CONTEST: Decide Who Wins Google IO Gift Pack #2


Yesterday we started a contest where you can guess the Google IO Gifts to Win The Google IO Gifts. Today we’re giving away our 2nd of 3 Google IO Gift packs and our readers will help decide who goes home with the prize(s).

(Picture by Android Engineer/Pioneer, Dan Morrill on Google+)

The Prize:

  • Winner will receive all of the Google IO 2012 attendee gifts announced in the keynote speeches (assuming they are transferable).

How To Enter:

  • Post a comment on this article by Friday, June 29th at 11:59pm Eastern
  • In the comment these two (AND ONLY THESE TWO) things:
    • Link to an app or game YOU have developed on the Google Play Store
    • 140 Characters or less convincing our readers why you should be the winner

Winner Selection:

  • We’ll be using the number of likes/upvotes on comments/entries as a general indicator of quality entries (get your friends/family/peers to upvote you!)
  • The quality of your app/game and your comment will be the primary considerations when selecting a winner
  • Winner will be selected at the sole discretion of Phandroid and Neverstill Media Staff

Rules & Regulations:

  • One entry per person
  • Phandroid reserves the right to disqualify entrants for any reason including (but not limited) to: submitting multiple entries, creating multiple accounts for the purpose of entry, adjusting comment details, spamming competing entrants with negative votes/comments, crating mass accounts to upvote themselves, or any act in attempt to circumvent the normal rules/process for the purpose of winning.
  • Google employees and/or employees of Phandroid and Neverstill Media are not eligible to win
  • Must be 18 or older to win
  • International entries accepted, but (all) winners may be asked to pay for shipping and handling
  • Included gifts/prizes are limited to those announced in the Google IO 2012 keynote speech
  • Winner will be contacted through their Google Play Store Support E-Mail address
  • If Winner does not acknowledge receipt of winning announcement within 48 hours, another winner may be selected as a replacement
  • Actual shipment date of prizes is too be determined.

Good luck to everyone and HAPPY IO!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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    Droid Secret Tips is a quick and easy way to help new users learn Android with helpful tips – and we all love new Android users, right?

    Remake of the classic Rodent’s Revenge. More classic games can be ported with a better phone/tablet to test on :)

    1. And……downloaded

    2. why i have i never known this has existed?!?!? thanks for sharing man!

    3. UPDATE!
      FREE pro copy for anyone who emails during IO


    Genesis Chess Beta is a great way to play normal chess but also our very own Genesis Chess variant! I’ll also make this deal right now. If we win one of these contests we’ll hold a chess tournament with our app where the winner will receive one of our phones/tablets that we used to develop the app on!

    Even if we don’t win, check out the app!

    1. Not one device but two will be given away if we win. One will be given away at random, and one will be given to the winner of the tournament. With the latter choosing the device from what we have.


    I am wrote this app in my (limited) spare time at university so that people could use their own trail/topo maps for outdoor gps navigation.


    For MW3 fans. I develop exclusively for Android and would love to continue to support as many devices and versions as possible.

    Adds Wikipedia to the Search Widget. Not the most ambitious app ever, but it’s free and useful, so get it. Also I’d love a Nexus tablet…


    Delicious Android is an open source application for bookmarks, ICS and fluid looks, it’s a great resource for developers and users alike! :)

  8. I haven’t developed anything. But I almost drowned in Myrtle Beach, SC while saving a 14 year old kid a few days ago. Does that count?

    1. Link to a news story about it proving you did this (sorry for my being skeptical about humans in general) and you will have my vote!

  9. Timeriffic – – Time: Finite…and now well managed. Schedule mute, vibrate, brightness and more. 4.6★, Free, No Ads.


    Photo frame widget greatly improves on the basic frame widget included with android. Android deserves to look and work great!


    Ever used Google Sky Map to identify a star, but wanted to know more than the star’s name? Star Odyssey: Because we are made of stars.

    Free app that Scan Barcodes, Control Mouse and Keyboard, Download/Upload files from/to your computer! Android/Phandroid Rocks!


    My now 9-year old son designed this game which I programmed for him with my (limited!) skills. He would be psyched if I won! (So would I.)

    Fully integrated Camera and Gallery with a Photo Editor to apply image filters to *full* sized images.

    Because it’s simply the best Game of Life implementation for Android tablets (check out the free version for the second best ;) )


    A nexus tablet would be so much faster than the simulator for Jelly Bean development

  17. – earthquake and tsunami alerts.
    My wife is about to ditch her galaxy for an iPhone. Please help me sway her back to the wonder of Android.

    I develop for fun and to save up for a house down payment. I keep my UIs up to date with Android, and I need new stuff to keep testing on!

  19. You should disqualify anyone who random spams the down vote button on other entries.

    1. Or just not count down entry votes?

    2. What about upvotes? Can they check those? One guy had like 50 after 6ish hours. with no downvotes. It was also the middle of the night when he got those upvotes.

      1. In reality they said they’d take the upvotes in consideration, but it didn’t mean the person with the most upvotes wins. I imagine they might have a way to track if someone kept upvoting themself as well since the entry rules say those people would be disqualified

        1. I hope so, since that looks really fishy…

      2. This guy has asked more than 250 of these friends (and mine) to upvote him, so 50 votes is not so big compared to the demand he has done.

        And for the “middle of the night”, just look what country he comes: We are French, so it was not the night for us, but the day. Uh.

        I think you should try to do the best for yourself rather than wasting your energy on blaming others …

        1. I was just saying it was weird that the guy had EXACTLY 50 after like 5 or 6 hours. if it was like 47 or 49 it wouldn’t have looked AS suspicious.

          1. It’s just a coincidence.
            There is *inevitably* a time when there are 50 votes…

  20. I make ROMs/Kernels/Mods! Not sure if that is still eligible but… some of my work… anyway sorry for including this part, just wondering if I was eligible, but anyway, without further ado:

    I love the community & develop for any device I own. I’m a student so any device I get is donated by XDA/RW or cheap. Id love to port JB.


    Mr. Mouse

    This is a new idea that has not been
    done before. It uses openCV to determine
    the relative displacement of the device to control the mouse pointer
    on the screen.

  22. Why only apps? I develop a ROM, my (our, since I work on a team) ROM was the first AOSP ICS ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S family of phones. That’s something, right?

  23. ( Flat icons – )

    I love doing it, and I love the community. Everything I do is completely free and open. Need something newer than a droid1 to develop on:)

    1. Best developer I’ve ever contacted. He replied to my email within hours and had the content I requested to me as soon as he possibly could. He most definitely deserves this pack :]

    2. Fast and great dev. Contacted him with icon requests an in like 12 hours he was finished. If every android dev was like him who knows what this world would be like. He should win this pack for sure.

    I do Android development as a hobby and only made $35 from my app in the last year. I can’t afford to go to Google I/O :-(

  25. Toastr, because I can help you never, EVER forget anything again with my app! Seriously, even I stopped forgetting things!


    I’ve been building application architecture and a while back I decided that I couldn’t be seen as a Mobile developer in my own eyes unless I had published an application so I built an application around my pup that provides me with motivation to do what I do and is by my side while I do it!

    Sylence is a scheduled ringer silencing application, perfect for those that forget to turn their ringer off at work or overnight.


    I’ll put the price of my app to the minimum for a few days and I’ll
    offer it to 50 Phandroid readers. It’s time to wake up with fun!

    1. WakeVoice FTW o/


    A free bubble level app with no ads, only 80k and open source !!!! People like it because it’s clean and non intrusive and of course because it is usefull… also, I’m a spare-time developper.


    If I win this thing /
    Act 1 Video Player /
    Will suck a lot less!

    Thank you! And please upvote my haiku!


    Developed this a while ago and currently working on some new features. Winning this would make me really happy! :-)


    I’m a huge fan of the Android community. I started out as a user and worked my way into full time development. Go Android!

  33. I have a great idea for an App but I need someone to make it for me is anyone interested???

    My app provides free transit schedule to a lot of commuters daily. If I get more devices in hand, i will be able to test it for different screen sizes. My aim is to cover as many transit systems as possible.


    Free gallery, more than a million downloads and… I have never charged anything, it’s free from ads, and I have even opensourced the code!

    with these gifts i will use them as my everyday devices and money is tight so i cant rreally buy high end devices like phones and tablets but i really like google products and hope i get chosen

    with these gifts i will use them as everyday devices and money is tight for me so i cant go out and buy these products or any other high end devices and google makes the best devices/electronics


    Don’t know if this counts as an app, but here is my Illest Icons ADW/LPP Theme, and if i win, i will hold a contest give away for any of my themes[cm7/cm9/miui/icon packs] on my site :)

    also if i do win, i will do a device give away too!


      1. Makes the cleanest not over done themes and

        Icon sets

    1. so if you win these great devices in this particular contest, your plan is to give them away again anyway?

      1. just one of them, to show my supporters love.

    2. Idk how to up vote! But up vote this man!

    3. I hope you win!

    I made this for my GCSE in Systems and Control at School. What it does is use the LED flash on the device to beam into a light sensor, which detects the precise pattern (down to milliseconds), and opens the door if it’s correct. A* apparently

    Please vote up ;)


    I’d like to improve support for larger screens and wifi-only devices, and continue to add the latest features from 4.1.

  41. I think that this should be open to more… “exotic” developers… with that meaning ROM and other “hackers”… We do a lot of work for the community and would love the opportunity to do our work with these devices.

  42. i want to win pls


    I wanted to develop a quality app when I was 17. I want to win because I want to succeed and prove to people that developing a app is easy! I also plan (with the devices) to build new ROMS with it!

    1. Someone is downvoting everybody by one…. multiple people with 0 upvotes is getting a downvote…


    This is my first App and it needs a lot of work. I am very interested in developing and winning would only encourage that hunger to learn!

    I just released my first app, and there are so many worthy apps in this list I wont make it, but I worked really hard to release this and even if I dont win, I hope to get some more downloads!


    I’ve been an Android enthousiast since 1.6. The problem is that I’m also a student with a budget that is near 0. I would LOVE to have some new devices because my motorola milestone is almost dead now. I want to develop proper apps but I just can’t with the hardware I currently have. I hope that the Google I/O hardware can help me with this.

    I am working on a word game for word nerds that would work well on a tablet. I’d like a Nexus 7 for as a development platform.


    Made this with no beginning knowledge of Java, a few weeks of my head in “how-to” books, ended up with a rad little app. Would love to win!


    My teacher, Mr.Hannon, is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met, brightening those “I don’t want to get up at 6!” high school senior year days. I loved what he said so much I decided to write his funniest and craziest comments down to make an app about them, and that’s what I did! Free app, with crazy awesome teacher quotes, enjoy!

    I can’t wait to get my hands on a device Jally Bean and make my application complatibile with the new generation of tablet and smartphone Android. I love this platform!

    I don’t need to win, just love people to get my game because it’s really that good! :p


    Separately, I’ve got some really cool ideas for NFC that would really bring the tech alive to everyone. I just need devices to develop on!

  53. Plumber reloaded:

    No more turning pipes. I only want Nexus 7, I’m so modest ;)


    I am still a new developer and would really like to get more into it. I’ve found coding in Android to be fun AND relaxing! It’s a great OS that has an endless amount of potential.


    Golf is fun, and even more fun is hitting the golf range ball picker cart :-) That’s the basic premise of this simple game we developed. Oh, of course we’ll be picking up a Nexus 7 and will have a new high-res version of our game ready for it in the near future!


    I would love to be able to test on actual hardware with the 720p resolution that the GN has!
    The app will be getting a HUGE update soon, and it would be amazing to have it JB ready, tested on real hardware :)

    My app IS for developers! But I don’t have any real dev devices… just a touchpad for new stuff =(


    I made this News Reader App (free) to help everyone stay up-to-date with current events. I would like to win because I really enjoy Google gear and will continue to develop apps for Android. – Thanks


    Skyrim Map for Android is the only app that allows you to discover remote locations around the province of Skyrim, from the Elder Scrolls saga.Have you stumbled upon a still undiscovered spot in Skyrim? Let’s share it, then!
    The app comes with a convenient geolocator for the instant submission of the coordinates of your newly discovered location!


    Because I’m a developer who makes free apps for the love of developing and the happiness of others.

  61. My second app – helping people reunite with their lost dogs

    We want to extend and expand app to go global

    And there are lots of pix of cute dogs on our website :)


    I’m currently working on a new live wallpaper but my current phone doesn’t compare to the power of the new phones as well as tablets out there. The i/o pack would actually give me far better devices to test my apps on rather than my atrix.


    I made this app to help parents not forget their kids in hot cars. All proceeds from the app during July will go to Save the Family FDN.

  64. Dear Phandroid community! I am BaldyPal! I’m developing 4 apps
    concurrently. I have already uploaded 3 apps to the Play Store. They are simple,
    fun, and 100% geared towards kids. You see, I have a 6 year old, 3 year old,
    and wife who is an elementary teacher. I develop towards the audience I know
    best. My wife informed me that the learning apps I thought were good for kids
    have many flaws in phonetics, math, and counting. Which says to me, those
    developers didn’t use their teacher resources. My friends, I need a new set of
    devices, so that I no longer have to risk my business/personal devices, to develop
    quality learning apps that follow the same core curriculums the teachers teach
    in school! Please will you help me, help the kids, in a fun and exciting way!


    projectM is the most advanced app that exists solely to put a smile on your face. Stunning graphics even for a PC. Long Live MilkDrop!


    The app is free, but has saved users $100’s in prescription costs.

    Can I play the sympathy card? I’m from Joplin and survived the F5 tornado.

    Created to help and teach Chemistry Students easily.Helps solve and show work as well as conversions.Will be adding a lot more features.


    Applorer helps you discover the BEST free Android games in the most fun & awesome way! Avid gamers simply love using it, and so should you!

    1. ooh Applorer’s cool!! just downloaded it and tried out a game (winter walk) from Applorer’s “surprise me” and it was super fun! :D thanks jeremy!

    2. I love Applorer
      <3 , as I am lazy to find so many similar game in google play


    A knitting app may not seem very exciting, but at least the knitters like it!


    I am currently developing awesomeness for Android which will make divorce your wife and marry your device! Get your lawyers ready by Q4 2012

  71. Autoproxy –

    Allows you to access the internet no matter what network you’re in – securely. Whether at home, office, or school.


    StreamNation Studio lets you cast your own livestream to your own website. Stream festivals, security issues, and more! Add amazing effects and images live to the stream.

    Edit: I might show a livestream tomorrow from Summerfestival on


    Urban Legends: I love writing free apps that others find fun and useful. I’d love to have cutting edge devices to use and develop for.

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