Sprint shipping 32GB Samsung Galaxy S III pre-orders today


A quick update for those of you waiting for your Samsung Galaxy S3 pre-orders to ship from Sprint. According to a post on the carrier’s community forums by a Sprint rep, all pre-orders for the the 32GB version of the phone are set to ship today. Sprint is directing folks to sprint.com/myorder to check for the current status of pending shipments, but it sounds like that won’t be needed in this case.

Sprint was forced to push back the launch of the 32GB GS3 model due to supply shortages, but launched the 16GB version on its original June 21st release date. Samsung is expecting to catch up with the overwhelming demand for their latest flagship smartphone next month.

[via Sprint | Thanks, Richard!]

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  1. any word on official car mounts for this beeyach?

    1. Everyone want the phone to be realesed first, not about the car mount.

    2. Im with you. My car mount handles Navigation and is hard wired to provide clean Google Music streaming and charging.

      1. The Infuse4G car dock fits the phone according to this post:
        http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1725013 fortunately that’s the dock I already own for my Epic4GTouch! sweet!

    3. So there is no official car mount? I just googled it and found nothing.

  2. hope that means they are shipping them out to the stores for the people who preordered them

    1. Still have not seen them hit stores yet :(

  3. Verizon, you need to get with it, f’real.

  4. Happy for the people who ordered this from Sprint, but, I still have yet to receive my 16GB pre order I placed at Radio Shack.

  5. Went to Best Buy Mobile Sunday to see if they had even a dumby unit. They didn’t but said all they had received were Sprint pre orders. They were gone. No phone to see. You would think they would keep one to show off to sell more.

    1. They probably can’t get one even if they wanted one.

  6. Does the 64GB version even exist???

  7. Finally! Oh wait, I didn’t order one because it’s ugly and I don’t use Sprint. #SmartPeopleProblems

    (Don’t flip out. I’m kidding, but it’s actually ugly)

    1. Finally some had the balls to say it

      1. if you’re going to complain about anything in regards to the S3 it should be the lack of a recent apps key and the inclusion of a menu key. Holding down the home key for recent apps is soooooo Android 2.x.x.

        that said, the S3 is a pretty damn nice device

  8. That’s why I’m glad I got that 32GB on sale for $25 when Phandroid posted it. I had barely filled 16GB, so I know I’m set if I get the 16GB GS3.

    1. I’ll be getting a 32gb microSD from amazon for $20… that is, whenever my Verizon SIII shows up!

  9. There is a 64 GB micro sd card…Sandisk 64 GB is $74 @ Amazon

  10. anyone have their status updated at sprint.com/myorder? I’ve yet to see it in the forums anywhere.

    1. They have received authorization to say “Yes we are shipping all of them now” so that is a good sign. I’ve seen on the XDA thread that some users have had CSR reps tell them that their phone is shipping today and “should not arrive any later than 6/28”. One user said his unit has already shipped. Another guy brought news from another forum saying that two users had some connection with sprint and knew it would be “shipping tomorrow and should arrive by Friday.” So we should be able to expect our phones in the next few days.

  11. longing for it….. gotta prepare cases and screenprotector before getting it in hand lol

  12. wtf, why can’t they also supply stores with the phone for people that pre-ordered it? i’m getting so impatient >.<

  13. Would love to know where they launched on the 21st. Launched means able to buy. Been searching since the 21st and even the sprint store reps said it wouldn’t launch for another week at least. Not even a demo model to be found in Orlando. Launched? Hardly.

  14. Fail!

  15. I getting my GS3 from Tmo today in just under 2 hours :-P

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