[Updated with assembled statue] Jelly Bean statue takes up residence on the lawn of Building 44


With Google I/O starting tomorrow, it is expected that we will be learning a lot more about the next version of Android over the coming week. Dubbed Jelly Bean, the version tentatively known as Android 4.1 has been memorialized with a statue on the lawn of Building 44, the home base of the Android team at Google’s Mountain View campus. The monument takes up residence among the other dessert-themed versions of Android and portrays a tipped over bowl of candied sugar goodness.

The debut of a new Android version statue all but confirms that we will indeed be introduced to the next version of Google’s mobile OS during tomorrow’s keynote address. We’ll be there live beaming back news and insights as they occur.

Update: The original image scoured from Google+ was merely a cleverly arranged photo-op. The final version, once fully assembled, takes the form of a see-through Android mascot filled to the brim with oversized Jelly Beans. [Twitter]

[via Google+]

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  1. mm jelly beans <3

  2. did anyone realize they skipped h?

    1. Honeycomb

    2. Uhhhh…..Honeycomb?

    3. Honeycomb?

    4. You mean Honeycomb (3.0) for tablets?

    5. I forgot to mention honeycomb……HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    6. Wow, really? 30 different replies saying “Honeycomb”? LoL!! And I love how they get more detailed as you go on down the list.

    7. Since all the other cool kids are doing it: you forgot Honeycomb? :p

    8. Oh yeah.. Honeycomb.. What were A & B though??

  3. Keylime pie will come after

    1. Ah. I see what you did there..

  4. So…they’ll have a build of it for AOKP by Friday, right? :)

  5. With ICS on 7% of all android devices, I think releasing Jelly Bean now is a bad idea. It might be time for Google to handles upgrades on phones or take the carrier out the upgrade process.

    1. Yep, my phone is still officially on Gingerbread and is just over a year old, meanwhile Jelly Bean is about to be announced.

      This is absolutely pathetic. Google, you’re doing it wrong.

      1. How is Google doing it wrong? They don’t have control over what OEMs do with their phones. Google isn’t like Apple where it manufactures its own device.

        You could simply buy a Nexus device if updates are that important to you. I think the average Android user doesn’t care about updates from Google.

      2. I get the frustration, but no they aint doing it wrong.

        Google is a software company, and the engineers working on Android are making it are bringing new features, bug fixes, beautiful design to people, and progress shouldn’t be stopped because of any reason other than: “Its not ready”.

        The update issue is a problem, and Google should be doing something about it, but it shouldn’t be the same team of engineers who work on the platform, because their job is to make an excellent operating system.

        About updates though, Android has been sold in a variety of factors, prices, and etc and to a much bigger market than just “geeks”, “nerds”, and “people who like technology/gadgets”. I think that there are certain types of people who buy a phone and don’t know its an Android device, they think its just a HTC Device (or a Sense Device) or a Samsung Device (TouchWiz Device). They likely don’t really know its Gingerbread, Froyo, Ice Cream Sandwich, and nor should they care. All they should care about is: does it do what I want.

        As a developer do I want more users to get the newer operating system: of course I do, but majority of users don’t care.

        1. Isn’t this what the Nexus line is supposed to be all about? If the Nexus brand can be maintained in the face of resistance from Verizon and the other carriers, if we “phandroids” can tell our friends to just get a Nexus and then they’ll have a good android experience, then the carriers will be forced to follow the market and make their non-Nexus devices competitive.

          The consumers are the only ones who can force the carriers to change.

      3. They are absolutely doing it wrong. I shouldn’t have to buy a huge bulky Nexus only available on select carriers to use have a premium Android phone that receives updates.

        Yes if I get another Android phone it’ll probably be a Nexus after learning the hard way. Ice Cream Sandwich represented a HUGE update to Android and finally gives it a smooth, responsive interface I missed from leaving the iPhone. After using many early CM9 builds on my Inc2 I sadly went back to Gingerbread until it’s done, and it’s a night and day difference is sluggishness and choppy/laggy UI.

        Google, with all of their resources, should have a better way of bringing pure Android, along with timely updates, to ALL carriers like Apple does, and that’s what i mean by “you’re doing it wrong.”

        My suggestion for a while now has been for multiple handsets for each carrier (like Apple):

        1. Nexus 4.0″
        2. Nexus 4.7-5.0″
        3. Nexus 10″ Tablet.

        ALL CARRIERS. Timely updates. Pure Android for all users, not these horrible skins overtop.

        1. The problem is that google doesn’t have the power to control the carriers like apple does. This is why Americans always are the last to get updates to there devices. The next problem arise with the fact that they can’t force the OEM to do anything, since android is open source. We could hope google would start doing there own hardware with motorola, but there aren’t much hope that would happen, since making hardware as a software company are very risky (the investors would never agree to it).

          The most important thing you seem to forget is, NORMAL PEOPLE DON’T CARE ABOUT UPDATES, as long as it works. Most people with an android phone aren’t even aware they are running android. The people who care about updates either buy a nexus or they learn to root.

    2. For Google to achieve this, OEMs would have to use stock Android, and the same processor as Nexus phones. Carriers would also have to give up the control they have. I don’t see Carriers giving up control or OEMs using stock Android.

      As a consumer, you could simply just buy a Nexus phone that way you’ll be certain to get the latest updates.

    3. 1 – It’s probably a smaller update so won’t take as long to reach handsets. ICS required a lot of tweaks to the manufacturer skins.
      2 – If Google wait for high adoption before releasing new versions, they’ll fall behind the competition. If we see some Jelly Beans devices out before the iPhone 5 that’ll be no bad thing.
      3 – Most people I talk to don’t care all that much about their Android version anyway. Power users can root or get a Nexus device.
      4 – It might just be an announcement and not being released just yet anyway.
      5 – I want Jelly Bean, so screw everyone else : p

      1. Options 3 and 5 are the main things. I mean people who care about updates are really number 3. My mom doesn’t care about ICS. LoL!!

        1. Good thing she doesn’t comment here. (:

    4. Jellybean is just a tweaked icecream sandwich. Thats why it is android 4.1 and not android 5.0

  6. they look like jordan almonds. Still, it’s a “J”.

    1. They should name it jellayjellayjellay!

  7. So now that Jelly Bean is coming out, what about the next letter? Is it going to be Key Lime Pie? I mean, wii myte as well start thinking about it. As fast as these updates come out. And Really? It doesn’t matter if a phone gets ICS. Your phone will still run good. Sheesh.

    1. I’d say that if i had ICS… but Froyo and GB are terrible compared to ICS.

      ICS is the first version of Android with a smooth responsive UI like iPhone’s have. It’s a night and day difference, partially due to hardware-accelerated 2D graphics.

      1. Weird. Because GB isn’t all that different in smoothness. What I did notice was memory was better. Well now that I think about it response tym was better. So ICS should be a standard at least. Hmm…

      2. My I9100g s2 was terrible with gb.Had a lot of bugs and the ui wasnt smooth but now Im enjoying ics in the form of aokp :)

  8. Google I oooooooooo!

  9. I wonder how long it’ll take them to get everybody upgraded to Jelly Bean? Seeing as most devices still have Gingerbread, maybe they are getting a bit ahead of themselves?

  10. Meanwhile 93% of Android phones don’t have ICS yet… (I know it’s not Google’s fault..ijs)..

  11. Kevin I wouldn’t want you serving me a pint in a pub if that’s your idea of a brim measure!

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