AT&T joins growing list of North American carriers experiencing Galaxy S III delays, pushes ship date back to June 28


Add AT&T to the list of carriers across North America pushing back the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The phone is now listed as shipping by June 28th for pre-orders, falling in line with new timetables put forth by Sprint, T-Mobile, and Canadian carriers. Carriers and Samsung have been citing “unprecedented demand” around the globe as the reason behind the delay, but it’s hard to imagine the manufacturer did not anticipate the number of people wanting to get their hands on the new Galaxy S device considering the success of past models. We have speculated that other issues such as problems with the phone’s Pebble Blue deco could be behind the minor delay.

Verizon is the only major carrier in the US to not report a delay, but this shouldn’t be surprising considering the fact that Big Red never announced an official launch date, and all indications are that the phone won’t ship until July. Those picking up the handset on other providers will have to hunker down for an extra week.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Or the S4 shortage.

    1. Seriously, you’d think Qualcomm would have realized they’d be first to market with built-in LTE and, as such, would be the supplier for every major Android release this year. Why didn’t they put in a bigger manufacturing order? Maybe they’re focusing more production on the MSM8960 Pro with next-gen Adreno…

      1. The problem isn’t Qualcomm but TSMC’s 28nm fab capacity. According to a month and a half old source, TSMC is only able to supply about 70% of 28nm fab demand, which Qualcomm being hit the hardest.

  2. Verizon has committed to shipping pre-orders on July 9th for the first batch of orders, and July 10th for the second batch. Don’t spread misinformation that will let Verizon off the hook… If they don’t ship a significant amount of devices on the 9th, then they are missing their launch date.

  3. Before everyone starts freaking out, check the source article: ”
    It’s unknown whether that affects previously preordered devices, or new ones. We’ll update you here when we find out.” In other words, this issue may only affect NEW preorders.

    This is corroborated by a poster on the Android Central forums: “I’ve heard the same thing over 4 times now, as recently as 5 minutes ago. AT&T Premier has stated for the past two days that anyone who pre-ordered their S3 after 3PM on June 18th were going to be receiving their phones on June 28th.” Emphasis on AFTER 3pm on june 18th.

  4. I pre-ordered mine on the 6th and according to the AT&T website, it’s still listed as “Back-ordered”. The last time I chatted with customer support (on the 18th), the rep didn’t have any info on ship dates. I love living in the dark.

  5. So are they pushing back the entire release, or are they just telling new pre-order customers that shipments wont start until 6/28??? There is a difference I ordered mine on the 1st day and it said expect delivery around 6/21

    1. see my comment below. unclear right now…

  6. The Wired review of this phone sums it up pretty well in my opinion.

    I’ll wait for the Nexus-4

    1. just checked out that review. it sucked. the author didn’t even know that LTE and quad core don’t play well together. if that’s what you want to base your opinion on, then by all means… more for the rest of us.

    2. your main issue.. you listen to Wired.

      1. I don’t listen to Wired, typically Engadget has my favorite reviews. In this particular case I agree with Wired’s take on the phone and don’t find it to be interesting and will wait for the Nexus-4 (or get an Inc4G).

        I agree that their explanation of quad core phones is misleading though. Everyone is using the Snapdragon S4 because it has integrated LTE, it’s also a beast processor.

  7. This will be the best selling device in history of the mobile world, if they can keep up demand like this.

    1. Yeah it will, until the iPhone 5 comes out, u can bet on that

      1. That would have been true a year ago, but this year I think it will be different since io6 is a copy of Android and the iphone 5 if rumors are right will only be a slightly larger version of the 4s. Also consumers are getting smarter and realizing Apple hardware is a bit outdated.

        1. Yeap iOS 6 does take some of its feautores from android while adding some of their own, all and I’ll iOS should be a lot more functional than before, this alone plus a bigger screen will be enough for them to sell boatloads, besides even if they hadn’t added anything new, there are people out there that would still buy it just to say ” I have the new iPhone” look at the 4S really didn’t bring anything new to the table yet it’s the most sold phone in the US to date and One of the most sold devices in the world, imagine something new like the 5

    2. While I’m sure the demand is high, I’m also sure the delays aren’t related to the demand.

  8. Hey Phandroid. No mandatory “Will you now leave Android for WP8” poll? I’m surprised. You guys like doing that. A lot.

  9. Just received an E-Mail from AT&T saying

    “Thank you for ordering from AT&T. Customers that place their order prior to 3:00 PM CST on June 18th may receive their device on or before June 28th. At AT&T, we promise to ship our products in the order in which requests are received”

    I ordered on the 6th.

    Orders are starting to be updated from ‘Backordered’ to ‘Processing’, so maybe there is still hope for the first batch of pre-orders.

    1. Heh, I love that its all the same peeps posting all over the place. Thanks for spreading the good word Sully!

    2. Ordered mine around 0800 Eastern Time. I have only received an initial conformation email so far, and the “check order status” page just gives me an error message.

      *crosses fingers

      *edit: clarification, I ordered mine June 6th as well.

      1. I ordered at pretty much the same time and have received shipping confirmation and a tracking number. Don’t give up hope yet.

        1. Thanks for the info. I have a couple of questions though: do you have At&t premier (which is a business or affiliate account), also did you order tracking status ever work?

          1. I do not have a premier account. Just a normal family plan. My order status worked, sort of. Since June 6 when I pre-ordered my phones it listed my entire order as backordered until late this afternoon and changed to processing, then changed to shipped with a tracking number an hour or two later.

          2. I finally got an email with a tracking number around midnight last night! woohoo!!!

          3. Awesome! Congratulations, hope it arrives soon!

  10. From what I’m hearing, U.S. Cellular isn’t shipping their Galaxy S3 until July.

  11. They’ve started shipping! Mine (blue) is Fedex overnight, due to arrive tomorrow!!

    1. Lucky you! I still have not heard anything. I guess It doesn’t help that I am with the premier program :/

  12. So here’s my question. If I walk into AT&T tomorrow, could I find this phone on the shelf? If that’s the case than the people preorderd it should be pissed.

  13. Not all phones are being delayed. Many people are receiving Tracking numbers today saying it will be delivered tomorrow.

  14. Update, checked AT&T website and my Blue S3 is on its way and scheduled for delivery tomorrow. So it seems AT&T is prolly going the same route as Sprint…

  15. Call me crazy but if you look at yahoo’s home page there is an ad that says coming 6.21.2012. It says to order from Sprint and Verizon. I am hoping my local Verizon has it tomorrow.

  16. Not to worry, you won’t have any 4G coverage with AT&T anyway….

  17. Mine is coming today by 3pm.

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