Is this Google’s ASUS-made Nexus 7 tablet?


Google branded, ASUS made,  quad-core Tegra 3 for under $200, and you’re looking at it — supposedly. PhoneArena received what is reportedly our first look at what could launch as the Nexus 7 tablet. From the front the slate looks like a blown-up smartphone with a speaker located in a handset’s normal earpiece location (not a typical position for a tablet) and an array of sensors with front-facing camera. The reverse shows off the two-tone stylings we have grown accustomed to from previous ASUS releases.

Word from the insider leaking the images is that the tablet does indeed feature quad-core processing (this has been debated back and forth over the past few months) and is planned to launch with Android 4.1, which is believed to be the designation for the next iteration of the OS, Jelly Bean. We could be getting our first taste of both Jelly Bean and the Nexus 7 at Google I/O at the end of the month. Rumors still point to a summer release for the tablet.

[via AndroidandMe]

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  1. Looks like the new 7 inch Galaxy Note II GS SX Evo HD.

    1. Hey, watch the language!
      Let’s keep it clean here. ;)

    2. you forgot the 4g LTE at the end…

    3. Except it says Asus on the back, lol.?

  2. Amazing how the front of that looks IN NO WAY like an LTE Note.

  3. that’s not the GTablet…it’s the Note XXL Edition

    1. Samsung already made that. It’s called the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

  4. Why even bother posting stuff like this? It doesn’t take a genius to realize that those pictures are fake.

  5. No chance, too ugly.

    1. I don’t care for white and there’s too much top/bottom bezel. I’ll be getting one though if it comes in black.

  6. The first picture reminds me of the Galaxy Note in white and second picture I just don’t know what to make of.

    1. galaxy note and the iphone 2g had a phone

      1. Yeah upside down Original iPhone.

  7. That does look a lot like an oversized phone! In fact, I’m left wondering why Google and Asus didn’t release a phone like this as well.

  8. Imagine this… your on the phone and you accidentally hit the music button….a big blast of music in your ears …or u hit speaker …at least its on the front now

  9. Looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen to me. :-/

    1. Why exactly would it happen to you?

      1. Looks like it to me. It makes more sense if you say it out loud.

  10. But I just bought a galaxy tab 2 7.0
    My wife is so going to kill me;-)

  11. If that is the Nexus Tablet, I’ll be on board in a heartbeat!

  12. No.

  13. Please god I hope not.

  14. Looks like an iPad

    Just kidding

    1. lol nothing makes me more mad than people constantly coming up to me in public when I’m using my note and saying “that looks like a mini iPad”……

      1. You should always reply to them with. “are you really that stupid?”

  15. PhoneArena (but not Phandroid?) also reported (2 days ago) that the Galaxy Note 2 would be arriving in October, with a 5.5″ 1680×1050 display. It’ll apparently take design cues from the S3, which is a good/bad thing depending on your opinion. grainOfSalt+=100;

    1. Wow 5.5″screen! I hope they keep the same size dimensions for the overall phone. I can barely grip the current size at 83mm wide.

  16. Why in the world would it look so exactly like a phone. The note is silly enough, can you imagine anyone holding it up to their ear? LOL

  17. WTF is wrong with all these manufacturers thinking everyone wants their devices in freaking white? Firstly the thing looks like a Galaxy Note and Secondly the white color is a freaking fail! Paint the darned thing black or grey and give us awesome speakers and a very high resolution and bright screen, then we can talk.

    1. And if black and gray were my only color options I wouldn’t buy it. Some of us actually prefer white.

  18. The front makes no sense. Plus I want a right and left speaker on the back. When holding it with both hands your hands help direct the sound up to your ears. This lets the sound waves travel a little bit farther which helps develop the bass notes a little bit more.

  19. I’ll buy it. No the bes looking thing, but its cheap, will be running 4.1 w/ a quad core processor, and is a Nexus.

  20. Phablet?

  21. Front looks like a phone, back looks like a tablet. I’ve been patiently waiting to replace my OG Tab, if the specs are on par with this report, I’d buy it regardless of how ‘phone-like’ it is. And it’s Asus, they’ve been above expectations on how well they’ve updated my Transformer. For that reason alone I’m looking at replacing my Epic Touch 4G with an Asus phone. Top quality and timely updates, Asus gets it.

  22. I was all set to buy my first tablet. Not if this is it. Awful.

  23. Sure! If the Nexus is a poorly p-copped galaxy note. Someone was trying too hard and forgot to look at what the difference was between Samsung and Asus designs…

  24. LOOK! It’s the HTC Xperia Hero Prime G1!

  25. Any way to compare the front design to the MeMo 370T? If they’re different, does that mean the MeMo 370T is still a possibility as a non-Nexus tablet?

  26. Trolling for comments much phandroid? You win this time…

  27. Front: modified and stretched Galaxy S II pic
    Back: modified and stretched HTC One X pic

  28. I hope not. It looks like a giant version of the OG iPhone.

    Release an official 10″ tablet with Jelly Bean. 7″ for a tablet is as silly as 5″ is for a phone.

  29. Galaxy note 2? asus transformer rip off galaxy note? I do not

  30. Please tell me I’m not just seeing things. That is a speaker grill for making voice calls correct?

  31. Might buy. I dont care if its ugly, its cheap.

  32. Looks like a big iPhone

  33. Can barely make out the pixelized text. “Confidential _____ proposed ID #xxxxxxxx” Possible Backsomething, backsplash, backpanel….something like that. Not that any of that means anything to anyone. I’m excited. Never was interested in those 10″ tablets, and phones are slightly too small (I have a GNex). But it’s definitely a winner in the market that Apple refuses to acknowledge!

  34. Take my money. I will take two, please.

  35. looks like samsung design…

  36. It is a Galaxy Note with the bottom and back photoshopped. The top of the phone is nearly identical. The speaker, and the camera, LED, and light sensor array are all the same relative dimensions with one of them being shortened into a circle for this photo.

  37. I’m calling fake, it’s a photoshopped note. The only reason it would have a two toned back is if it were made of metal, which I can almost guarantee a non luxury device won’t have. Also, I don’t see Google emphasizing portrait orientation.

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