Oracle pushed Google hard enough in court to be ordered to pay part of Google’s legal fees


The Google-Oracle trial is over — Oracle can’t restrict Google from using parts of Java they alleged the latter were wrongly infringing on, and they also can’t enforce a license. Judge Alsup made that perfectly clear. But something interesting was revealed about Oracle’s strategy: they pushed way too hard for a lawsuit that pretty much wasted the court’s time.

After two failed revisions of their trial, Alsup made Oracle adhere to one condition if they wanted to get back into the courtroom: that they pay for Google’s legal fees for that third trial. The damages come in at about $300,000, an amount that seems like pocket change even for Oracle.

Earlier in this trial’s history, Google called Oracle’s claims frivolous, and they should have taken heed of that in a serious manner. With this move, Alsup made it clear that Oracle is not going to get anywhere with such a weak hand, and that they should think twice before making themselves look like fools in front of the entirety of the tech world. [via Android Authority, thanks Earl!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. hope apple will be made to pay Samsung’s and HTC’s as well

  2. yea it seems like pocket change until they say something like “we’ll just cut 5 people to make up the 300K loss” in a hush-hush drink conversation later that night.

  3. Checkmate!

  4. Apple take note!

    1. ULTRA!!

    2. It really does pretty much sum up the court battle. At the end of the day Oracle got its ass beat lol.

  5. Ha, ha! ! !

  6. Make an example out of Apple with a $Billion counter suit and make sure they pay it too and not cut a deal…No one file frivilous claims again.

  7. Why doesn’t this happen to Apple? Oh that’s right they pay the judge a lot more under the table…

  8. oracle and google is not over… simple minded people. even if google would of lost they would have appealed, same for oracle.

    1. First of all, it’s “would have lost” or “would’ve”. Secondly, this was a jury verdict. To appeal successfully, the appellant needs to show that the court erred as a matter of law AND that the jury’s verdict was tainted or without merit. The burden of proof is rather high…

    2. True it’ll never really be over, just like with SCO. However it would be exceptionally hard and expensive to win an appeal. Even if they were able to get say Aslup’s decision that API’s can not be copyrighted over turned, they would still have to have that part retrialed because the jury could not come to a decision on that topic(and remember it was 6-3 leaning in Google’s favor). Won’t spend much time talking about their patent portion of the trial as so many of those had been invalidated. Not to mention the many defenses that Google didn’t use because of time constraints such as estopple.

      Anyways its a long hard costly battle for them to even have another crack at Google.

  9. Where are all the people who were saying Oracle will be the death of Android Now

  10. 300,000 is chump change. ORACLE think they can sue google thinking Android is a easy target since they every ass hole says that GOOGLE copies from everyone. This teaches ORACLE A LESSON. now we NEED GOOGLE TO SHUT APPLE ASS up after their banning on HTC phones and now their trying to ban samsung

  11. Many countries outside the USA have the lawsuit concept of “Loser pays”, and some require that the plaintiff set up an escrow before the trial can begin, to ensure they can cover costs of the defendant in case the plaintiff loses. This greatly curbs frivolous lawsuit. I wish we had this in the USA.

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