Jun 26th, 2012

With Google I/O starting tomorrow, it is expected that we will be learning a lot more about the next version of Android over the coming week. Dubbed Jelly Bean, the version tentatively known as Android 4.1 has been memorialized with a statue on the lawn of Building 44, the home base of the Android team at Google’s Mountain View campus. The monument takes up residence among the other dessert-themed versions of Android and portrays a tipped over bowl of candied sugar goodness.

The debut of a new Android version statue all but confirms that we will indeed be introduced to the next version of Google’s mobile OS during tomorrow’s keynote address. We’ll be there live beaming back news and insights as they occur.

Update: The original image scoured from Google+ was merely a cleverly arranged photo-op. The final version, once fully assembled, takes the form of a see-through Android mascot filled to the brim with oversized Jelly Beans. [Twitter]

[via Google+]