Jun 11th, 2012

Sony has a new Xperia smartphone originally set to be unveiled on June 22nd, but fans anxious to see the phone sooner are being given the opportunity to advance the announcement date via Facebook. Visiting Sony’s official Facebook page allows users the chance to press a fast forward button to shorten the amount of time the world will have to wait to see the next Xperia device. The date has already been moved up to June 21, and will likely shift even closer as word of Sony’s PR stunt spreads.

What we can expect remains a mystery, but it could be the powerful handset codenamed Hayabasu. The phone, which also goes by the LT29i model number, features similar specs to the recently announced Xperia GX for Japan and could be an international variant of the device. Equally as likely we could be treated to another mid-range Xperia device or something different entirely. Needless to say we’re interested in finding out, so head on over to Sony’s Facebook and let’s get this announcement moved up!

[Facebook via UnwiredView]

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