Google Nexus 7 tablet sales “really big,” says director of product management for Android


Google’s director of product manager for Android Hugo Barra, the saint who revealed all the devices they’d be giving to I/O attendees yesterday, let out a little bit of information regarding sales of the Nexus 7 tablet.

The tablet, now available for pre-sale for $200, was pretty much sold to developers and the geek community as soon as the price was revealed, but just how big has the response been?

Business Insider caught up with the guy as he revealed that sales for the tablet have been “big.” We’d hope for nothing less considering the powerful package you’re getting for a very attractive price point.

The device houses an NVIDIA quad-core Tegra 3 processor with 1GB of RAM and an HD display. There is no rear camera, but that’s a bit forgivable in the tablet realm.

You won’t find many devices this powerful for $200, and it seems like a ton of people have told Google just that with their wallets. Head to the Google Play Store if you want to order one.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Still time to win one of two Google I/O prize packs (including the newly added Samsung Chromebox!)

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  1. You can borrow mine.

  2. You can adopt me.

  3. Disappointed it doesn’t have an SD card slot.

  4. Not surprised about the Geek community being the big buyers of this device. Most geeks have not seen a need for a tablet. Especially when they are the price of a laptop. But at $200 the Nexus 7 will be a great toy to play with and enjoy. I’ll be trading my orig. galaxy tab 7 in for it for my wife to use.

  5. They really should throw in a subsidized $100 nexus q as a companion device to the nexus 7. The combination would put kindle to shame. Or how about 3 nexus devices for the price of 2. If I buy the galaxy nexus and the 7 give me the q for free or at cost. It would be a great deal sweetener.

  6. Hope it sells well, I won’t be getting one… my Nexus is all I need

  7. I want to pull the trigger but can’t.

    Copying files from my PC to my Asus Primes internal memory via USB is painfully slow. And I mean slow.

    The lack odd expandable memory is the only reason I can’t buy it right now.

    I don’t usually put a ton of files on my Prime, but I like the option to do it if I want, and it’s usually a last minute thing to do.

    I haven’t read any reviews yet, but would be curious how much memory is actually available, and how the transfer rates are.

    1. I suspect the intent is that you don’t rely on the 8-16Gb of internal memory, but rather cloud all your media and access it that way.

      1. I’m tired of the cloud response… You can’t always be on WIFI and with data caps if you access things from the cloud on the regular, you will blow through your data and start paying for it. A storage method that I can’t use all the time is not a quality solution.

  8. Well, there ya go. Thanks. :)

    And it is slllllllooooooowwww transferring files to Prime internal memory via USB. Could probably find a YouTube video showing how slow. Don’t get it.

  9. I am now waiting for the A110 and hope the screen res is a bit better. I bet it will have a SD slot. Without SD is useless. What happens if you are out of wifi range.

  10. Does any one know if Google charges your card the whole $199 (or $249) right away if I pre order or does it get charged when they ship it?

    1. They said during the order that it wouldn’t be charged until it shipped, and on on their support page that: “Once you place an order, charges generally post to your credit/debit card after your order has shipped, usually within a few days. ”

      That said, I was charged on the day for the full ammount.

  11. Is the new site written in Roboto font. Looks nice.

  12. I got one “for the wife”. Just got the 8 gig…..we will see. :-)

  13. I have been taught a lesson by an important person: Never buy first generation of anything. Always buy second generation, and beyond. So i will be waiting till next year, when a Nexus Tablet 2 comes out. Non-expandable storage is a deal breaker for me, i have reservations about cloud storage (off-topic)

    1. This doesn’t really qualify as first-gen tech. Asus has put out quite a few tablets.

      1. Asus Transformer Prime was not first-gen by your standard, but it is plagued with a GPS issue. To me this is a first-gen because of the combination of gear under the hood. After it is abused under real world stress, we will see how it holds up.

        1. Avoid buying first production runs of a device. The Asus Transformer Prime was a 2nd gen device, but it had problems on its first production runs.

  14. While an SD slot would’ve been nice, it’s not a deal killer, as the kid and others use the tablet mostly to stream off the NAS and from youtube.

    I opted for the 16GB version, both for a little more headroom and because I figured there’d probably be less demand for it so my pre-order won’t be back-ordered as long.

    The amazing thing is that I can still sell my 1st-gen Samsung Wi-Fi GalaxyTab7, USED, for ~$175 or more on ebay (depending on accessories thrown in), which is what I’m going to do.

  15. pre order’d mine woot

  16. Not sure but where in googleplay store , can you find Google nexus 7 tablet

    1. You’ve got to be in a browser. Then it’s front and center

  17. This looks pretty awesome, but I’ll probably hold out for one. I’m still enticed by the Windows Tablets. They look awesome! On top of that, since the new Windows Tabs run on the ARM architecture, I should be able to put Android on it sometime/eventually.

  18. I ordered the 16GB yesterday. I’ve been waiting for a tab this powerful to finally drop into this price range. Honestly, I’ve been almost perfectly happy with my nook color running CM7. For the same price as my nook was in 2010 I’m very happy with the looks of this guy. The fact that its a nexus is just the icing on the cake.

  19. Glad to see this doing well but I’m more interested in the next Kindle Fire

  20. hj

  21. welcome to the

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