Verizon and AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III will not offer 50 GB free Dropbox space


If you were looking to pick up the Samsung Galaxy S III on either Verizon or AT&T, we’ve got some bad news for you. The free 50 GB storage that has been offered to users of the phone around the world will not be provided to customers on the two networks.

Why? Probably because neither the networks, nor Samsung wanted to pick up the tab. While it’s hardly a deal breaker for most people, it does offer an opportunity for T-Mobile, Sprint and other networks such as US Cellular to differentiate themselves a bit. 50 GB on Dropbox is a $100/year value (or $200 over the two years users have access to the space) which could tempt some people who don’t have a preference for a network.

[via Android Central]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Well, at least the phone will still come with a micro-SD slot. Sucks that the Verizon’s and AT&T’s GSIII won’t come with the “good kind of bloat” (which I didn’t even believe existed until I read this article)!

    1. I’m still heated the evo lte got a sim slot and the onex didn’t…

      1. Do you mean that the One X got a sim slot and the Evo LTE did not?

        1. HA! *sd slot. I’m just gonna leave that up,
          let me amend my original statement to,
          that feel when your entire life revolves around phones and the terminology all gels together in one big grey goo… lol

  2. But how long would you have been able to keep the 50gb of space? Would suck if you could only keep it for two years then would have to either pay up or move all your files.

    1. Only two years. Sorry. We can only assume that they would continue to offer this, but to be honest I doubt it. Two years down the line I’d probably expect Sammy and HTC to have their own Dropbox-alternatives

  3. As soon as AT&T puts a stop to grandfathered unlimited data, I’m switching to T-mobile. No 32 gig version and now this, it’s like disappointment after disappointment with AT&T.

    1. do you really use that much online storage? I only store music and contacts. I am curious as to what people are actually putting in their clouds!
      honestly not trolling, I am a phone salesman and I haven’t found much need for anything over the 5g that google gives ya, Androids have so many other ways to “back up” things that It kinda seems like the online storage wars will die out soon due to having so many other options!

      1. Our family puts a lot of stuff up on Dropbox – images, audio, docs, ROMs, backups, … Nice thing about Dropbox is you can share it easily across multiple devices. Excellent as a backup for important files too. Yes you need internet but that’s usually not an issue between WiFi & mobile data (at least in the northeast)

  4. I have to admit that I have never used dropbox, its hardly a deal breaker not having it. My music collection is on google music and all of my productivity stuff (pdf’s, spreadsheet, work memos, etc) are on google drive.

  5. I have never used Dropbox but was looking forward to trying it. Not surprised by the news though. If it’s not annoying or making them money, VZW and AT&T want nothing to do with it.

  6. I don’t want cloud storage anyways so no big deal.

  7. This is pretty disappointing for me, not sure why it would matter to AT&T and Verizon no other carrier in the world seems to. Not a deal breaker but was looking forward to this feature and I’m still a little mad there is no 32 gb version I would have rathered them carry only the 32 if they wanted to only offer one version I mean who would pass on double the space for 50 bucks

  8. As soon as I get my GS3, I’m going to root it to edit the build.prop and get my 50 gigabytes of cloud storage.

    1. hahah this is EXACTLY what I was thinking lol

  9. A couple GB is MORE than enough. No need for 50. It’s called a 32 GB SD card….buy one.

    1. Or a 64Gb xD its cloud without actually ever needing to go online or when there isn’t signal coverage

  10. Not an issue for me, has an SD card slot, and it won’t make me relay on wasting data on my tiered data plan..

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  12. I can see the angry messages and posts at AT&T and Verizon when after two years you have to pay for Dropbox to keep the 50Gigs of storage..

  13. Seriously, should anyone be surprised? VW offers nothing of value for free. They just charge fees.

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