Jun 13th, 2012

There’s almost no question the one good thing iOS 6 has going for it is their voice recognition app, Siri. After being the subject of commercials starring everyone from Samuel Muther-effin-L Jackson, to Zoey Daschnel, Siri has taken on a full fledged personality of her own, giving the iPhone that one must-have feature for the masses.

Samsung hopes to capture a little some of that magic inside the Galaxy S3 (getting set to launch next week) with their all new S Voice application coming pre-loaded. To call S Voice simply “inspired” by Siri would be naive. Everything from the UI to bubble conversations not only scream Siri, but the 2 are almost indistinguishable from each other at quick glance.

We’ve seen Siri go up against stock Google Voice Actions in a Motorola head-to-head in the past, so how well does S Voice perform when up against arguably the only great feature iOS has to offer? Watch the video below to find out.

Looks like S Voice fared pretty well for itself against Siri. The one place where Siri fell short was in its lack of navigation in the video producer’s country (though, to be fair, that could be fixed in iOS 6). What did you guys think of the results? Anyone ready for Google to officially release something similar (with beautiful Holo UI)? Or do you find Google’s current solution — Voice Actions — adequate enough?

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