Forget Siri – Robin for Android does navigation, traffic, gas prices, Twitter and even jokes


Siri may be the popular girl around, and everybody wants to get to know her better. But some of us realize that there are smarter, funner girls out there. For us, Android users, one of the best options is Robin.

Robin is an app designed with drivers in mind. It uses voice in/out and gestures to allow users to communicate with their devices, helping them keep their eyes focused on the road. But what is it that makes it a worthy competitor? Robin features Navigation, real-time traffic, parking information, gas prices, weather, Twitter feed reading and even yelp reviews; all read to you out-loud by our new friend Robin.

The app works very well and it hasn’t given me any issues yet. Hey, it even told me my laughter was cute!I looked for the nearest Best Buy, asked it to navigate to downtown San Diego, and Robin even told me a few jokes.

Robin is now available in Beta, but it looks very promising for being in its testing stages. It is definitely worth a visit to the Google Play Store, as it is also free. If you would like to see more of how it works, you can check out the official video from the Magnifis team.

[Source: PRWeb]

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  1. I was going to leave a comment bashing people who want a feature like this but after watching the video… Im impressed

    1. Yeah it is definitely much more interesting after checking out the video.

  2. not available in canada. major bummer..

    1. It will be! Please be patient!

      1. looking forward to it :)

  3. Not available in UK

    1. nor is Siri navigation

  4. Is it using it’s own mapping and navigation system? Or is it using Google Apps. Im very interested in a voice app that can actually communicate with existing apps on my phone.

  5. I was comparing this to Siri on my mother’s phone, and I don’t want to sound like a fanboy, but Siri has nothing on Robin.

    1. youre just speaking facts

    2. But what does Robin have on SpeakToIt Assistant?

  6. nobody give a s* about google voice action back then and after apple released siri, everyone give a s* about it…..

    1. So, what is your point? Humanity is fickle? Apple has good PR? Google has lots of under-utilized services that could be more widely used than they currently are?

      1. used on my galaxy nexus and worked great great find thank you.

    2. Haha they talked a lot of shit about Siri yet now there are half a dozen voice recognition apps on their market and all of them trying to mimick Siri. Yet they all sound retarded lol

    3. Uh yeah, it’s a common market strategy to make something consumers don’t know they need yet… It’s been happening for over a 100 years lmao, you are just realizing this now?

    4. Nobody gives a sh*t about what u have to say either… So what’s your point?

      1. You do because you replied.

    5. If Apple has it then its shite. If Google does its amazing, and how Apple should have done it, and free, and better and been on Android for years and just better you ‘iSheep’


      1. The problem is their marketing strategy. Yes we got it first, but they made it popular. And then people follow. How many “voice action app” before siri and how many there are now?

        1. Who honestly cares who got what first. Would it not be better if Siri was amazing, then Google would have to fight back with a better solution.
          All this Android had it first crap is old and pathetic. Siri does work ok, not perfect but ok, and on IOS6 its better then ok. Game on Google.

  7. Assistant is far better than both siri…and robin try it.

    1. Assistant is awful…

  8. Not avalible in Canada………………………

  9. Just tested it out. It has potential but still not that great yet.

  10. What is the holder she is using? Never seen anything like it.

  11. Pretty cool – a little simpler maybe than EVA / AVX but can’t do near as much. But of course, a lot cheaper since it’s free, though EVA & AVX do have free 28 day trials…

  12. Not in Canada

  13. I actually installed this yesterday and let me tell you, it was horrible. I believe in the future this app may get better but for now speaktoit is way better.

  14. i definitely like the gestures. I’m curious to see how they are going to improve this app.

  15. Since its still in beta i will give it a pass but 80% of the time i have to repeat myself because it didnt register. On the whole though very promising cant wait till its ready

  16. If this dude would just pipe down for sec.

  17. Yea……. Couldnt find gas stations, couldnt tell me time to get to places, hand wave works perfect, couldn’t tell me what movies are playing, send text or emails does nothing but open app….it was fun testing it but same as others. Google voice actions is still the best since they all use the same voice engine. And it dosent work like the video lol ALso its not okie DOC its Okie DOKIE

  18. 21 comments and no one mentioning how cute that girl is? I thought Android had reached outside of nerdville ;)

    1. cute?! oh well u cant argue with taste

  19. Not compatible with Galaxy Nexus. Wow. Fail.

    1. How is it fail? It’s a beta. They test on a small number of phones first. Ironically, Siri doesn’t work on ONE phone it was built for. uFail.

      1. If you seriously can’t understand how not having the app work on the Android reference/developer phone is a fail, then I guess I’m talking to a wall here. I didn’t mention anything about Siri, don’t know why you dragged that in here.

        1. because anytime someone has anything bad to say about anything related to android they must be an apple fanboy…. because android is perfect in every way in its current state….

          1. Preach!!!! The only way to improve Android is criticize its weak points in order for Google to improve android.

        2. Apple fanboy..

          You love Siri by the fact that you don’t like something in the Androidshere, hence Apple fanboy.

          Remember that we have no room for facts and logical civilized conversation here, dis Android and its the the ‘iSheep’ label for you.


    2. Another bit of irony is it works my old OG Droid. Enjoy that Nexless..

    3. i downloaded yesterday with galaxy nexus. seems to work just fine for me?

    4. It doesn’t work on yours. It works fine for on my Galaxy Nexus and others. Have you upgraded to 4.04 yet?

  20. So Cafe de la Presse is too expensive, they search for a cheaper alternative, but still end up going to Cafe de la Presse! Haha

    1. Parking. They found cheaper parking… :-P

  21. Google should buy this and integrate it to ALL Android devices in ALL countries :)

    1. they have their own li’l project going though, so no point

  22. not bad..still room for improvement..waiting for apple lawsuits.
    ehen you ask robin where us siri…me and siri go wayback…good stuff

  23. Sounds great, but I won’t give it a try, first I hardly drive, second I drive even less with my navigation on, third with Google I/O around the corner I am waiting for Majel to make an appearance and blow me away

  24. A couple of possible issues – as always with verbal – accent problems? And what happens if someone calls during navigation etc?

    1. …BETA. Just saying. You had good points, but it’s a beta, give them feedback.

      1. Should be Alpha it it cant do simple commands.

  25. Haha all you nerds bashed siri so much when it released yet after it came out we’ve seen cheap siri nock off after cheap off trying to imitate it, pathetic :D

  26. Forget Robin. I’m in love with that real girl.

  27. amazing. its so fast. and accurate.

  28. OK I was skeptical but the video won me over and I downloaded. my first test, “where is the nearest coffee shop”. The voice sounded pretty good and intelligent but it gave me a coffee shop 19 miles away and several further away when I know there is a Starbucks and a Saxby’s within 3 miles of here.

    1. it probably knows starbucks barely qualifies as coffee ;)

  29. I’ve been using Jeanie and its the best I’ve found.

  30. wtf?!?! This app freaking sucked hard! fell flat on its face in every aspect. user interface is crap response timing to input is light years off accuracy was almost 0%. what a complete piece of junk. I’ve never used Siri but I’ll eat a steaming fresh pile of dog poop if robin is better then siri. by far the worst assistant I’ve ever tried.

    1. Wow! If this is how you respond to experimenting with free beta app. I wonder what you would do if you said “hold the mayo” on your burger and they didn’t.

      1. I’m not responding to the app as much as I am the articles claim that Robin is better then Siri. I find that to be incredibly unlikely if not impossible. BTW I like mayonnaise on my sandwiches.

  31. “This Device is Incompatible with ALL your Devices” ????
    erm, SGS1, SGS2, HP Touchpad, I think NOT.
    Very odd…

  32. Am I the only one who is amazed by people who mount phones and navigation screens on their windshield under the rearview mirror? Don’t they need to SEE out the front of the vehicle?

    Maybe its just the angle on the video in this case, but I see it all the time, especially with portable navigation devices.

  33. didn’t work with my bluetooth headset, rendering this completely useless for me while I’m in my car. seems okay otherwise

  34. O.k., heading there now. Have been happy with Vlingo but always open to newer, faster and better.

  35. I always see these recommendations from this site and, so far, none of them have panned out–not a single one. I then see this one and I’ve tried every digital assistant out there. However, I don’t even think I’m going to try this one yet. Why? Look at the reviews? A total of 80 5-star and 40 1-star. Are you joking? If I see more than 10% I start getting concerned.

    1. Good choice… Was a complete waste of time.

  36. I though Iris was supposed to be the best project, now it’s Robin? I wish somehow they would coordinate efforts into one. I know that’s the beauty of Android, but it’s hard to keep up =)

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