SK Telecom’s Galaxy S III merges quad-core CPU and 2GB RAM


While the difference in performance between Samsung’s quad-core Exynos version of the Galaxy S III and the dual-core LTE variant looks to be negligible, customers in the US will no doubt feel slightly cheated despite the presence of twice the RAM as found in the international version of the phone. Now a new leak seems to reveal that at least one version of the flagship device will merge the specs of both variants.

Before those in other regions start to wonder why the same arrangement couldn’t be made for the handset destined for carriers like AT&T and Verizon, 4G support appears to be limited to HSPA+. The SHV-E210S version of the Galaxy S III also adds a bit of girth to accommodate the additional hardware elements.  For those hoping to get their hands on this version of the phone, find a good importer. It’s unlikely we will see this model outside of Korea.

[PhoneArena via Engadget]

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  1. So can we assume this will work with At&t 3G and HSPA?

  2. another difference, International GS3 has Exynos 4212, while in the documents its mentioned Exynos 4412.

    1. The international does not have a dual core, it is quad.

  3. That’s crap! Why do the U.S. carriers SUCK so hard!!!!???

    1. engadget is reporting something completely different, saying that it does indeed support LTE. this would make sense due to the added girth because the LTE modem would be a separate chip, taking up more room. this also means less battery life. no thanks. US variant is still the best imo.

      1. I’d take that option if it allows me to turn on and off the LTE as I please.

        1. it’ll be interesting to see if this is an option in the LTE enabled variants.

  4. uhhh Mr. Krause, it says LTE right at the top of that photo above the model number.

  5. At&t 3g quad-core with 2gb ram vs LTE duel core with 2 gb ram. Mm..

    1. AT&T3G on t-mo after the refarming = WIN

  6. I don’t know why author would say US consumers are cheated. Actually they got scorching hot S4 processor (better than quad core A9 from anyone) with build in LTE which saves batter life.

    1. Agreed.

  7. The S4 is an embarrasing JOKE in comparison to the Exynos. Don’t be ignorant and think I’m only refering to the Cores(which can be equal, but for the most part the 4412 is about 50% faster for multi-core stuff). The Hybrid A9/A15 dual-core CPU side can be very competitive with the Exynos Quad-Core. It’s the GPU side that is depressing, the Mali-400+ used in the real GS3 annihilates the Adreno 220 in the Galaxy S 2.5(the US spec GS3/Korean Market Galaxy R Style), and really is the sticking point for me. The fact that you can get a dual-core chinese tablet for $140 and IT runs with the Mali-400 (granted the CPU side is usually the ancient A8 architecture), makes this an embarrasment. I hope that most people smarten up an avoid the Galaxy S III and go for the basically identical HTC One series of phones.

    Another annoying point was the sever downgrade to the Krait S4 was pointless on T-Mobile as that network readily works flawlessly with the International Galaxy S III for HSPA+ and T-mobile has no plans to have LTE launched any time soon.

    1. even with a valid argument such as T-Mo going with the S4, you still have to keep in mind that the S4 is more power efficient.
      but, in regards to the new Exynos vs S4, the S4 is better for those that would rather the LTE speeds and slight bump in power efficiency whereas those that game a lot on a mobile device would be better off with the Exynos quad. in a nutshell, that’s basically the trade-off.

      1. um no.. s4 sucks in battery life, just read ALL the reviews. The Exynos smacks the S4 in battery life all day everyday.

        1. s4 sucks in battery? I’m sorry I don’t think I’ve read that in any reviews. in fact I read that my EVO LTE with a 2000 mah battery is pretty Much the same as international GS3 with a 2100mah battery. EVO had a negligibly longer battery endurance test. my battery is awesome, 7am till 1am with 5 hours of playing.

    2. It is an Adreno 225 – just for the record.

      1. whatever the GPU Mali in Exynos totally kills the Adreno in S4. Enough said. Yes processing power is similar.
        But GPU wise nothing can touch Sammy’s own right now. Including the all talk Tegra

    3. As Micha said, the S4 has an Adreno 225 which is 50% faster than the Adreno 220 in their S3 phones

    4. The international doesnt support 1700mhz bands in america, you are stuck with edge speeds.

  8. do we know if it’s AT&T 3G radios or T-Mobile 3G?

  9. Well the S4 is better, its faster in many cases, and most apps are built for dual core, so a faster dual core is better then quad core.

  10. lol Korea gets the best..

  11. No surprise, Samsung is a Korean company. Perfectly alright.

  12. For me the real question is when will the 64GB model be ready?

  13. When is the 64 GB version coming?

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