How they did it: Samsung details how they kept the most anticipated Android smartphone under wraps


While plenty of leaks appeared over the past six months claiming to be images or renderings of the Samsung Galaxy S III, the internet’s legion of bloggers and tech enthusiasts were left questioning the legitimacy of every single one. It turns out, we might have been staring at the GS3 and not even known. Samsung has an interesting post up over on the Samsung Tomorrow detailing how the team of engineers behind the new smartphone were able to keep the thing a secret, keeping us all guessing until the last minute.

One method we already knew about: dummy cases concealing the true appearance of the device. But did you know that Samsung concurrently designed three different versions of the Galaxy S III, developing each as if it were the final product? Aside from keeping their R&D team on their toes with several functional designs in the works at the same time, Samsung also had the Galaxy S team sworn to secrecy, not even able to share details of their work with their families at the risk of losing their jobs.

Plenty more went into keeping the GS3 one of Samsung’s best kept secrets, but the wait and reveal were worth it. Head over to Samsung’s blog post for even more details.

[Samsung Tomorrow via SammyHub]

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  1. no phone at a bar thats for sure

  2. All those decoy GS3s looked better than the real thing.

  3. HTC One X > SIII in my book

  4. To be honest, it really didn’t do anything but make the letdown that much more evident. They let the interwebs run wild with these stories of some MEGAphone with a 1080p display, 2.5 GHZ quad core exynos processor and on and on and on……..and then finally when it was announced it was a silent *thud*…..Still a nice phone but just on the same level as what has already been announced. So maybe next year they will allow a small leak to atleast temper people’s expectations because i know after all the rumors I heard, I was definately let down by the final product.

    1. I don’t have nor will I EVER own an Iphone dummy.

    2. The only people who get let down are the ones who expect too much. Its a phone. If you were expecting great features you were watching the wrong event. Apple gets away with that because they make both the hardware and software (completely). Samsung makes hardware (and it is easily one of the best out there). Google makes the OS where you should be looking for features.

      If you were looking to be impressed by hardware and weren’t you’re either a retard or an iPhone user (because somehow they think that iCrap is good).

    3. The one rumor that I somewhat-expected and was sad to not see materialize, was the near-zero BEZEL rumor. Maybe next year.

      Only need between 1-2mm of bezel. Just enough for cases to clamp onto, and just enough for fat fingers to not accidentally wrap around and touch the screen. (The S3’s bezel actually measures in at 4.3mm)

  5. I really don’t get why people are so harsh about the design. It looks fine!

    And the One X argument, that will never, ever win! It’s a stupid, stupid design decision to have a non-user accessible battery! Very stupid decision!

    1. The fact that the HTC one x battery is not removable is not a huge deal at all.. The design of the phone more than makes up for its minor flaws.. The design of the one x is amazing in comparison of the galaxy.. I have personally used both phones on a daily basis and the HTC one x wins in my book.. The big thing about Samsung that turns me off to their phones is their overlay.. Touchwiz seems outdated to me when compared to the new sense. Also, in regard to you using exclamation marks at the ends of your sentences… That doesn’t make what your saying a fact… It’s still only your opinion. Both phones are spectacular devices.. It all comes down to ones preference.

      1. Did you really use GSIII personally? A lot of folks hating on Touchwiz actually never touched it since the OG Galaxy S. TW 4.0 in GSII was vastly improved from it. And this new TW UX on GSIII is even better, more like stock ICS in many ways.
        On the other hand, Sense 4 is too heavy UI on memory and badly crippling multi-tasking in ICS to the point 1Gb RAM is too small in One X.

    2. I prefer the One X’s design (look) over the SGS3. I don’t like the inaccessable battery idea though but the phone looks better than the SGS3.

      1. You can buy that portable battery charger phandroid had posted about being on sale. I picked me up one, and non-removable battery argument became voided. And it’s not even a hassle to carry. Unless you already carry lyk 30 things in your pocket.

        BTW, if you’re saying you can’t do a battery pull, the answer to that is hold the power button for lyk 4+ seconds does the equivalent of a battery pull. That’s the same for lyk any computerized device.

    3. It’s way to big, it’s way to ugly, it’s way to plastic. No interest whatsoever even if it was free.

  6. to be honest, at first i didn’t like the design. now i use the phone as my daily driver and it feels much better in-hand than my gnex or my htc one s. the curves feel very nice, and plastic was the right direction to go. it does feel very “natural” and warm. i also think that the one x looks better but the galaxy s3 just feels much more comfortable. but haters gonna hate

  7. SGS III is godly phone. Why can’t you all just accept it? Samsung is the KING! HTC is going to bankrupt soon and i’m very happy with it.. lol

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