AT&T Galaxy S3 shipping on or before June 21st


We may have gotten a bit more insight into AT&T’s Galaxy S3 launch plans. When confirming presales for the device, users are being told that the device would ship on or before June 21st. June 21st seems to be the universal launch date for all carriers here in the United States so we’re not terribly shocked by this revelation. It’s nice to have a bit more concrete proof that we’ll be  seeing this available everywhere before the end of the month, and we couldn’t be any happier at how this launch is going. Is anyone picking one up for use on Ma Bell? [via BGR]

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  1. Spoke to customer service today–they confirmed phone will start shipping on the 18th, to arrive on or before the 21st. And will be shipped on a first-come-first-serve basis depending on who preorder the phone first.

    1. In other words, it could very likely arrive before the 21st depending on where you live and how early you preordered. Here’s hoping…

  2. AT&T always ships phones a few days early for people who pre order. This happened to the Lumia 900 and the HTC One X….

  3. does this apply if I ordered through Amazon as well?

  4. Pre-ordered mine in Pebble Blue… Will sell my Note after it arrives.. :-)

    1. Pre-ordered mine @ BB in Marble White… Might sell it for the Note 2 after IT arrives (in October) >:)

  5. Wow, this story is a little behind. Preorders started last Wednesday? ATT said shipping on the 18th. I actually submitted this fact to Phandroid @ 12:30 Wednesday morning. Great job guys.

    1. Actually, preorders started last Tuesday the 5th both at Best Buy (where I preordered my Pebble Blue GS3) and online at AT&T (it was 9pm when online preorders opened on AT&T website) and I posted a picture of my receipt that shows Best Buy as well is expecting the GS3 on or before June 21st for AT&T customers.

  6. My upgrade doesn’t renew until December. I’ll be getting the Galaxy S 3.

  7. I still want to play with it for real before I buy so I’m waiting until it hits the stores. Still waiting to hear when that date is, but hoping it’s next week since pre-orders are shipping on Monday. If anyone has inside info on in-store launch date I’d love to know.

  8. I just ordered my blue siii at the att store he said that they will either get them Sunday or Monday. Right now I am using the skyrocket and love it going to keep it just in case I don’t like the siii but I don’t think that will be the case.

  9. So I just got off a chat with a representative and she said that they started shipping yesterday on a fcfs basis. I ordered mine at 12 Am on the 6th (first day available) and mine is back ordered. Is there like an exclusive AT&T preorder club?

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