Got your US Samsung Galaxy S3? It can now be rooted, regardless of what carrier version it is


The international Samsung Galaxy S3 received its root treatment way ahead of release, but we know having all these extra US variants makes it a bit harder for developers. It probably helps that all US variants are almost identical, though, as root access has already been achieved for the three US Galaxy S3 devices available.

It has only been a couple of days since AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile devices started hitting the streets (though with some delays). It goes without saying that developers are not going to let a phone of this magnitude slide through their curious fingers and have been hard at work. We now have root methods for all three versions of Samsung’s flagship device.

It is only a matter of time before those ROMs start becoming available, as the source codes have been released as well. As always, though, we advice that the light-hearted stay away from all of these geeky procedures. There is the usual risks of bricking your device and/or voiding your warranty, so only root your phone if you are willing to take all responsibilities and do your fair share of research.

If you are still down to start taking full advantage of this beast’s stunning specs and capabilities, you can hit the links below to start digging into your shiny devices. And don’t worry, Verizon users. We are sure a root method will be available for you soon after Big Red rolls this one out.

Did you get yours yet? Are you ready to root it, or are you holding off for now?

[Source: XDA Developers – T-Mobile version / AT&T version / Sprint Version]

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  1. Hah… and I just sent this tip in, too, wondering why it was taking so long to hit phandroid after having been rooted yesterday, only a day after pre-orders hit a few lucky peoples’ hands. :)

    The Sprint guys rooted it first, and their method is confirmed to work on T-Mobile & AT&T, but not Verizon yet, though it probably does.

    1. Good lookin’ out!

    2. Yeah I saw that right after I posted this. lol. Thank you so much, bro!

  2. It’s about time guys. Geez, it’s been two days since it was released. I hate these long delays. Out would be even better if I had one. Lol

  3. Root or no root, I’m still jealous of those who got to pick up their Verizon Galaxy S3 pre-orders early…

    1. really who got their verizon gs3

      1. I heard from a Target sales rep that they had accidentally received a small batch of Verizon Galaxy S3’s ahead of time. They mentioned to have sold them to a few lucky people who had pre-ordered theirs in that store.

        I’m not sure how valid this information is but he seemed to know what he was talking about.

        1. That makes me want to go check Target for AT&T GSIII’s I’m itching to get my hands on this device lol!

  4. Yeah got mine the first day after paying almost 400 for it. Anyway love phone but haven’t rooted it yet. Not like me but really haven’t had the time. Will do soon doe

  5. Would be nice if I could actually find one of these in store first but soon enough! :D

  6. By the time my Verizon GSIII arrives, there will be an even easier method :)

  7. The title of this post is misleading…root regardless of any carrier…oh don’t worry Verizon you SHOULD get one too.

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