Amazon Mobile updated with refreshed navigation, new sorting options


After updating their Kindle app yesterday, Amazon has released version 1.6 of their mobile portal for Android. The new Amazon Mobile for Android provides a refreshed navigation UI in version 1.6, with a shortcut to your shopping cart and popular Amazon destinations highlighted via a dropdown menu. Other enhancements include the ability to launch the price-comparing barcode scanner directly from the homescreen, new options for sorting and flitering search results, and the ability to add items to existing wish lists.

The app features support for eight countries after the update and addresses bugs and performance issues. You can find now in the Google Play Store, free of charge.

Google Play Link: Amazon Mobile

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. What I dont understand is that I can get this on my phone, but the kindle fire cant get this!? Think about that amazon, it should be easier to use your store on the kindle fire than anywhere else since it is part of your marketplace.

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