The Booster Brolly Is a Solar Umbrella That Will Simultaneously Charge Your Device and Boost Its Wireless Signal


With summer fast approaching, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to not only stay cool, but power your Android device and increase its wireless signal simultaneously? Okay, so maybe the thought has never actually crossed your mind, but you know who’s head that idea has been bouncing around in? Dr. Kenneth Tong’s from the University College of London. That’s who.

This mad scientist is responsible for creating a high-tech umbrella he calls the Booster Brolly. It’s constructed with a carbon fiber frame, and 12 hand-stitched silicon solar panels that charge a battery found on the umbrella’s handle. It’s there you can plug in your Android device, and after only 3 hours you’ll be enjoying a fully charge phone.

Not only that, the top of the umbrella is essentially a high gain antenna that will boost the wireless signal of any device within 3 meters of the umbrella, giving you more bars in more places and acts as a great ice breaker with the ladies. The Vodafone Booster Brolly is due to be unveiled at the Isle of Wight festival this June 22nd (one day after summer officially begins here in the US). Ironically, the real question is how effective this umbrella will be during the rainy season.

[Vodafone | Via Engadget]

Chris Chavez
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  1. How about some piezoelectric generators for the rain?

  2. I would definitely buy this if the price was right!

  3. Is the girl included? :D

    1. No. Just the little asian man.. O_o

      1. LOL Dang, oh well, maybe he can invent some cool stuff for me before anybody else, and I’ll become ultra rich…hey, maybe he’s a better deal than the lady. :D

  4. Instead of getting a McLaren hat to wear to a race, I think I’ll bring one of these.

  5. Excellent, now opportunist thieves will have a much easier way of stealing your phone.

  6. Has a Resident Evil vibe to it.

  7. I want that functionality built into my car

    1. Woah.. now you’re thinkin’! :O

    2. That wouldn’t probably be terribly hard to implement…

  8. And what if a strong gust of wind comes up? Is it tethered to the ground?

    1. Holy on for dear life. Lol

    2. If it is tethered to the ground, Verizon will charge a $10 per month tether fee ;)

  9. Great to bring to the beach or out on the boat. I think I will get myself one to put in the truck.

  10. Actually, that’s my main reason. I want to stay cool, charge my device, and pick up reception with my Sprint phone.

    I would totally rock this at the beach. No lie. LoL!!

  11. I try to stay out of the huang

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