First CyanogenMod 9 release candidate published, available for 50 Android devices


The CyanogenMod team has been busy crafting their customized version of Android 4.0 since its code first hit Google’s open source database, going through months of nightly test builds to perfect the latest version of the popular smartphone ROM. Now CyanogenMod 9 has officially reached release candidate status, and you can get it now.

CM9 is available for a collection of 50 different Android devices covering both phones and tablets with more sure to be added over the coming days and weeks. For the moment this includes the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, ASUS Transformer Prime, and the HTC Sensation among others. To download the release candidate and install head on over to Get.CM.

[Get.CM via DroidLife]

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  1. Looks like it’s time to flash CM9 on my Note. (Yay!)

  2. And I should flash this over AOKP, why……..?

    1. Because you’re tired of using AOKP and want to see what CM9 has to offer… or is that my reason? =.P

    2. Because AOKP is CM9 based.

      1. not exactly but ok….

        AOKP is EVERYTHING based. it takes the best of all the popular ROMs out there…

        AOKP doesn’t yet have RC1 features though but will soon

    3. I’ve used both and the nightly build of CM9 is twice as stable as AOKP. Also ditto what phinn said…

  3. Cmod team needs to come up with a better looking mascot. Looks like something my 7 year old nephew came up with.

    1. Because pink unicorns aren’t?

  4. Still no love for the G2X :(. It’s a good thing my contract will be up in 5 months.

    1. Stay tuned to the Google Play store for their next line of devices that will be unlocked and unfettered by carriers.

    1. agreed, but AOKP wouldn’t exist without CM9

  5. No love for the G2x. :( There is much sadness.

    1. My Epic 4G touch (known to the public as the Sprint Galaxy S ll) Isn’t getting much love either. I Love sprint (I use 20GB a month on the unlimited data), but its so hard to get custom roms for my phone. I’m hoping more will hit once the official ICS update comes out for my device.

  6. Wow no Galaxy Nexus support?

    1. Did you not read at all sir?

    2. Sprints version is the ToroPlus
      Verizon is the Toro
      GSM is Maguro

  7. I had AOKPCB than CM9 then Ordroid…i got as far as installing the RC and i just stopped. F that. going back to my Ordroid nandroid. i dont really like the newer ICS setup. sense 4 once the bugs are polished out and we unlock nodo gts 40mpbs cam software on it is about as good as you can get.
    if i went back to anything it would be aokpcb. cm9 is blah to me

  8. yup
    AOKP is better than CM9
    plus they had everything working before CM9
    currently my sensation is running hypersensation with is awesome not going to try any RC thank you very much,
    oh yeah my TF101 is running ARHD which is practically almost bugs free.

  9. Regardless of whether it’s the best ICS ROM, this is truly remarkable. 50 devices! Carriers and manufacturers should be ashamed…

  10. So if I’m reading their list correctly, there are nightlies for the Skyrocket but not an RC yet, right?

  11. Accidental double post…

  12. For all you saying AOKP is better, at least on my phone the i777 this CM9 runs allot better than the AOKP I had available to me.

    My phone was getting hot playing Gameloft games on AOKP too and it isn’t on this!

  13. I don’t see for the EVO 3D

  14. Uh, I could be wrong but I counted 36 devices with the CM9 RC. My poor Vibrant’s still stuck on CM7. =/

  15. CM9 up and running on my Xoom and Gnex. Love it!!!!

  16. Nice, I wish them luck, but for me, on SGS3, I would NEVER consider Cyanogen until they stop removing all Samsung apps, some of which are fantastic. Congratulations for a remarkable feat, creating all those nightlies, and now a release candidate for all those devices.

  17. I just installed aopk.. And this released….. Too much of hassle to switch now.

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