Jun 16th, 2012 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 4:40 pm

Siri may be the popular girl around, and everybody wants to get to know her better. But some of us realize that there are smarter, funner girls out there. For us, Android users, one of the best options is Robin.

Robin is an app designed with drivers in mind. It uses voice in/out and gestures to allow users to communicate with their devices, helping them keep their eyes focused on the road. But what is it that makes it a worthy competitor? Robin features Navigation, real-time traffic, parking information, gas prices, weather, Twitter feed reading and even yelp reviews; all read to you out-loud by our new friend Robin.

The app works very well and it hasn’t given me any issues yet. Hey, it even told me my laughter was cute!I looked for the nearest Best Buy, asked it to navigate to downtown San Diego, and Robin even told me a few jokes.

Robin is now available in Beta, but it looks very promising for being in its testing stages. It is definitely worth a visit to the Google Play Store, as it is also free. If you would like to see more of how it works, you can check out the official video from the Magnifis team.

[Source: PRWeb]

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