Jun 20th, 2012

Add AT&T to the list of carriers across North America pushing back the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The phone is now listed as shipping by June 28th for pre-orders, falling in line with new timetables put forth by Sprint, T-Mobile, and Canadian carriers. Carriers and Samsung have been citing “unprecedented demand” around the globe as the reason behind the delay, but it’s hard to imagine the manufacturer did not anticipate the number of people wanting to get their hands on the new Galaxy S device considering the success of past models. We have speculated that other issues such as problems with the phone’s Pebble Blue deco could be behind the minor delay.

Verizon is the only major carrier in the US to not report a delay, but this shouldn’t be surprising considering the fact that Big Red never announced an official launch date, and all indications are that the phone won’t ship until July. Those picking up the handset on other providers will have to hunker down for an extra week.

[via AndroidCentral]

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