HTC touting Rezound ICS update, but where is it?


HTC have gone ahead and posted details of the HTC Rezound’s Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade on their website. They say it’s available, but there’s no reason to suggest that it actually is: we haven’t seen any reports of users being able to pull it down, and Verizon haven’t even posted the details on their site. Take a look at the details below:

HTC Rezound™ Software Upgrade Instructions | 06.20.2012

This software update (Software Number: 3.14.605.10 710RD; Baseband Version:, is now available for your HTC Rezound. It will update your device to the Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System (OS) and provide several enhancements, fixes and features, including:

Applications & Widgets

  • V CAST Media Manager has been updated to Backup Assistant Plus with an enhanced user experience.
  • Caller Name ID application has been updated and added to All Apps.
  • Time zone issues have been resolved within the Clock widget.

Device Features

  • Device is enabled with the Wireless Alerting System.
  • Cisco AnyConnect support has been added to improve VPN functionality.
  • Improved data connectivity for a better user experience.
  • Improve device stability minimizes the number of resets.
  • Improvements to Mobile Hotspot connectivity.

Email, Messaging & Web

  • Improvements to default mail application now displays all Yahoo! mail contents properly

So there’s obviously a build out there that has HTC confident enough to post its details to their site, but we can’t say for sure a rollout has actually begun. If you want to check for yourself try going to Menu > Settings > Software Update > Check New. Let us know if you are able to pull anything down. [HTC via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Just tried – no luck…

    1. Clear your updater cache

      1. why? no update.

        1. On the Galaxy Nexus, when the updater stated there was no update, users cleared the system updater cache, and then all of a sudden the system said an update is available.

          1. no update.

    2. Me either…like with the last rumor, I have to go back to checking every 20 minutes.

  2. No new software update available 6:40 PM ET

  3. It’s the same place its been for weeks. The xda website.

    1. not OTA final. Thanks for chiming in though.

      1. The version is the same, I believe, as the most recent leak

      2. This version is the same that leaked last week…just missing kernel source.

    2. you really did try your best… no, really!

  4. No luck pulling it down. Literally just tried.

  5. well i have ics so will wait till the super dev’s we got roll this into the greast phone ever;)

  6. The build is going to be the same exact one the was leaked a few weeks ago. I would much rather download that entire file and install from the bootloader than download and ota anyway. It’s like starting with a brand new fresh phone out of the box instead of an update file that just swaps out parts of the os.

  7. Quentyn, do yourself a favor (just in case you ever want to work for an organization that values comprehensive writing skills) and learn about collective nouns. Making three collective-noun-related errors in this post is hardly acceptable for a professional writer. By the way, who edits this stuff? (Look at the title of your post. Would you really say, “HTC ARE touting…”?)

    1. Using the singular (e.g “is” instead of “are”, “has” instead of “have”) is a uniquely American way of dealing with collective nouns. UK and International English treats companies as plural and therefore “have” and “are” would be recognized as proper. So basically it all boils down to 1) where Quentyn is from and 2) how much you are willing to defend the idea that American English is the only acceptable form of the English language.

      1. Interesting; I didn’t know that. However, it doesn’t explain Quentyn treating HTC (and Microsoft) as plural since, in another post today, he treated Verizon and Sprint as singular.

        1. In British English, it’s customary to treat a group of people or a company as one whole entity. Saying “have” and “are” imply that we’re speaking of multiple people under that umbrella. It’s been that way since the beginning of time, and I’m not sure why you have a problem with it: they’ve created the language, after all.

          1. Again, I didn’t know that. But, now that it’s pointed out, I can see the ‘pitfalls’ (ie, ‘pit bulls’ like me!) of writing for a culturally diverse, International audience. Definitely sheds a new light on the subject for me!

  8. htc just took down the update on their website

  9. Received a beautiful update. For the DInc.

  10. It’s verizon, i don’ t know why but they are taking their own sweet time releasing ICS update. Same way with razr, moto has been done with the update for awhile, verizon won’t release it.

    1. You’re wrong. Moto is finalizing the testing. Moto doesn’t have a good track record… Why is it that everyone is so fast at blaming the carrier. Why would a carrier not want it pushed thru so it can stop paying for all their reps taking calls about those very same questions?

      1. They’re hoping that by delaying long enough, people will lose patience and just buy a new phone under a new contract.

        1. i totally agree with u carriers have noticed how important update to these smart phones are. they campaigned against these update to trying to make more money outta there customers. these companies dont really want to deal with these updates. since they have to they are going to do whatever they can to force u to buy the next device with the latest update already on it so they dont have to worry about the last phone. carriers are the reason why these updates take so long. why when the manufacture with the custom skins get the update out in a reasonable time frame carriers have to full the phone with bloatware that customers dont want and restrict certain native software they dont want u to have. thats why google sold the phone independently. releasing it on other carriers with certain restrictions its carriers doing. prevent or make u pay for everything a smartphone was ment to do.

  11. My phone says :
    Check for Software Update under Settings when service is available.

    I definitely have service. Maybe it’s a sign?

  12. Just an update…HTC took down the ICS info on their page…just lost hope…

  13. Verizon is definitely dragging their feet. I’m no fan of apple but they don’t take any shit when it comes to their updates. The majority of their hardware gets updated because they have more power while the Android phones continue to get pushed around by the carriers. Its ridiculous especially since I’ve already read news of another version (Jelly Bean) that’s going to start being available on new phones.

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