Jun 28th, 2012

We were excited to see that a supposed HTC DROID Incredible 4G may exist thanks to marketing materials posted over at AndroidForums.com, but this isn’t a new device at all: it’s the HTC DROID Incredible 4G we got our hands on last month, but this ad refers to it as the HTC DROID Incredible 4.

A possibility is that Verizon dropped the “G” in 4G, but this would be a long shot considering there has yet to be a third device in the DROID Incredible series.

This device will be worthy of donning the Incredible name, though, as it has exceptional build quality and a nice S4 processor to make for a very smooth experience. Be wary, though, as this isn’t being touted as a Hero device.

While the S4 processor is comparable to the one inside the Hero devices on the other three big US carriers, the Incredible 4G is notably missing the “ImageSense” technology that allows you to take a series of photos in quick succession. The 8 megapixel HD camera is still nice, though, and it should please anyone who doesn’t need that continuous burst. Take a look at the image above. [via AndroidForums.com, thanks valorian!] PS: we’ve reached out to Verizon for comment and we’ll bring you the latest should we hear anything.

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