Ice Cream Sandwich coming to the AT&T Galaxy S2 through Kies


AT&T users on the Samsung Galaxy S2 (not the variants) can go ahead and pop some bottles as the device has finally received Ice Cream Sandwich. Users are having to go through Kies, Samsung’s companion software for PC, to get it. It’s better than nothing, though, so grab Kies here (Mac and Windows) if you don’t already have it and see if you can pull down this sweet treat. [via AndroidForums.com]

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  1. *RUBS EYES*
    Its finally here?

    I kid. I kid. Thanks for the info, going to get it now.

    1. Ditto…

    2. *ANGER* Wont Download.

  2. What about the Note Samsung?

  3. Thanks for the delay Sprint. Fail.

  4. I don’t believe it…

  5. The Samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket has been having communication errors to the update server since early this morning. I think its safe to assume the skyrocket is next thru a OTA. Not sure about tthe note but this week is looking good right before the S3 launch!

  6. We didn’t already have ICS? Hmm maybe AOKP will be updating then to include any changes… I thought ICS had already be official..

  7. Good job AT&T, a little tardy but I wont complain, I would have been bitching up a fit if it would have to the Skyrocket or the Note first seeing as this model came out in October!!!

    1. I take that back, tried to update and at first it was there and then poof it was gone, I could have gotten a better tease in the champagne room!!!

  8. Congratulations SG II owners. Seems like the average wait (6-8 Mo) after release for an at&t phone to get the update.

    1. We win!!!

  9. All my computers have only Linux. How do you get it if you don’t have a Windows or a Mac computer?

  10. It is not working for me. It says I have latest version

    1. Ditto

    2. Same here. Says firmware is the latest version. I’d like to know where the author got his info….

    3. Same problem with me. At first, it said there was an update available, but I didn’t have enough battery power. When I recharged it, it told me I had the latest version.

    4. Same thing. I did notice that the kies server is going to be ‘down for maintenance” 6-22 from 11am to 9pm…wonder if that is prepping for this update.

  11. My device is “NOT ELIGABLE FOR FIRMWARE UPDATES” using Kies. So glad I went through all that trouble.

  12. same hereeee

  13. Kies is terrible. It says it doesn’t support upgrading through kies. Most likely cause I am consistently changing roms. But even with stock it says the same thing.

  14. I started to update earlier tonight but terminated in order to back up some files. When I returned from a social event and (finally) connected to Kies again, it said my firmware was up to date (it is not). I called AT&T, they could not transfer me to the trouble-shooting department as they are having “technical difficulties” — how ironic.

  15. Sweet first I take the time to install the software, then I connect my phone and it finds the update…great right? Wrong! Battery was to low and needed to charge…no big deal right? Wrong! Charge the phone and re connect only to have the stupid software tell me I have the latest software…annoying!

    1. That’s exactly what mine did!

  16. As a former AT&T Samsung Galaxy owner (GS1), let me give a long sigh of sympathy for all of the GS2 owners. Please remember this moment next year, when the GS3 owners are here complaining about the same, g-d thing. SAMSUNG IS GOING TO SINK ANDROID!

    1. Comparing the SG1 and SGS2 is just wrong,they are not comparable. The SGS2 is by far one the the smoothest quickest phone the the market still. Where as the SGS1 was a flop with an outrageously under powered chipset.

  17. Still no firmware update available. Says kk6 is the latest.

  18. When upgrading your GS2 software to ICS, make sure you are using the Samsung USB cable/charger that came with the phone. Otherwise, you are wasting your time. After using the right usb cable, absolutely no problems downloading and installing the software.

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