Samsung files ‘Knox’ trademark for ‘software providing secure remote access’ to PCs and smartphones


A recent trademark filing suggest Samsung may be looking to launch a service that will allow smartphones, tablets and PCs to interface over wireless networks. Dubbed Samsung Knox, the trademark references some potential combination of hardware and software that will provide “secure remote access” between devices.  While the initial description is that of a “security platform,” the full text presents what could be anything from VPN access to cloud storage:

“Security platform software programs, downloadable and preloaded computer security software, downloadable and preloaded smartphone security software, downloadable and preloaded tablet PC security software, computer hardware and software for providing secure remote access to computer and communication networks, smartphone hardware and software for providing secure remote access to smartphone and communication networks, tablet PC hardware and software for providing secure remote access to tablet PC and communication networks”

The Knox name alludes to Fort Knox, the US installation known for housing the nation’s bullion depository. Its security is the stuff of legends, so the name fits the description and further suggests that secure cloud storage is a definite possibility. It’s hard to imagine Samsung simply rolling out a new anti-virus suite for smartphones. Sharing is a big part of the Korean manufacturer’s recent endeavors, with various methods of connecting devices and users being a focal point of the recently launched Galaxy S III, and we’d imagine the company will further focus on interconnecting its various product lines over virtual networks.

Of course, a trademark filing does not a product make, so we may just be looking at another placeholder name for a concept dreamed up on a whim deep within Samsung’s research department. Without any further rumors to back it up, let the speculation on Samsung Knox begin. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

[via USPTO]


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  1. I just filed a patent for a new device that secures the doors to your home. I call it a dead bolt.

    1. If the deadbolt is activated, then the door knocker should be trademarked as “Door Knox”.

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