HTC Withdraws Federal Appeal Over Dismissed Apple Complaint – Lives To Fight Another Day


It’s been a rough year for HTC. Late last year, the Taiwanese manufacturer filed a complaint against Apple over infringement over 5 of their patents and in February, it International Trade Commission officially ruled in favor of Apple, clearing them of any wrong doing. HTC immediately filed an appeal with the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, but now it looks like they’re tucking tale and running home, dropping that appeal altogether.

But there’s plenty more where that came from. HTC will live to fight another day with a full plate of pending appeals, complaints and acquisitions, and that’s where they plan to shift their focus in hopes of standing a better chance at winning and defending themselves against Apple and their hot shot legal team. Our own Raveesh Bhalla couldn’t have said it better:

“You know how screwed up the mobile industry patent situation is when you have FOSS Patents in your RSS feeds.”

[FOSS Patents]

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  1. Wonder what the Vegas odds are on how long it will take HTC to join Nokia in doing Windows phones only. They’ve clearly lost at the Android game and are just sinking further as time goes on.

    1. Are they? Let’s quote coldplay “Just because you’re losing, doesn’t mean you’ve lost.”. They are not losing, anyway. They are just giving variety. Just because Samsung has the crown doesn’t mean the CEO of all other Android phone manufacturers should create their own OS, go to another crappier one, or commit suicide.

      1. The fact that their financials looked terrible last year, that they are having problems with their phones this year and will probably have a worse year, and have had to, for the second time, make a new mission statement for the company points to a much bleaker picture than you seem to be aware of. I could elaborate on any of these points or you could just google them.

        1. Everybody has bad times. Well, at least HTC ain’t no Nokia..

    2. I really wish they would. Let HTC have their Sense phones and Moto have their Blur phones. Give me Samsung with vanilla Android any day!

    3. They’ve recently created a handset that’s better than the S3 in my view but at the very least the equal of it in the One X and this and the One S will help improve their future outlook, to say they’ve lost the Android game is only to look at the short term future.

      Plus amongst a few others the Hero and Desire/OG Nexus put Android on the map and made it what it is today, I really don’t see them going WP only and selling less handsets because of it.

      The One X is an absolutely superb handset and deserves far better sales than its currently getting by the way and Sense is a superb addition to vanilla Android which adds great value and does not deserve the hate/dislike that some ill informed people pour on it (@jak_341) .

  2. LMFAO This ordeal is getting to be a burden. When is a judge going to say enough is enough. Or say if you want to sue then go ahead but at the cost of the companies dime not the taxpayers. Then see how much Apple sues.

    1. They really should just let these companies pick a gladiator to battle it out in hand-to-hand combat and let the victor decide the outcome.

      At least it would be a little more entertaining for us… O_o

      1. Now I’m down with that I would pay to sew that Larry Page Vs Tim Cook excellent battle

  3. Is the title of this article a Breaking Benjamin reference? If so, kudos, if not, kudos anyway ^_^.

    1. I got more of a James Bond feel from it…then again, I’m not very familiar with Breaking Benjamin. Now Breaking Bad on the other hand…

  4. Please stop quoting FOSS Patent. He is a Microsoft/Oracle consultant which feeds the press with Anti-Android stories. The more you use FOSS Patents the more you feed Microsoft FUD.

  5. I t is a crying shame that HTC and other members of the Open Handset Alliance have to put up with this petty crap from Apple. Google needs to help them crush these aholes.

  6. Yay! I’ve been quoted for the first time! (that I know of)

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