Samsung Galaxy S III now available from T-Mobile for $279


The Samsung Galaxy S III makes its official US debut today and is now available from T-Mobile in select stores and in limited quantities online. Unlike other carriers, TMo has priced the 16GB GS3 at $279.99 on a new two-year contract after a $50 mail-in rebate. The 32GB model sells for $329.99 under the same terms. T-Mobile is only stocking the device at stores in their top 29 markets for now (a full list can be found here). Those not lucky enough to reside in or near one of these 29 cities will want to try their luck online (where only the 32GB Marble White version of the phone is being offered). Otherwise, a wider release is planned for June 27th.

The release follows a launch party hosted by Samsung and actress Ashley Greene in New York City last night, where fans had a chance to check out the new sharing capabilities of the Galaxy S III while shmoozing with the likes of Kevin Nash of NBA fame. In honor of the launch Samsung donated $1.5 to the World Wildlife Fund.

[via T-Mobile]

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  1. Looks like they are in stock online right now.

  2. thats expensive, not worth it, in a month or two it will drop by half

    1. No it won’t.

    2. On TMO, try more like 5-6 months. You might be able to get it from Amazon cheaper though in a few.

  3. WOW Samsung donated a whole dollar fifty? That’s twice their GPS R&D budget! ”
    In honor of the launch Samsung donated $1.5 to the World Wildlife Fund.”

    1. $1.5 / phone sold. Be smart pp

  4. Too expensive, especially with the LTE network hopefully popping up in about a year. I’ll stick with my GNex and wait.

  5. Wait a short time, then Amazon will be your friend.

    1. Or when people don’t buy it and they lower prices to compensate. And if people do buy it, this is all moot.

    2. Well, Amazon stopped selling subsidized phones from T-Mobile more than 3 months ago. You have to pay full price, but you get cheaper plans in the other hand.

  6. $330? I don’t think that even Verizon charges that much for a phone. Thanks, T-Mo, for providing Verizon with a competitive incentive to raise prices!

    1. LMAO! You’re going to go run away and switch carriers for a measly $80. ZOMG….so ‘spensive. Comments like this prove how stupid our society really is!

      1. No doubt. You save more than $80 with T-Mobile over Verizon during the course of your contract. Even more so on their Value Plans where you pay full retail price… but you save enough where you could buy almost two phones per line full retail and come out about the same on the subsidized plans.

      2. Wow! You’re suggesting that I’m stupid because of something that you imagined? Look again, pal, because my comment doesn’t say – or imply – anything about changing carriers or saving $80, and I’m pretty certain that it doesn’t provide proof of anyone’s stupidity.

  7. Sorry, without a hard keyboard, it’s useless to me.

    1. lol have fun on your droid pro

  8. ill wait for July 4 maybe some sales will happen!

  9. Who is ‘Kevin Nash of NBA fame’? Last night in NYC Steve Nash, Kevin Love and Stephen Curry attended. ‘Kevin Nash’ is not an NBA player…

  10. Kevin Nash is a wrestler for WWE, NCW, and NWO. I can understand the mistake. I guess you are saying that Tmo is wrestling away our money.

  11. Ordered my Pebble Blue 32 GB model at 6:15 this am. I paid $379.00 plus tax for a grand total of $400.00 and change. I was a little shocked but get 50 bucks back after rebate. This is a beast, had to get the 32 GB model because it was available. I believe this phone also comes with the 850 & 1900 radios in it. So if you unlock it I would bet you could run it on AT&T HSPA+ .. Will have to explore this more deeply when I get it. I get sick T-Mobile speeds in my area so I am very happy and the price for my plan is very cheap. I get unlimited voice and text plus 5 GB of data before they will throttle the speeds, all for 79.00. Can not beat it.

  12. T-Mobile I trying to use the biggest phone launch of the year as a power play to force people into their value plans and completely paying for the phone. What they don’t realize is that they’re going to be forcing people out the door and to other carriers. Bad thing to do when you’re the 4th place carrier in the country. This company is run by idiots.

    1. What you don’t realize that this is how it is everywhere else in the world.

      1. Except there is actual competition everywhere else and phones aren’t locked into one company.

        1. They’ll unlock your phone, no problem. Instead of crying about it, get yourself an unlocked Galaxy Nexus.

    2. Apparently you don’t realize that the value plan is cheaper. And that nobody can force you to do something if you don’t let them.

  13. Ok… guess it’s time to find a new carrier. They may have the fastest network, if only you could connect to it when you need it.

  14. On this news I’m leaving t-mobile. I’ve got my $200, guess it’s time to research new carriers in Dallas.

    1. Good luck with the overpriced rate plans the other three carriers offer while T-Mobile readies itself for the LTE-Advanced launch in 2013. I’m not going off phones, I’m basing this off of rate plans and network

    2. Try third party retailers. Walmart has it for $198.

  15. T-Mobile shoots themselves in the foot, yet again. People aren’t going to want to pay $330 (After tax, it’s $382 out the door.) for a phone they can get elsewhere for $200.

    1. Let’s see how it plays out. I know 5 people that are going pick one up on t-mobile next week.

    2. Let’s say I’m a T-Mobile customer and I’m furious about the $80 extra that I have to pay for my phone. I decide then to walk into a Verizon or AT&T store. At some point, our conversation will shift to rate plans. I think even the densest of people would see at that point that the $80 extra they’re spending on the phone is made up in just 2-4 months on T-Mobile.

      1. It’s a $130 difference out the door, not $80. The price of the phone is $330 with a two year contract. It’s a lot easier to come up with a few extra dollars a month than it is to come up with an extra $130 all at once. People would rather put off the cost for later if it means they don’t have to pay now. Even the densest person would know that. The Sale price of the phone is what brings people in. This wil not bring as many people in as it could have if they had priced their version of the phone more competitively. T-Mobile has no clue when it comes to marketing. None.

        The reason for what they are doing is, in my opinion, the CEO, or whoever it was in an old interview I read on TMO news, said that he would like subsidized pricing to be a thing of the past. It seems to me that is what this is working towards.

  16. I’m confused. Is it STEVE Nash of NBA fame, or is it KEVIN Nash of WWF fame?

  17. People saying T-Mobile are forcing people into their cheaper non contract plans are the stupid ones you pay less a month can leave almost anytime you want and you are calling them stupid just shows how bad your math skills..Go to your local T-Mobile store have them show you the rates and see how much you save in the long run

    1. You might save $10-20 a month but then you get dropped calls, splotchy network service and expensive equipment charges. Totally not worth it.

      1. Each of the national carriers in the US has it’s own strengths over the other. In your specific area T-Mobile may not work as well as other carriers but in mine, I get signal with T-Mobile in places at&t and verizon don’t/

      2. TMobile service is just fine in Dallas, I Don,t know what you’re notching about.

        1. You getting out of hand alright. Remember everybody no carrier is good in every area. Every carrier has there g spots(good coverage) in certain location. Maybe in locations your at Charlie theres no Tmobile g spots but just because your experience is bad doesn’t mean the whole carrier is bad in other locations.

          1. Totally. It just sucks that the dead zones are my house and work. I work downtown and live about an hour north, so it’s not like I’m just in one spot. I given them three years to improve and it hasn’t happened. I would pay $20 more a month to get better service.

    2. And there ETF is only $200

  18. going to check it out this morning

  19. Wow you guys are rich with the economy the way it is!

  20. HAHA sucks to be at T-mobile

    1. No it doesn’t.

  21. and yet i love my FREE one S even more (side note on newegg.com my one s is still cheaper than the S2 wierd)

    1. Because a lot of people are overlooking it for GS3 and the GS2 i was told.

  22. so… i made a few calls and the stores do NOT have any in stock… they told me the 27th and i live in New York City… fck you tMo… i wasnt happy about the hiked price already and now i have to wait another week

  23. I got mine today I in AZ and its puts my unlocked galaxy nexus to shame

  24. Leave it on the shelf for that price!!!

  25. Supply must really be limited. A rep at a Philly location told me only 2 locations in the city got them.

  26. T-Mo works for me. If you have them and your coverage blows, maybe try this reporting system:


    Get everyone you know who has sucky T-mo coverage to log their experience. Maybe something will change.

  27. Verizon wireless is selling the 32GB model for $249. That’s $80 cheaper than what T-Mobile wants for the 16GB version and $130 dollars cheaper than the 32GB version.

  28. The Walmart that I work at got the 16gb S3 in today. New 2 year contract or upgrade…….. $198. No rebate. Pretty snazzy if you ask me.

  29. Got mine yesterday but at a total of $389. I Like it a lot doe

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