20 tickets up for grabs to attend Lookout’s “Party Your Apps Off” party at Google I/O! [Giveaway]


Google I/O is on the horizon and Lookout, the folks who are dedicated to keeping your smartphone safe and giving you peace of mind, are throwing a shindig in San Francisco June 26th. It’s the “Party Your Apps Off” party, and 20 of you have a chance to win a ticket to take part in some great Lookout-provided fun.

Food, drinks, giveaways, and more will all contribute to one of the most fun times I’ve had in San Francisco. The party last year was great and we’re sure this year’s will be no different. But only twenty of you will be able to go. Listen up:

Are you going to be in San Francisco for Google I/O? Come kick-off this year’s event in style at Lookout’s “Party Your Apps Off” annual event on June 26. Last year’s party featured delicious food, unlimited drinks, cool Android giveaways, and great people! We can’t wait for what’s in store this year.

  • When: Tuesday, June 26 @ 8PM
  • Where: This part is a secret :)
  • What: Lookout’s big party in San Francisco on the first night of Google I/O. Drinks will start flowing at 8PM at a hot secret location in downtown SF & one of the city’s best Food Trucks will be there serving snacks. There will be some goodies for the first folks who show up at the door. *Please note, this event is 21 and over.
  • Want to party your apps off? Lucky for you, we’re giving away 20 tickets.

So that’s that, but what exactly do you have to do to enter? Keep on reading:

  • Post a comment letting us know if Lookout has ever saved your life in a particular situation. If you’ve been fortunate enough not to need to actively use the phone finding and virus scanning features, then letting us know what you mainly use Lookout for is completely fine.
  • One comment will count as one entry, and we will only accept one entry per post.
  • You have between now and Monday, June 18th, 2012 at 11:59pm Eastern to submit an entry.
  • At the end of the entry period, we will select 20 random winners to issue tickets to. We will be contacting winners by email so be sure to use your real email address (no one can see it but us).
  • Those who aren’t already planning on going to Google I/O may enter, but we must warn you that any travel accommodations is your own responsibility.

Phandroid’s very own Rob and Chris will be at the party so if you happen to win don’t be a stranger! PhHave at it in the comments section below and keep your fingers crossed for good luck — this party will be totally worth the small amount of time needed to enter!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. My car was broken into while I was at the gym and my phone was stolen. Thanks to Lookout I was able to track it and give the address to the police. Apparently there had been a ring of thefts and this was a big break for them.

  2. Just started using lookout

  3. Virus scanning features are a must on Android, and I love having the peace of mind that I’ll be able to find my phone if it’s lost/stolen.

  4. I had CarrierIQ and Lookout told me!

  5. I am I would high-school and we keep our phones in our locker and more than once people have had their locks broken and phone stolen so I use it to make sure if it does get stolen I can find out who did it!

  6. Once, I thought I lost my HTC EVO. Lookout showed that I just forgot it in the office. Thanks to “Plan B”.

  7. I lost my phone on a vacation and Lookout showed me exactly where it was on a map. Lookout definitely saved the day!

  8. I thought I lost my phone while at work and instead of panicing I was able to use Lookout to figure out I left my phone in the car.

  9. someone stole it, got it back

  10. I installed Lookout on my wife’s new Android phone. Haven’t had to use any of the features, but it is good to know we’ll be able to track it down if lost or stolen.

  11. I use lookout on my wife’s phone to save my own sanity because she constantly loses her phone

  12. I left my phone behind watching the Kings game at a pub with some friends. Lookout let me know my phone was still there. Returned the next day to find my phone between the seat cushions I sat on the night before.

  13. I used lookout on multiple occasions to help locate my phone. Never stolen, but very handy program!

  14. I have used Lookout since it has been available. It has helped me find my phone when It got lost in my car. I live in Oakland so I will actually go if you give me a ticket!

  15. threw my phone out the window in a fast food bag while on the interstate n i used lookout to find. incredible!! ive been down ever since

  16. Lost my phone in a cab, Lookout helped me find it.

  17. I’m very careful with my phone. I baby this thing. I have had lookout before but that performance OCD part of me told me I didn’t need it so I deleted.
    After recent stories of my friends having their phones lost and stolen, I reinstalled Lookout again so I won’t have to regret it.

  18. Fortunately I have never had to use it to locate a lost or stolen phone. I use it to scan apps obviously – I know that Lookout is there if and when I need it.

  19. I’ve never had to rely on lookout but it does provide peace of mind.

  20. Lookout found carrier IQ on my phone. Had no idea it was there prior. Thanks Lookout you’re the bomb!!!

  21. Gimme some I/o cuz I love android

  22. Was able to get rid of the nasty CIQ, thanks lookout and I hope to see you guys down in San Fran in 15 days!!!

  23. Peace of mind from Lookout. Comment ends.

  24. I left my phone in a restaurant but couldn’t remember where and thanks to lookout my EVO and I found each other!

  25. Friday night i was robbed at gun point, and my Galaxy Nexus was taken from me. within 10 minutes i tried Plan B with Lookout through my computer, but my phone was not located. Didn’t work, sorry…..

  26. I live in SF (actually applied for a job at lookout once) but Lookout has given me piece of mind especially because i carry sensitive work info on my phone. Even though I do not believe someone will hack my phone, its better to have it especially since performance and battery aren’t really effected.

  27. Found my phone lost in my couch cushons on many ocasions.

  28. I was able to locate my device when it was lost in a snow bank last winter.

  29. Lookout helped me find my phone in Charlotte Bobcats Arena.

  30. Lookout helped me while i was downloading a third party app and it was infected, and it told me it was, saved my phone <3 lookout!

  31. Phone was stolen, but thanks to Lookout, I got the phone back and the data was secure.

  32. Lookout keeps me assured that my data is safe on my device

  33. Fortunately I’ve never had to use Lookout for anything. It just sits peacefully in the background.

  34. first time going to I/O and what better way to kick it off then with this awesome party by an awesome app

  35. lookout is a life saver ! I remember I lost my phone a few months ago and I logged onto lookout and it lead me right to my pocket! after a few attempts of getting my hand in there I pulled it out! Thanks Lookout!

  36. Helped me find my phone in my back pocket. Sike

  37. I think LookOut is great for some people, maybe even most people. I guess I’m the exception but I am careful about what I download and don’t do anything that could get a virus…

  38. Lookout saved my phone many times and found my Transformer Prime occassionally.

  39. I have it so I can protect my phone! Also I went last year to the after party and the lookout team is awesome!! looking forward to another great party!

  40. Lookout helped me find my phone

  41. Lookout has saved me by backing up my contacts. Losing the hundreds of contacts in your phone SUCKS and Lookout definitely saved me. Also, the premium (paid) version is well worth it. :)

  42. Great for helping me find my phone and keep my third party app downloads in check.

  43. Thankfully it’s never caught anything because I haven’t ever downloaded anything shady… but the peace of mind is nice.

  44. Always had lookout. It just keeps getting better. Just knowing my device is safe makes it worth downloading all those third party applications. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next.

  45. I droped my HTC Thunderbolt in SF. Lookout led me to the bum who was showing it off to his other homeless friends.

    [email protected]

  46. Lookout=peace of mind

  47. Have had Lookout on my phones for the last couple of years. It gives me piece of mind, and lets me just enjoy Android. Zero viruses so far… Thanks Lookout!

  48. My HTC died /
    All data gone to /dev/null /
    Lookout saved the day!

  49. I wear Lookout’s tshirt :)

  50. LookOut introduced me to the world of online phone tracking.
    Then I figured I just need the tracking, remote wipe, remote lock and remote alarm features that weren’t in the free version (lacking credit card here)
    So luckily, Amazon had another security app (with the features I listed) as there featured free app of the day and since I downloaded that, I uninstalled LookOut. Whenever I start installing suspicious apps, I’ll reInstall LookOut again. So, can I actually win with this? :P

  51. Luckily I have been lucky enough to not lose my phone in the 3 years I’ve had a smartphone but it is always nice to know I have it ready. The virus scanning and backup are nice too.

  52. Luckily I have never NEEDED lookout capabilities to find a lost or stolen phone but I am very glad to know that should I need it, but lookout has my back. I do however use lookouts other features such as virus scan and ad network detector

  53. I use the automatic backup feature from Lookout. You just never know :)

  54. i sold my thunderbolt and forgot to keep my 32GB sdcard with all my pic. pic that i had taken way back since i got the og droid (i transferred them to the 32GB that came with the TB). i was devastated. I remembered i was one of the 1st to participate in the premium lookout app (formally know as lockout i think). $1 a year premium. witch with that would back up all my pic and was i happy. everything that i had stored in that sdcard that i wanted was backed up. THANK YOU LOOKOUT. i also use it when i cant find it. i’ll make it scream lol.

  55. Have it just in case…..

  56. I use Lookout on my phone and its been an awesome experience. I also have the Lookout Ad Network Detector. To be honest it just feels good to go about my life and my business and feel good about the product I have being protected. I get to focus on better things instead of worrying about ads, viruses, etc. Whats funny, is Lookout has made me look like a king. Like the guy who knows it all. You know how many times my friends complain to me about ads on their phones, or malware, or unsafe apps. Or how about the constant facebook statuses about people losing their phones. Example: “O.M.G I’m so irritated right now. I lost my phone. omg! My pictures, contacts, ugh. I can’t live without my phone” Me – “Hey, Don’t worry maybe I can help. Check out Lookout. Log into your gmail account and download the app. They have a great way to help you find your phone and safe your stuff.” :) I use “Lookout” for myself but I also use it to ‘Lookout” for my friends.

  57. I use Lookout all the time for the nice backups and it keeps tabs on my apps from doing anything funny

  58. I’m constantly looking at ‘find my phone’ apps, and Lookout is my daily driver. I’ve used it from time to time to check for carrierIQ as well. Solid products.

  59. Of course I use lookout! Brings another level of peace of mind.

  60. Lookout saved my life when my fiance lost her phone, I thought I was gonna have to give her mine!

  61. I use lookout for sure, and I helped me a lot in finding my phone.

  62. lookout hasnt saved me yet. thank goodness i havent needed it.

  63. I went to the party last year and it was totally awesome. Got to chat up a dev for quite awhile about the thought process behind tracking down malware and where he thought malware/viruses were going on mobile (specifically Android). They got a bunch of smart people behind them and produce a pretty awesome app.

  64. Lookout because someone has to watch over my phone and keep it safe. Plus these guys know how to party and I want to rock out with them after a long day at google IO.

  65. I use Lookout on my GF’s phone as well as mine. I used it to find her phone when she lost it a month ago.

  66. I originally used it to find CarrierIQ, but now I keep it to help me find my lost phone if that ever happens *knock on wood*

  67. Back in my day we didn’t have lookout to find our phones… we had cords coming from the wall to keep track of where the phone was… and we liked it. Luckily I haven’t had to have lookout save my bacon… good to know it will if/when I need it.

  68. Lookout is a contingency plan for me; never actually had to use it so far.

  69. It found carrier IQ on my phone ;)

  70. Definitely peace of mind from lookout

  71. I have not had to use it yet thankfully, but it does give me a piece of mind!

  72. Used Lookout to detect CarrierIQ. Keeping it around to prevent future problems.

  73. Helped me find my phone once. Dropped it on a bus! :/
    Thank you Lookout

  74. I’ll call you, maybe?

  75. I saw Lookout on my friend’s phone and I got amazed by it. I want to know more!

  76. I really hope to never have to use Lookout, but I’m sure it will help me a lot if I loose my phone.

  77. Not a “saved my life” situation, but have been able to use Lookout to find a couple little malwares that were giving me spam notifications. Maybe I’m OCD, but those things drive me nuts.

  78. Lookout hasn’t specifically saved my phone or my life, but it keeps my mom safe and that’s good enough for me :)

  79. My favorite Lookout feature is Locate. I’m very absent minded.

  80. Lookout saved me! i used to backup my data few times monthly. When my Desire left me Lookout has become my hero.

  81. Lookout makes me feel safe downloading on my phone, plain and simple. Fortunately I’ve never had to actively use it, but I like knowing it’s there. Thanks Lookout!

  82. My wife has used Lookout before: virus scanner and losing her phone (in the house, btw). I use it for virus protection… luckily, haven’t needed it for find my phone (knock on wood).

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