T-Mobile Father’s Day promotional material reveals free phone offer


T-Mobile is gearing up to offer a nice Father’s Day sale, it seems. Promo materials leaked by TmoNews seem to suggest we’ll be able to get any phone we want for free on June 15th and 16th. This offer would only be fulfilled after signing a new two-year agreement we imagine, though we have little details to go on so we’re not sure if there will be a little trickiness going on with the rebates. In any case, if you’re looking for a nice father’s day gift and your dad or any other fathers you want to gift are in need of a phone, be sure to consider Magenta’s upcoming offering. [TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Upgrades too? Anyone know

  2. That should include preorders for future phones…

    1. Such as the Galaxy S III?

  3. Quentyn, you’ve rescheduled Father’s Day weekend for July, while TMo News has rescheduled it for THIS Friday and Saturday (the 8th and 9th)! Fascinating…

  4. they are talking sh*t on there self!! paying for 4g (i do) doesn’t make it 4g!! (it isnt) HSPA BULL!!!

    1. The current LTE is not technically compliant to the definition of 4G either, but together with HSPA+ it is allowed to be branded “4G”. But you have a point – none of the current technologies (WiMAX, LTE or HSPA+) actually live up to the original definition of 4G…
      From Wiki: Since the above mentioned first-release versions of Mobile WiMAX and LTE support much less than 1 Gbit/s peak bit rate, they are not fully IMT-Advanced compliant, but are often branded 4G by service providers. On December 6, 2010, ITU-R recognized that these two technologies, as well as other beyond-3G technologies that do not fulfill the IMT-Advanced requirements, could nevertheless be considered “4G”, provided they represent forerunners to IMT-Advanced compliant versions and “a substantial level of improvement in performance and capabilities with respect to the initial third generation systems now deployed”.

      1. Sprint’s LTE network will be in 2013. They are currently deploying LTE release 9 (newer and faster that VZW/AT&T’s releas 8 LTE) and will upgrade remotely to release 10 (LTE Advanced) when the software becomes available. However the 2012 Sprint network is running LTE Release 10 hardware which is 4G per ITU standards.

    2. Nobody’s getting swindled. It’s not like T-Mobile is charging EXTRA to give you 4G. You just need a capable phone… and you GET the speeds and the coverage of speeds. I’m so tired of people whining about what 4G is or isn’t. They deliver with speeds and that’ s not debatable. Be done with it.

      1. Im convinced that people complain because they don’t like the idea of paying such a high bill with vzw and att, therefore they tell themselves that they are paying for”true” 4g, and us schleps paying less for HSPA+ just can’t have 4g like them.

    3. HSPA+ 42 matches LTE in download performance (which is the main selling point).

      So, who cares? I would gladly trade up from my shitastic sprint 3G to HSPA+42!

  5. you might want to fix it from july 15-16 to june as shown in the picture

  6. Guess that’s why the galaxy s3 isn’t up for preorder yet huh

  7. Damn, makes me wanna switch carriers

    1. Aren’t you on VZW, NA?

      1. Even more reason to switch.

        1. That’s assuming that TMo has good service in his region.

          1. I heard it was alright. But yes I’m on vzw. I’ll feel better if vzw gets the SG3 but usually everyone else gets the best phones. Plus how do you argue with free?

          2. Nothing is free in life. You may get the device for free, but you’re locked into their crap service for 2 years. VZW will get the SGS3, but after Sprint :P

          3. I don’t disagree. Plus the SG3 looks so awesome I am also considering leaving HTC (and staying with vzw). I HATE that vzw doesn’t have a HTC flagship, I love my rezound but HTC one X (not to mention Evo LTE) look AMAZING!

          4. You know I’ve been on the fence about getting the EVOLTE. I ended up deciding after a long period of deliberation that I don’t need it, so I’ll pass this time around. It will be the first time in a damn long time that I will not be upgrading my phone on an annual basis.

          5. Yea I feel ya. You’re rocking the 3D right? My rezound is still extremely new so I don’t really have any business trying to upgrade but you know how it is

          6. Yeah, and development has just picked up, plus I’ve been working on my own ICS ROM based off of that VM leak. I can’t wait for that official Sprint release though.

    2. I couldn’t go back to them if I wanted to. I broke my contract with them because I was on my 2nd damn Moto Click XT and I was sick of their shitty phones and at the time there wasn’t another phone from their selection that I wanted. So I got an Evo. Now I’m with VZW ‘cuz unfortunately Sprint’s coverage sucks where I’m at all day :-/

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