Samsung Galaxy S III joins the CyanogenMod party, nightly builds now available


For as much praise as you can heap on the Galaxy S III, plenty of Android purists take issue with the customer user interface Samsung has been slowly evolving over the years. Luckily, Samsung is pretty open to the idea of letting people tinker with the devices operating system. Even luckier for those folks, CyanogenMod 9 nightly builds are now available.

CM9 delivers a near-stock Android 4.0 experience while providing a few finely-crafted tweaks to enhance usability, including a master audio equalizer and lockscreen gesture controls. The builds currently available for GS3 are far from the finished product, but they offer a nice look at where things are headed. While those new to modding their Android device may want to hold off, those without fear of buggy software or the potential to brick your device can head to the XDA link below for all the appropriate info.

[XDA via PocketNow, Engadget]

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  1. I asked this somewhere else but If anyone can get Google Wallet working internationally with this rom, Holla!
    I’ve been trying with no success just with root.

  2. CM mods are good, for me the main drawbacks are 1/ lack of the superb samsung calendar (way better than anything else available on android) and 2/ having to install Google apps every time, as a separate process.

    1. The gapps thing bugs me too. Right now, I’ve got it down to; wipe device, flash rom, flash gapps, boot, at “setup” screen install the rest of the google apps via “adb install”.

      This way, I at leas don’t have to install them from the market, and ensures that I am near a PC and can recover if the flash goes south.

      1. Not bad, but i just flash rom and gapps and sign-in to google and let the market add all my apps back. As long as i’m on Wi-Fi it works great (using the Incredible 2). CM9 is pretty well supported for my device… won’t be perfect until HTC releases a kernel.

        1. Google restore always seems to make my devices flaky as hell…haven’t trusted it for ages. Unfortunately, I forget to un-tick those boxes every once in a while and Google reminds me why I avoid it as it installs apps I’ve uninstalled months ago. Annoys me. (Some say I am easily annoyed…)

    2. If I remember correctly, they can’t legally include the gapps.

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