Firefox teases “something BIG is coming your way”


I love a good tease, and Mozilla’s just posted one on their Twitter page. Apparently, something BIG is coming our way next week. We’ve got no clue (though I’m betting their UI unification would be part of it). Will it be big enough to be noticeable with all the I/O news, though?

[Twitter via Mobile Syrup]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Flash or don’t care.

    1. Then it is about time you care ;) (the beta got flash)

  2. Bout time!

  3. I just wish Google would clean up chrome for android. I love keeping as much stuff Google as I can for easier integration but chrome is getting unbearable. been soooooo laggy and glitch lately. I also HATE how it forces you to a tab page of most recently viewed. when I open my browser I want it to go straight to my preffered home page. if I want to view tabs or visited pages I’ll open it and view it.

    1. You can go straight to your home page–just go to settings and “on startup” choose “open specific page”…

      1. There is no such tab under settings in Chrome for Android. I just looked and looked and looked.

        1. Then you must have an older version. I have chrome go to when it opens.

          1. I just checked my version in the play store and I have the most recent version. I feel like we’re talking about something different because there is definitely no setting in Chrome for Android like Liferules described. That setting is on chrome for PC’s.

  4. Hopefully some of the quirks I have been having with the beta will get worked out and I can use firefox as my main browser on my tablet as I use it on my desktop and being able to synch everything up between the 2 would be a great help right now I have been using maxthon for 10″ tabs and have it synched with maxthon browser for desktop but its not my main browser I just synch bookmarks up few months if I need to from firefox. Having a good firefox mobile browser would take that out of my routine and that would be a good thing

  5. I bet it’s B2G ( ) on the Galaxy S3.

  6. They need to stop with this “BIG” thing. We heard that from the Galaxy Nexus promotion, to the GS3, and now Firefox is using it.
    Copywriters need to be more creative than that.

  7. nothing can beat Galaxy S II & III’s own Samsung browser. It is faster than Chrome…and thats saying aLOT!

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