades to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. They’ve expressed their excitement in the upgrade’s arrival and are now evaluating the upgrade to see which phones they will end up pushing them out to.

I think it’s a safe assumption that all the HTC Hero (high-end like the One X and One S) devices will get the upgrade, and a few others might soon have the opportunity to get in on it, as well. But that’s all we know for now: they’re planning on bringing the upgrade to some devices. Let’s hope things come around sooner rather than later.

We are excited about Android Jelly Bean and are planning to support it across a variety of our devices.  We are reviewing the software to determine our upgrade plans and schedule, so please stay tuned for more updates on specific device upgrade plans.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Do you mean HTC One series phones? Or can I dust off my old HTC Hero? Or is it a USA thing? :) x

  2. Sometime [really really far] down the line.

  3. LOL! That could mean anything…

  4. How often do these posts get proof red before they get posted? I swear I see at least one post a day with a blatantly obvious mistake in them!

    I’m sure what was meant was HTC One devices and not Hero devices.

    1. hmm… blatantly obvious mistake… like proof “red” instead of “read”…?

      1. Holla beans and collards! I better get Jellybean on my EVO LTE! I mean HTC only has 4 phones to work one and all are basically based on the same one design so updating should be easy.

        1. I’m replying to myself. The editor on Phandroid is either insane or doing this on purpose as he called the DROID Incredible 4G from the post below (link too) a “Hero” device which we all know is ONE series.

          “This device will be worthy of donning the Incredible name, though, as
          it has exceptional build quality and a nice S4 processor to make for a
          very smooth experience. Be wary, though, as this isn’t being touted as a
          Hero device.

          While the S4 processor is comparable to the one inside the Hero
          devices on the other three big US carriers, the Incredible 4G is notably
          missing the “ImageSense” technology that allows you to take a series of
          photos in quick succession. The 8 megapixel HD camera is still nice,
          though, and it should please anyone who doesn’t need that continuous
          burst. Take a look at the image above.”


          1. Nowhere was it stated that the “Hero” monicker is exclusive to One devices. We were told the Incredible 4G was considered a Hero device despite not being an “official” part of the One series. If you’d like to, feel free to take it up with the HTC reps we speak to.

    2. Nothing that I typed was invalid.

      1. Oops, double post…they are talking about your use of the”hero” moniker…not realizing it is used for high end devices.

      2. I honestly don’t understand the whole “hero” monicker and what phones it applies to….. I know the one series and everything before was just the same phone with a different skin. I guess I need to research what that series actually includes!

  5. This is why I only buy Nexus phones. I’m already running JB, right now. My apps are restoring from the Play Store as we speak.

    1. Don’t downvote me because you don’t have one. It’s the most cost-effective phone there is when you think about it. Not like I have a TAG Heuer phone or something redic.

      1. my Ferrari smartphone is getting froyo soon….

  6. Lets hope the Thunderbolt is on that short list since we’ve thus far been royally screwed.

    1. How greedy! You dare hope to be promised Jelly Bean when you’ve already been promised Ice Cream Sandwich? (Note – the operative word is “promised”!)

      By the way, it’s humor…

  7. Here’s hoping a speedy update for my Evo LTE!

  8. a “Hero” device is a flagship e.g. One X, Sensation, Rezound

  9. They said the same thing about the Thunderbolt and Rezound when ICS was released. We’re still waiting….

    1. Rezound is supposed to be this month, I’m already running the leaked build that is expected to be the OTA, Thunderbolt coming July or August, I doubt that anything other than Sense 4 devices will be even considered.

    2. yea, what the hell? I want ICS on my Thunderbolt!!!

  10. Since the Nexus S is getting Jelly Bean I don’t see why any phone released in 2010 or later does not get Jelly Bean.

    1. The carriers will more than likely disagree with you, unfortunately.

  11. I think the DROID Razr Maxx should skip over ICS and get Jelly Bean, but I’m sure they won’t

  12. Please first give me ICS on my Rezound. Then we can start talking about JB.

    1. Been there, got that. Now I want Jellybean. But please, can we not call it JB?

      1. joint blowing? job blow? jaded balls? I can’t seem to figure out why jb would be bad? maybe I am to young and niave? I hope someone doesn’t take advantage of my innocence and subsequently have to face some sort of punishment… teehee!

        1. JB = jailbait or Justin Beiber, depending on which side of the age line you’re on lol

  13. Crossing my fingers, but with little hope for the EVO 3d

    1. maybe when we get ics they will consider jb but I doubt it.

  14. …still waiting for ICS. Lulz.

  15. *insert this is why nexus rools hurrrdurrr* UPDATE MANIA! ! WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO WHEN UPDATE MANIA RUNS WILD ON YOU!!?!!!?!??* (this is what you sound like)

  16. I love my Thunderbolt very much. So much in fact that I can’t find anything that could replace it. However, this will be my last HTC phone due to lack of manufacturer support. I could be running ICS if they would just release the RIL. Now I’m going to be two OS versions down? No more of this.

  17. As someone said before, this is exactly why I bought a nexus device. Being on the bleeding edge is awesome. I wonder how many iPhones outside of Cupertino are running iOs 6? On a separate note, the dev community will, as always, outpace the oem’s in getting stable builds of this up and running for the best devices.

  18. Can’t wait till devs start cooking up 4.1 ROMs for the S3..

  19. Still waiting for my official incredible S ICS upgrade. Yea, you might get it. They never promised it would be this decade though.

  20. Well chances are great I’ll never see this on my Rezound :sad face:

  21. I don’t think my HTC One V will get the update. I feel like a broken home kid.

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