SoundHound 5.0 brings hi-res album art, new homescreen, and more


SoundHound for Android has gotten an upgrade to version 5.0, and the big change in version numbers is reflected with a big list of nice changes. Version 5.0 brings even faster music recognition, hi-res album art and artist photos, a new homescreen to show you top artists and tracks, a new interface, and more music lyrics. You’ll definitely want to give it a go ASAP so find it in the Google Play Store.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Now if only they’d update the version on Amazon App Store to 5.0

    1. They still haven’t. I wonder how long it will take…

    2. Yeah I know. I have the full version through amazon bc it was the free app of the day once. They need to update it to 5. Its only on 3 right now

      1. That’s how I got it too, and I like it a lot better than Shazam (also got the premium version free from Amazon’s app store). Didn’t notice it was only on 3, hope they push out 5.0 sometime soon.

  2. They gave the paid version of this and Shazam away on the Amazon Appstore a long time ago. Glad I snagged them when I got the chance!

    1. I got it for 10 cents during Google’s 10 Billion app sales.. sale.

      1. I got Endomondo Pro during that.

    2. Yup I got both free too. But they need to update!!

  3. Screw SoundHound. I paid for SoundHound a couple of years ago, and asked them for ONE FEATURE: Make it so I can change the font size from every so fucking small to something readable.

    Also, their new version is a suckfest of ads and crap I don’t need or want.

    To hell with them, they are just going down a bloatware path and are unable to understand what their users actually want or need.

    1. “Screw them, they didn’t do what I wanted them to do with their app!”

      1. Yes that’s right. Screw them because they don’t realize everyone has the eyesight they have, and that people with failing eyesight would still like to use their apps.

        AND have paid for it.

        And since changing font size is relatively simple on Android, and since people with poor vision are relatively common, and even at times protected by the ADA, and since computer engineers have been dealing with problems of accessibility for decades, then yes,

        Screw SoundHound for failing to make their app accessible.

        1. Reading your comments I established
          1. You have a pretty crapy screen on your phone
          2. Buy some glasses
          3. I have yet too see an app that let you change font for the ui.
          4. Where the heck is the font to small?

          1. After reading your comments, I have established:
            1. You can’t spell.
            2. You can’t write complete sentences.
            3. You only end your sentences with a period or question mark half the time.
            4. You have good numbering skills.

          2. Oh I’m sorry that I didn’t bother using my time writing correctly on my phone, when answering a troll or whiner. By the way, good job making a completely useless comment to the topic, that didn’t even manage to use your superiority in grammar making a point or fixing my mistakes. Bravo

          3. I was just trying to help YourLittleBrother.

  4. It would be nice if SoundHound was readable. But their font is too tiny, and they provide no way to make it larger, even though they’ve been asked many times.

    So yes, I hope the CEO of SoundHound goes blind.

  5. I too have bought paid version of Soundhound some time ago, also have purchased Tune-in radio, and… now I am with HTC OneX, both of these two great media apps are “built-in” in OneX, but free versions with ads as you might guess. Besides, tune-in radio is embedded in HTC’s car-mode app likewise Soundhound embedded in the music player app. No way to upgrade/replace them to full versions; installing full versions ends up with two separate apps for same… you cannot get rid of the free ones.
    What I really do not understand is, is that really so hard to foresee and avoid this annoying situation?

  6. The new version also is one enormous ad fest, even on the paid version. Check out the reviews on google play to see how many people hate this piece of crap that used to love it.

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