Blurry pics give us a look at the Motorola DROID RAZR HD


The Motorola Droid RAZR HD hasn’t been the most mysterious Android phone as of late, so here are a couple of blurry images to add to the handset’s mystique. We have a pretty good idea of what to expect when Verizon releases the latest Droid RAZR. Rumored specs include a 13MP camera, a dual-core Snapdragon processor, and LTE connectivity. The phone should sport a 3,300mAh battery, much like the Droid RAZR MAXX, and the side profile shot of the phone seems to confirm that we won’t be getting the thinnest version of the RAZR this time around.

The backplate again shows off a patterned kevlar shell for added durability, and the microHDMI and microUSB ports are in a new arrangement. We don’t get a frontal view, but it is assumed that Motorola will go with Android 4.0’s software navigation keys as opposed to a hardware alternative. The RAZR HD is expected to launch sometime this summer, likely towards the end of the season.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Why were his fingers (explicitly) blurred out? So we couldn’t see the prints?

    1. Cause Tim Cook is holding it

      1. Oh snap, son! =)

    2. moto blur, duh :) Bad pun…

  2. Wow this phone actually doesn’t look ugly for once

  3. Milking the razor!

    1. Milking a razor sounds pretty bloody…

  4. this definitely has d WOW factor. Hope they manage to maximize the usable screen size by significantly reducing d bezel.

    1. “reduced bezel” and “motorola” does not belong in one sentence. lol.

  5. Wow, that is one really nice looking phone, better than the one x in my opinion! I know its shallow but the galaxy s 3 is so fugly I just cant see myself getting it. Why does verizon get all of the exclusive moto phones :(

  6. “The RAZR HD is expected to launch sometime this summer, likely towards the end of the season.”

    Just in time for me to wait a little bit longer and see what the next iPhone is going to look like? If it came out today I would buy it, no question. End of summer, I’m going to wait and see what the competition looks like…

    1. Right now it’s the OneX, or the Galaxy S3. By then it’s the new iPhone, or one of the rumored 5 nexus devices. Motorola doesn’t have a chance here with this device.

      1. Neither the 1X or S3 will be available on Verizon’s network. With a 3,330 mAH battery, the Snapdragon S4 processor, a 13MP camera, and (obviously) HD screen, this thing will be a beast.

        1. S3 is already available for preorder on Verizon…

        2. Uh, yeah…Where have you been at? Pre-orders are already live with VZW and others…

        3. Someone’s out of the loop… haha….

          1. Loop? What loop? There’s a loop??? Since when?

        4. You should remove your comment, cause these people are laughing at your level of knowledge.

        5. LOL. What can I say that hasn’t been said already?

      2. Loop? What loop? There’s a loop???

  7. Let’s see, better design than the S3, wayyy better battery than the 1X more durability and better build than both, really nice specs, in general, this one is to me a better alternative to the s3 and 1x! The back looks sick!

    1. Yeah…the back made me sick too!

    2. If they can do all of this, use a decent screen (no pentile please…. But you know they will), and get rid of the ridiculous amounts of bezel Motorola likes to use, then you have a winner.

  8. This could be my next phone. The huge battery has me leaning towards this phone over the Galaxy III.

    1. The release dates maybe your choosing factor!

  9. Locked boot loader. I’m waiting for the next Nexus.

  10. Don’t care about boot locker. Love my atrix but need an upgrade been waiting for this. I kind if like the design. But lets hope Motorola is not stupid in waiting to release 4 months after America like it does with most new phones. Come to the uk soon please.

  11. Mmm, really bad timing on releasing this phone just before they release the Note 2.0 and the Nexus phones, S4, 720p and 4.0 aren’t going to cut it compared to S4 Pro,1080p screens and 4.1 but the build quality and battery are huge selling points over the GS3. What’s the supposed screen size for this model? Is it 4.3 or 4.7?

    1. That’s what I’m trying to figure out? Motorola better not come out with anything less that 4.7

  12. So won’t be out before I lose the option to grandfather my unlimited data, most likely. Bummer. Need to upgrade pretty soon, and don’t want to lose unlimited, so going to be either the GSIII or the GNex. This sounds like a great phone, especially the smaller screen size and huge stock battery.

  13. well they got one thing right Samsung seems to keep screwing up. MICRO HDMI SAMSUNG!!!! WTF?!?! Is it that hard to do???

    1. Most phones are going to MHL.

      1. I know and its complete CRAP! Unstable, terrible scaling, low quality, varying compatibility, unreliable resolution and that’s only if you get a picture, sound is worthles loses power cuts in and out. I could literally go on all day Its complete worthless junk! I’ve used multiple MHL adapters OEM and aftermarket on multiple devices connected to multiple otherwise stable sources. There was always a problem with something. I’ve uses 2 devices with micro HDMI and both connected flawlessly and instantly. Can’t see how any OEM would chooae MHL over true HDMI.

  14. Since using the rzr maxx, I cant see ever using a phone with < 3000ma battery again. I am Hooked. This is much more appealing to me than the S3.

    1. Same with me…there is no way I would be able to cope with a lessor battery…unless they used a CPU that was more efficient that can make the lessor batteries last longer…

  15. I hope this doenst end like the bonic, where only a few month later they release the same phone but thinner.

    1. I dont think so…the Bionic was a highly anticipated phone that was delayed for months…this one…has been basically rumors.

  16. They finally figured out what we want. Huge battery, HD display, and better camera. I’m fascinated.

  17. This is still a prototype. It might even be an empty shell, Why no screen? Plus i hate those side ports, like my DroidX had.

    1. A prototype with carrier branding? It’s probably pretty final with just a few tweaks left.

  18. Look at the size of that thing…pretty sure it’s the rumored note challenger…

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