Any Rubin has ‘no plans to leave Google’ as Android surpasses 900,000 activations per day


What happens when someone starts a rumor claiming Android top dog Andy Rubin has plans to leave Google? Andy Rubin squashes those rumors, and adds that Android is currently seeing over 900,000 activations per day for good measure. He also barek-nuckle boxes a shark while dressed as a lumberjack, but good old Andy is a bit too modest to announce that part on Twitter.

It all started when past Microsoft tech evangelist and current spreader of dirty internet lies Robert Scoble posted to Google+ a report that Rubin would be leaving Google and Android to focus on a new startup called CloudCar. Rubin, who is no stranger to startups after guiding Android from a small business of its own to arguably one of Google’s greatest acquisitions ever, is involved with CloudCar to the extent that he has offered up some office space to his chums working on the new tech endeavor. Aside from the possibility of offering some input and advice here and there, Rubin seems content with his current position at Google.

As far as the news that Android has surpassed 900,000 activations per day, well that’s just plain impressive. A little over a year ago activations sat at 400,000 a day, growing to 700,000 by the end of 2011. We’ll surely receive a full report at Google I/O at the end of the month, at which point it wouldn’t be surprising in the least to hear that Android has reached 1 million daily activations.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Any Rubin out there?

  2. Any our Andy?

  3. I’m guessing you are not a Scoble fan Kevin?

  4. So what are these “barek nuckles” and how may I get them?

  5. “Any Reuben Has ‘No Plans To Leave Sandwich’ As Deli Requests Surpass OVER 9000!!!”

  6. Not just Andy Rubin, but really ANY Rubin barek-nuckle boxes.
    C’mon Phandroid get a (droid-)life(.com)

  7. that just shows though that no one knows how to keep their phone active

  8. They really should proof read the article by someone else before publish it.

  9. Who is Any Rubin?

  10. 900,000 a day is virtually impossible but hey, cuz someone says it must be true.

    1. if they have the facts it is possible. there are a number of android devices with different price ranges.

  11. Its not impossible when you are talking worldwide sales

  12. 900,000 a DAY?! I know someone on here has already mentioned this. But is it really possible? Think about it. Almost a million people world wide are activating an Android device. Thats just astonishing.

  13. With the obvious mistakes in this article, what part can we actually believe to be correct?

  14. Also is the 900,000 they CLAIM net or gross? Even as a worldwide figure 900,000 a DAY seems completely ridiculous. I bet that number is the gross average based on a 5 or 6 day period just right after a massive release. Maybe after the Gnex was released. There is no way they maintain that average over months and months.

  15. It’s over 900,000!!!!

  16. 900 000 activations a day?! how many people are there in the world

  17. 10 on Monday , 5 on Tuesday , and 15 on Wednesday. That’s an average of 10 a day. I switch my phones pretty often, 5 phones in the last 12 months. Plus you gotta think of the new phones out. People buy those too ,making the daily “average” higher.

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