Sprint’s official reasoning for Galaxy S3 delays: demand is outweighing supply


As you know, most carriers have delayed the launch of their Galaxy S3 here in the states. Verizon was the only exception considering their launch isn’t until July 10th (subject to change, of course).

Sprint was keen on updating their official reasoning as to why they had to delay theirs, and it apparently came down to one simple thing: demand is outweighing supply.

Sprint says Samsung simply didn’t send them enough devices to support their launch. Most people who pre-ordered the 16GB version will see their phone shipping on the 21st, but 32GB orders are delayed until next week, as well as stock for their corporate stores.

We’re sure Sprint wanted this to be the very last thing that could happen considering the snafu with the EVO 4G LTE being held up at customs.

In any case, pre-orderers are the only crop of customers guaranteed to get their devices any time soon, and Sprint is saying it’s up to Samsung to determine the widespread launch date as they’re simply waiting on more devices. Read on for the full statement.

Due to overwhelming demand for Galaxy S III worldwide, Samsung has informed us they will not be able to deliver enough inventory of Galaxy S III for Sprint to begin selling the device on June 21. We are working closely with Samsung on a delivery schedule to support our launch.

We have begun shipping pre-orders for the 16GB version of Samsung Galaxy S III and anticipate they will be delivered by June 21. We hope to begin shipping pre-orders for the 32GB version next week as we receive inventory. Customers can check the status of their pre-order at www.sprint.com/myorder.

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  1. I’m pretty sure you mean July 10th, not june 10th

  2. Verizon’s launch is July 10 not June 10.

  3. I think you mean July 10 for Verizon

  4. I like the idea of watching video while texting.

    1. yep me too on my evo lte

  5. I per-ordered the 16gb version from Radio Shack, so I will have mine tomorrow, but, it makes me mad that Samsung has pulled this mess, especially a week ago when Samsung came out and stated that the US launch will go off without a hitch, and that the shortage was only in Canada.

    It also makes me mad that Samsung has failed to just acknowledge there was a mistake on the pebble blue ones and they had to destroy over 900,000 of the pebble blue shells. It has been stated from numerous sources that the blue has been changed, and is more of a gunmetal blue, or brushed aluminum blue, which I think that will make me happier, but, Samsung should have just came out and said so.

    They were probably worried that people might order another phone, which I don’t think they would have, but, people would be far less angry if they would have known 2 weeks ago, it would be delayed by another week.

    1. LOL, they didn’t destroy the hardware in the phone… only the flawed poly-carbonate shell/case. You think they just threw away 900,000 phones? ROFL

      Crap happens man, Samsung has been on the ball with this launch.

      1. You my friend are the idiot. I didn’t make it clear enough, I wasn’t saying 900,000 phones, I was talking about 900,000 shells which is what caused the delay. Plus, I understand crap happens, it’s the way the company handles it that I have a problem with.

        Samsung should have just came out and said there will be a 1 week delay in the release of the phone, and everyone would have been ok for the most part. It’s when they tell someone the day before they are suppose to get their phone that makes people mad.

        1. Ok, let me get this right… I am the idiot because YOU were unclear in your post? That’s laughable.

          Oh, and by the way: We heard about the flawed cases a long time ago; any genius could have put two and two together. A 1 week delay for such a high demand is very minimal. The fact that people are upset just shows you how successful the product is so far.

          Samsung has done everything possible to see that this launch is buttery smooth, and so far so good. A one week delay is more than understandable if you know anything about supply chain, supply and demand, and global economics. Do you happen to have any comprehension of how it is nearly impossible to predict a market and juggle manufacturing processes? Even reaching the global market is a feat in itself.

    2. The delays could effect Radio Shack too…

      1. I hope not, but, from everything I’ve read online it’s not effecting the 16gb version, and they should all be delivered, but possibly a 1 to 2 day delay.

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