LG Announces Quick Voice App for Optimus Lineup – Challenges Siri and Samsung’s S Voice


I’m sure someone could connect the dots between huge Samsung announcements and LG press releases — but we’re not much for conspiracies. In any case, hot on the heels of a worldwide flood of Samsung Galaxy S3 reviews, LG has announced their all new Quick Voice application that hopes to give their phones the edge they need to compete with Samsung and Apple. Just like Siri and S Voice, Quick Voice is a natural voice controlled application that can find info from all around the web, set up calendar entries, shoot off text messages, or even pull up K-pop videos on YouTube. According to the translated web page, Quick Voice will come to their Optimus line of devices like the LG Optimus LTE 2 and LG Optimus Vu in the next few weeks.

[LG Korea]

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  1. It is nice to see LG is actually making an attempt at keeping up with the big dogs in the mobile world, but it does worry me that they’re putting in the effort in the wrong direction with their devices. Personally, I’m not a fan of the Siri/S Voice features because they still seem like a little bit of a novelty feature(for now) and don’t think that Quick Voice will direct many more customers to LG.

    1. I’m not so sure it will either, but it is iOS’ “killer app” and every OEM in the world tries to imitate Apple’s success.

      1. Exactly my thoughts. Hell, maybe they’ll make an even better voice control app than Samsung :-P

        1. I understand Sammie releasing S Voice, but why would LG not wait for Majel? Seems like wasted dev time to me.

        2. LG is sister company of Sammy. They share secrets.

  2. It is said to wok perfect if you speak engrish with korean accent… ;)

  3. biters!!

  4. Asian girls are sooooo SEXY…mmmm

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