TELUS updates list of devices soon to get Android 4.0 – Galaxy Note, Tab 8.9 and Tab 10.1 included


As we struggle, beg and pray for learning just a bit of information about our updates, TELUS is setting the example for all the carriers out there. This company regularly releases updates on such information, and the latest report comes with a flurry of Android device getting their Ice Cream Sandwich update.

The list goes as follows:

  • HTC Desire HD OS 4.0 “Expected in market date” is July 25th
  • LG Optimus LTE OS 4.0 “Expected in market date” is Mid July
  • Samsung Galaxy Note OS 4.0 “Expected in market date” is July 13th
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 OS 4.0 “Expected in market date” is Late July
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 OS 4.0 “Expected in market date” is August (was previously Late July)

As you can see, the Galaxy Note is being blessed with Android 4.0 next July 13. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is also right on schedule for late July, while its smaller 8.9-inch brother was pushed back to August.

We really wish more carriers would start doing this. Carriers are mostly the main reason why updates are delayed for so long, especially in America. It would be great to more of them step up and offer customers some transparency, as TELUS is doing.

[Source: TELUS Via: Mobile Syrup]

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  1. What about Sony Xperia – S?

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