Jun 11th, 2012

Sprint has long been one of the few carriers to back Google Wallet here in the US, but it looks like that could soon change. According to a few internal slides leaked to Android Central, it seems Sprint is making plans to introduce their own mobile payment system, dubbed “Sprint Touch.” Everything here is pretty much standard form what you would find in a mobile payment app, complete with vault animations to give users a greater sense of security. Although the slides don’t reveal any official backing by well-known financial institutions, a few retailer loyalty reward cards from McDonald’s and Best Buy were briefly mentioned.

It’s unclear where Sprint’s future plans for Google Wallet lay, although I’m sure the carrier wont drop support for Google service entirely. What do you guys think? Do you welcome more options (and possibly better security) when it comes to making purchases using your NFC equipped device? Or is Google Wallet all the application you need on your Android device?