Canadian Samsung Galaxy S3 users will be able to get their 50 GB of Dropbox cloud storage


Sadness has spread across the US for those planning to get the Samsung Galaxy S3 after finding out that AT&T and Verizon opted out of the free 50 GB of Dropbox Storage offer. This realization has worried more than a few other countries, but now we know that at least Canadian users will be able to get the free storage for 2 years.

Samsung has confirmed that all Canadian versions of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be included in said promotion. Users will simply need to create or link their account to Samsung Apps. Soon afterwards, the user will receive his extra 48 GB of cloud storage.

“New GS III users will receive a basic 2GB of free space with Dropbox (It is permanent). When they create their own Dropbox account or link their existing account to Samsung Apps, the user will receive 48GB more space through a promotional offer, for a total of 50GB. This is available for 2yrs.”

It is definitely a relief to see that Canadian carriers are not messing with Samsung’s offer. This offer would grant you about $200 in cloud storage fees over 2 years, making Samsung’s flagship device that much more enticing. Regardless, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is still a beast, so we are sure you won’t be changing your plans to purchase it. We will just have to miss out on the cherry on top.

[Via: Mobile Syrup]

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  1. 420 sure is an odd time to pick for marketing your phone

    1. “Inspired by NATURE.” “Made for humans.” I knew Samsung was up to something! lol

  2. I wonder WHY the U.S. carriers decided to drop the DropBox.

    On the one hand, having access to lots of cloud storage means people might use up their data faster, get hit with overages, and be more apt to upgrade dataplans == MOAR $$$ for the carriers.

    On the other hand, maybe the carriers have done their research and determined that most USians who try it will be too dumb to use it after activating (or smart enough to only use it on WiFi? nahhh :), so they’d rather save themself whatever the per user fee is that they would’ve had to pay DropBox for the “free” 50GB.

    A 3rd option… maybe the carriers are planning on offering their own cloud storage as a service soon, and don’t want to get their customers hooked on someone elses drugs.

    1. who cares? Buy it if you need it. Most people don’t need 50GB of data. Dropbox probably was asking too much for licensing anyways.

  3. can someone help me out, is it all US version of S3 will be using the dual-core cpu and while the international version use quad-core?

  4. Cloud storage is to expensive when hardware is so cheap. Im not going to complete a maze to oneday get 18 free gigs of storage. I rather pay google $5 a yr for 20 gigs for Picasa and unlimited pic storage although the quality is downgraded alittle. But…. it’s a phone. I don’t have a studio with lighting and backdrops and etc. Downgrade is fine. Or use my own $70 tb drive and upload instantly to it and its there forever.

    1. you failed when you said you would use Picasa even when it kills quality. Fail.

      1. Well if your mounting pictures from your phone into a frame…… be my guest. Most people view pics from the cloud.. Not walking around with a 8/10 in their pocket.

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