AT&T: Samsung Galaxy S III pre-orders should arrive by June 25


Yesterday a change in shipping dates on AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S3 pre-order page informed us that the handset’s launch would be experiencing delays. Today, the carrier has chimed in with official word on the matter. The bad news? Some of those awaiting the arrival of their pre-orders will most definitely be waiting a few extra days. The good news? Phones are expected to arrive no later than June 25th for the initial batch of early reservations, three days sooner than the June 28th date suggested on AT&T’s site.

AT&T, like others, is citing “manufacturer supply constraints” as the reason behind the delays. Customers affected will be notified by email and SMS of the new date they can expect to receive their GS3. Moving forward, the carrier anticipates future orders to be fulfilled within 10 business days until supply levels even out a bit.


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  1. Is there any chance of me walking into an AT&T store today or tomorrow and finding this phone on the shelf?

    1. No. The stores are not getting their shipments until at least the 28th (word on the boards from people who have talked with reps). All of the other carriers have been saying for days that they are seeing supply shortages and that they have to push back their release dates. AT&T has been particularly unhelpful with the release of information.

  2. I ordered mine at 7 am on the 6th and no luck. Still no tracking number. Updating that people that ordered much later are getting there’s today just because of where they live. Rep said the 4 warehouses here did not have enough. It was supposed to be first come first serve. No mention of it depends where you live.

    1. I ordered mine at 5 AM EST, and received a FedEx confirmation email late last night stating it will be on my doorstep today by 3 PM.

      1. I ordered at 0800 EST and received a tracking number around midnight last night. I was beginning to wonder…

  3. What about the people that pre-ordered through Best Buy? are we included in the pre-order shipments, or will AT&T get all theirs first, then allow the retailers to fill their pre-orders?

    1. I called Best Buy today to check on mine and they told me that the AT&T ones should be delivered tomorrow, and the Sprint ones on Saturday, but no specific times for the deliveries. So…I’m thinking Saturday at the latest for both.

      1. Called Best Buy again, they said they were told it’s on the truck they are unloading now and to check back at 8, I will keep you informed.

  4. I don’t believe Best Buy gets the stock from ATT. They buy it from the manufacturer or vendors directly..

  5. I contacted AT&T and they said that if you Ordered the S III before the 18th June then your order would ship today… Still waiting.

  6. Still say the S3 should have come to the US first we would have had it over a month ago if so. Being the last ones on the list to get these new phones is bs.

    1. I agree.

  7. Gotta be honest….completely shocked mine was delivered about 20 minutes ago….I had no faith at all.

  8. ok, so if i pre-order it right now is it still not going to ship until the 28th? or will it ship sooner…

  9. Has anyone received their Galaxy S3 for ATT yet?

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