Verizon expanding its LTE network June 21st, including a big Florida expansion


Verizon have announced that a bevy cities will be getting 4G LTE starting June 21st. The Triangle, NC; Burlington, NC; Bedford, PA; Indiana, PA; Sharon, PA; Idaho; Eastern Oregon; Jacksonville, CA; New Bern, CA; Billerica, MA; Springfield, MO; West Plains, MO; Lake of the Ozark, MO; and a whole slew of 40 new communities in Florida. To see the full list of Floridian expansions, hit up Verizon’s newscenter and see if you can’t find your city on that list. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. “The Triangle” is not a city in North Carolina, it a region. The Triangle is roughly Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and Chapel Hill, and includes N.C. State University, Duke University, and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The 4G is already great here in Raleigh, and I know several people who will be happy to see it in Burlington!

  2. still big dead spots on i-55 between sikeston, mo and memphis.

  3. Its incredible the pace that VZW is running at to expand 4G. They have blown past AT&T Tmobile from the get go. Literally Destroyed sprints confidence to rely on wimax. Sprints now offering an ambitious date to supply 4G to 200mil + ppl, and i got a feeling they might ride off of VZW’s expansion somehow, regardless of transmission frequency. Im just wondering whether sprint, or any company for that matter, can piggyback off of VZW’s 4G LTE installations?

  4. We just received 4g in the tri-county area of NC last week. This includes Morganton, Hickory, and Lenior. I must say I am surprised/impressed with Verizon for coming to the area so quickly.

    1. Received 4G in East Texas last week (Nacogdoches/Diboll/Lufkin area), still seems spotty around here and a smaller suburb that is literally connected to one of the main areas still doesn’t even have 1x. Getting decent speeds for out here though, 15-20mbps down 3-5mbps up.

      1. Last time I was in TX, two years ago exactly, I didn’t even get cell signal on Verizon in Nacogdoches! Now you’re getting 4G LTE?

  5. I’m starting to wonder if LTE as a technology is flawed or inferior in some way. For such an incredible roll out and such wide spread coverage the LTE sure sucks from all my experience. According to my local map I have an LTE tower about a quarter mile from my house. Interesting that I can’t keep an LTE or even a 3G signal.

    1. It could be your device (unit). I would try swapping it out for another unit of the same phone or get a different phone all together.

    2. Call VZW and have them figure out the issue. If you think about it, why so much fuss over something so flawed? It just works, and it’s fast.

      1. Seriously??? Ya all these problems and I’ve never thought once to Call Verizon. I’ve been handed off to level after level of service. I had so many open tickets my first few months on LTE I lost count. They know they are having problems with it in many parts of the country. They’ve yet to admit what the issue is and that it exists yet though. If it works where you are congrats. I assure you that’s not how it is everywhere. I know many people in many parts of the country having the same issues

  6. Springfield, MO isn’t “getting” LTE June 21st, it already has it. It’s an expansion of the coverage in the area.

  7. That’s great, but still no coverage anywhere on the Space Coast. Melbourne is one of the biggest engineering and tech areas in Florida (including Florida Tech) and we still don’t have LTE on Verizon.

  8. how many clients did she do each day? hours? paid? STD-free?

  9. No Reading, PA .. sigh only 400k population :(

    Indiana,PA population 80k

  10. Florida is gonna need all that coverage with the impending zombie apocalypse.

  11. Ian, what phone do you have? You should not be experiencing such intermittant reception.

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