Instagram update improves search, fixes camera bugs


Instagram for Android has a new update ready in Google Play that addresses several persistant bugs and adds in some enhanced funtionality. The full changelog includes improved search capabilities, support for geotagged images taken from the phone’s gallery, and bug fixes for the Instagram advanced camera. Also addressed are app freeze issues specific to the HTC Sensation 4G and problems with using the tilt shift effect on lower resolution images.

The update is available now from the Google Play Store. Head over now to grab it if you haven’t been prompted to do so on your phone yet.

Google Play Link: Instagram

[via DroidDog]

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  1. These bugs are the result of taking a pristine Apple app and forcing it in to the world of garbage Android.

    1. this is why i never treated cheap android phone as smart phone. cheap android phone are cancer.

      1. holy crap… emotional about gadgets much? it’s a little computer in your hand, chill the hell out.

    2. Lol @ “Apple app”. If only Apple made it. If only Android forced them to port it over. If only Android wasn’t starting to beat the pants off Apple.

  2. I guess I sent them too many error reports, now the mytouch4g isn’t “supported” by the updated version.

  3. @cabbage pants:

    1. IOS is terrible.
    2. Keep drinking the cool ade. I hope you see Steve soon

    1. It’s spelled Kool Aid

  4. Kewl story, brah

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