Tablet-optimized app for Google+ to be released today!


It is hard to believe it has been a year since Google+ saw its debut. It had a bad start, and not the best follow-up, but those of us loyal to the social network have kept it alive and strong. There is one thing Google has lacked to give us until today, though. That is the tablet-optimized version of Google+ for Android.

Yes, this app will be released today, and it looks much better than the re-designed smartphone app (which never really surprised me). Posts and images are very strong, and according to Vic Gundotra, “they are not just prominent, they are playful.”

One of the funnest parts of the Google+ app is the ability to join Hangouts, though. Something the tablet app is touted to be great for. With more screen real-estate, the user has more room to enjoy their friends’ company. Google has also been able to include screen-switching to the person speaking, with smaller icons displaying everyone else’s video feed.

It looks like a great update for us tablet users, as using the smartphone app is not very fun on a tablet. This new update will be available for Android tablets and smartphones as of today. iOS users will be joining the game “soon.” It is not yet showing up for us, but it should sometime during the day!

Let’s stay tuned for more details and news from Google IO! How many of you have been waiting for a Google+ tablet-optimized app? Finally, right?

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh new look on da home page?

    time to explore!

    1. It’s so much better!

  2. AWESOME!!!

  3. Excellent! Google hangouts + Tablet = significant reason to buy tablet and use hangouts.

  4. Ability to join hangouts not withstanding, this is a welcome change — the tablet app was definitely in screaming need of updating.

  5. Guess what, YouTube gets an update, too.

  6. Why doesn’t Google strong-arm devs into tabletizing their apps too? I got an HP Touchpad to play around with Android and a lot of apps that have iPad versions on iOS don’t have tablet apps on Android. Just their phone version stretched out.

    1. With more Android Tablets around, this issue will change quickly. In fact it already has gotten much better than it has been.

  7. Aaaannnnddd, they dropped the swiping left and right for different circles. Not pleased with that move.

    1. I know they took one step forward and two steps back.

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