LG VS930 Hits The FCC – Could Be The LG Optimus LTE 2 Headed To Verizon


Verizon Wireless’s lineup is no stranger to LG devices. In fact, they’ve had a pretty good track record of backing what I like to call, “the Android underdog.” We’ve seen Verizon launch the LG Revolution (VS910), make a big push with the ESPN endorsed LG Spectrum (VS920) and if this recent FCC filing is any indication, it looks like they’re about to get the LG Optimus LTE 2. All the supported radio frequencies were in the filing, leading us to believe that LG “VS930” will soon arrive on Verizon (no doubt, branded with an entirely different name).

What’s interesting is the LG VS930 was also found with AT&T frequency bands along side Verizons. This means we could be looking at another world phone, ala HTC Rezound. You can expect the LG VS930 to carry largely similar specs to the Optimus LTE 2, with a completely overhauled custom UI new to Android 4.0, a 4.7-inch 720p “True HD” IPS display, Qualcomm dual-core S4 processor and carry 2GB of multitasking RAM. Sounds intriguing.

[FCC | Engadget]

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  1. It’s Ugly.
    But I’ll take those 2 girls….

    1. Argh.. Unfortunately, there’s no way to “thumbs up” AND “thumbs down” your comment =/

      1. Which was the Thumbs Up for? :P
        Do you like the design of this phone? the box shape?

        1. honestly their sorta copying Samsung, it looks alot like a galaxy s2, not only that but its really creepy at how close the dimension measurements of that phone are to the s2 it even weighs only 1 gram more then the s2
          EDIT: lol my bad was thinking of the lg L7 this is a diff model

          1. Don’t you know what LG is a sister company to Samsung? Just like Jaguar was part of FORD. This LG is a dumbed down version of the S3.

          2. either way they are not going to stand out following in another companies shadow, whats the point of making all these products when they are barely going to sell

          3. People like Variety….. For those guys that like to have something different, this is perfect for them.

          4. im not saying the phone sucks, im actually really tempted by their newer models, they might even surpass some of htc’s high end phones in the performance aspect not to mention the 2gb ram, but if they really want to the attention they need a phone that will stand out from the rest, like if you look at a galaxy s2 or a s3, you know what it is just by looking at it, same goes for HTC and Motorola phones, they have that unique look to their brands but LG doesn’t have that

          5. You’re right. They DON’T have their own identity.

          6. Also, do you think its a coincidence that the home button is identical on this phone as on the S3?

        2. I love, love, LOVE the box shape. Anything with sharp corners and straight lines gets me going.

          Dem chicks be hot too… O_o

  2. Aaaaand there goes support for the spectrum:'(

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