Google formally introduces the Nexus Q, pre-sale starts today for $299


It snuck out earlier today, but as of the Google I/O 2012 the Nexus Q is official. In essence, the Nexus Q is a small Android-powered computer that is designed to function as beautifully as it looks. It’s an interactive media streaming device for playing back music, video, and web content and is based primarily upon the principles of cloud computing. The Q is controlled by an Android phone or tablet, but content lives in the cloud. We’re not simply streaming directly from our mobile devices.

The Nexus Q features the same TI OMAP processor found in the Galaxy Nexus and sports NFC, Bluetooth, and WiFi among other standard features found in your typical Android device. Unlike your typical Android device, however, the Q boasts a 25 watt class D stereo amplifier. Outputs include HDMI, optical and banana jack audio outputs, and ethernet. A microUSB port is present for “service and support” (in other words, to make the device easily hackable).

The Nexus Q is targeted as a “social streaming device” that will allow multiple Android users to share their music and movie libraries to a single Q, which is by far the killer feature of the device. It looks to retail for $299 and is available now with shipments headed out in a few weeks.


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  1. Really don’t know how they justify that price. I mean the design is cool, and the social playlists are nice, but isn’t a Google TV box a lot more functional?

  2. I’dve taken one for around $80-100 but no freaking way for $300.
    If it had Google TV Integrated into it THEN it would’ve been worth $300.

      1. Consumers don’t care where it’s made, consumers want resale value, look at the Revue: Worthless.

        1. So then its safe to say consumers are cheap asses who don’t care to help their country’s economy? I agree $300 is a little pricey but I would rather pay $300 for a product made here than $100 for one made in china.

          1. I don’t know what your income is, but most American consumers are going through financial strain right now because of this economy, and value is very important right now. I’m sure that because it will be built here, it will be an excellent product, will excellent quality control, but for an item that is not a necessity, $300 is a bit much for basic functionality. No Bluray? No DLNA? come on……

          2. Not half as retarded as you. Where do you think Obama’s failed stimulus package came from? He had the right idea, he just did it wrong. If nobody is spending their money on American made products, and the profit isn’t going to American workers, how the fuck do you idiots expect the economy to improve? Its people like you who thought printing more money would help, you know, instead of it just depreciating the value of our currency. Were in a recession. Times are tough. If you haven’t noticed, a lot of products are priced higher than they should be for that very reason. Educate yourself before you try to talk shit dumb ass.

          3. Weak sauce dude. The retarded comment, really….?
            I would rather buy something made in the US and I don’t have money to throw around.

          4. More power to you.
            Me? When I buy something, I take numerous factors into account, but where it was made/assembled is the least of my worries…

            If I only bought products made in the US I would be missing out on alot of great things.

        2. Completely disagree. I am a consumer and I care where my products are made. Also, I don’t buy products just to sell them again. If I buy something it’s because I want to use it. I would rather pay more for quality products made in the USA. The kicker is that they have to be quality… I really like the Q.

          1. I like it, but not at that price point. For $300 you can buy a device that does Bluray + DLNA, and still have $150 left over for movies.

          2. I can understand paying more for higher quality products, but these people are saying they would rather pay 300 rather then 100 for 1 of 2 similar products of equal quality because the 300$ one is made in Texas rather then Thailand taking absolutely nothing else into account aside from the “Made in/Assembled in” stamp on the bottom.

            I can understand paying more for quality, but paying more soley on the basis that it’s made in the US makes absolutely no sense to me..

            Where were these peoples phones made? Their car, tv, dvd/bluray player, computers, cloths? I wonder….. o_O?

      2. I am not sure where this product fits in with Google TV. I am not sure I would want one no matter the price. That said, I could see it being popular with kids in dorm rooms.

  3. great idea, but it costs too much if it is $299

    1. Its like a speaker system too so you are paying for the amplifier and wireless router

      1. Yeah, I have a decent amp and wireless router already.

  4. Excellent!

  5. . So this will allow me to play all my google play media on my tv. GTV was this same price and failed due to the high price. Why not use google tv instead to do this which is what I want. Give me a google play app for my gtv and I have infinite amount of apps and my media. It appears that Google is abandoning gtv. This would compete nicely with apple tv if I can stream local device content as well as cloud. At a minimum I need to be able to stream my media from g+.

      GoogleTV, Amazon Instant Video, OnLive, Access to Play Market..
      Only $99.99

      1. Does that include an app for playing movies and tv from the play market or just apps. I want apps for magazine, tv, movies, and music. I can use the browser as well if it works well but an app for these things is best.

        1. I havent seen the Co Star, but it looks like it has the Play Market, Google Video/Music/Books, Netflix, Amazon VOD(exclusive?), OnLive and probably any other GoogleTV apk available on the Market.

  6. I want to see the new Nexus already

  7. The more I think about this. I’m absolutely pissed that Google hasn’t brought “Play Movies” to GTV. Epic failure in my mind. If they don’t announce this at IO I will be phasing out GTV and using Roku and possibly Apple TV. Very disappointed. If Nexus Q was the same price as Roku I would have both and be good. For 300 I can buy an apple tv, roku, and gtv.

    1. They passively announced today that Google Play will be available for GTV later this summer. It will also be available for some of the other devices like LG android TV.

      1. I still haven’t got a good feeling about how much they are going to support gtv going forward. I have had a revue since they came out and feel like it’s a platform they have forgotten about. It was an amazing product that they should have kept running with. I hope these new devices coming out is a sign they are still at it.

  8. $100 more than the nexus 7? Here is the bottom line that I want. Stream my device to any tv in my house or to any other android device I choose. If I’m playing a video game great show it on my big screen. If I’m teaching a class then show my screen on my students devices. I mean come on why is this not happening when this is exactly what we want. Apple is going to beat Android on this and it’s going to piss me off. Tablet to GTV, Tablet, Mobile.

  9. Sorry, but I just don’t understand what this is good for, and what makes it worth $300. Seems they have some explaining to do.

    1. it let you stream media to anywhere and has built in speakers, and NFC. Hardware is a little more impressive than the Vizeo product but not if you cant hook up your own cable box

  10. The hell is this? And why is it stepping on the toes of GoogleTV?

  11. This is a very puzzling device by Google seems like another half baked idea with no real direction and steps on the toes of another one of their products(GTV which by the way is doing horrible and getting no support). So once this device fails which at $300 it surely will what is Googles next move? WHY abandon Google TV it had so much promise they just didn’t develop it at all?

  12. The Vizio Co Star looks about 1,000 x more impressive for only $100
    Has GoogleTV, Amazon Instant Video and OnLive games

  13. This will fall in price just like the Logitech Revue did. The original price for the Revue was $300, now you can buy for $79.

  14. What i DO like, is the deep cloud integration. A good move forward by Google.

  15. If it doesn’t have Google TV then it’s pointless.. We need everything all together.. Not a bunch of half ass devices..

  16. I dont think it has HDMI input so you cant hook up your cable box…not sure though.
    I guess they only want you to stream your tv shows. I really would want to be able to watch my HD antennae over the air with the Nexus Q skin over top so i could play apps and watch local news

  17. wait so this is like a raspberry pi but 100x the price?

  18. Dammit, this is aimed right at me. Wacky tech product? Check. Made in the US? Check. Made by Google? F’ing check.

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