Apple files new complaint with ITC, seeks to ban importation and sale of HTC devices


A delay at US Customs that prevented both the HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE from launching on time was only the beginning. While customs officials allowed the devices to enter the US after finding they were not in violation of a previous ruling by the International Trade Commission, Apple is seeking to ban the importation of future devices and to have current stock pulled from shelves.

HTC claims it has made the necessary adjustments to avoid violating a previous ruling in relation to Apple patent #5,946,647, and the actions of customs seem to agree. But Apple obviously still believes HTC is infringing on their intellectual property. We’ll have to wait and see how this one plays out.

[via The Verge]

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  1. Unheard of….Apple suing another company! What’s next? Man lands on the moon?

    1. Not another the same company AGAIN

  2. Dear Apple, I hope you piss off your customers so bad your company is forced to fold and be the butt of everyone’s joke. I promise to never buy another product made by you due to your ongoing douchebag-ness. I hate you. Worst company ever.

  3. Apple is becoming like a black hole. Both sucking the life out of the universe.

  4. This is getting so tired. Spend all that money being productive and stop gaming the system with asshat patents that should never exist…

  5. Get that baby a pacifier!

    1. Yes please do

  6. There needs to be some kind of financial penalty for these companies filing trivial claims like this.

    If you file a claim to have a product banned and it is found that the product does not violate any patents you should have to pay a fine and pay the other company money for potential lost sales and revenue.

    Enough with this crap

    1. Absolutely!

    2. The only problem with that is that it would deter legit complaints by small organizations who lack the lawyer power of the big boys.

      1. But if it’s a legit complaint, and there’s no way for you (the small organization) to lose, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. I honestly don’t know, but how often do the “little guys” seek to *ban* a competitor’s product? You don’t see this kind of crap amongst Sham-Wow and all the other super absorbent towel look-alikes.

        1. I’m sure it doesn’t happen THAT often, but discouraging valid complaints, I believe, is a serious impediment to this kind of legal reform.

  7. Apple is the antichrist

    1. lol… that would explain the bite


  9. so, yet again, we see how Apple deals with being so far behind the curve. Try to stop anyone more advanced than their product from being able to sell it. When an alien invasion happens and we’re unprepared, blame Apple. They decided they have the patent on advanced weaponry and would not allow weapons manufacturers to advance.

    1. Thank god Apple is not a US weapons defense contractor. We’d be fighting wars with slingshots and iRocks. But its ok cause all the inbound nukes headed for us would be held up in customs for patent litigations.

  10. Tim Cook says he likes thermonuclear war

  11. The courts are allowing this kind of trolling to continue. Because of Apple being such a large company the courts seem to turn their backs to a problem that is getting worse every week. Apple IMO is the worse patent trolls, they stole most of their patents from other companies to begin with and then on the other side of the coin they are using these stolen patents to go after other companies. This is just pathetic just like Apple. Then you have the Apple sheep that think this is the way to do business and believe that Apple is doing the right thing. Truly a very sad company that believe their own lies and have so many dumb fucks following them around without a brain.

    1. Apple has enough $$$ to keep lobbying efforts to prevent legislation that hurts them. You can’t really rely on the free market outcry unlike backlashe’s against microsoft because too many people like apple products and will turn the blind eye.

  12. they’re just buying time now. They probably want the good Android Devices to be launched around the same time as the iPhone 5 so they can have a chance. lol

  13. Fuck you apple. Just because your company is so far behind the technological curve does not give you the right to file bullshit claims against other companies. Who gives a Damn that you were really the first company to make a bad ass smart phone. Your product is outdated. Changing the chip In your phone and adding an S to the end of the name does not make it revolutionary. Your unwillingness to advance and change with the times has put you in the situation that you are in now and it is your own fault that you have fallen behind the curve. Quit taking it out on your competition and fuckin change your tactics.

  14. Big shocker Apple still trying to ban the competition, they know the iPhone 5 will be a dud.

    1. the iphone 4s was such a dud man it sold like 3 units

      1. Rumor has it the they are working on a new siri voice theme that will sound like Steve Jobbs. Its supposedly not set to launch till the 5s so i’ll skip this one.

  15. This is sad. Makes them look completely pathetic. You know that fanboys are pumping their iFists in the air yelling whatever the big fruit tells them. STEALING!!!!!!!!! UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!! DOWN WITH INNOVATION!!!!!!!

  16. Die apple die…

    1. The apple the…?

      Sent from my Galaxy Note

  17. I could see this if Apple was neck and neck with all the OEMs, but when you’re the richest company in the cell phone industry, it just comes off as being greedy. It’s mind blowing how people tolerate this by constantly buying their products. Does Apple have to start killing baby seals and dolphins before people start to open their eyes to their draconian tactics?

  18. Apple blows

  19. The timing of this is probably no coincidence. Google just announced some awesome Google Map updates including offline and 3D which could, if rumors are indeed true, seriously deflate any Apple map announcements next week att WWDC. So what do they do, try to take some of the attention away from Google’s announcement today.

  20. Apple needs to go bankrupt, they deserve financial failure….

  21. Apple have a policy, if you can’t beat them, cheat them.

  22. Apple sees that it’s iPhone 5 specs is Antique compared to Android Phones’ Specs . Lady and Gentle man, it’s the fear that make Apple go nut on Banning these Precious Phones

  23. Seriously, fuck Apple.

  24. Apple innovates nothing designs a product copy another OS uses companies to make the iphone and calls it all INNOVATION. Competition is hot running out of ideas and plays microsoft games trys to slow them down not with innovation but with the best lawyers money can buy .

  25. I smell corporate greed.

  26. Good! Apple’s IP needs to be protected!

    1. 1/10 for making me reply… if you had a real phone, you would have more fun things to do with your phone other than trolling basic html sites. News***** we don’t care. You see what I did there? no… you didn’t.

    2. This would be the same so-called IP that Microsoft implemented before the patent was even applied for, admitted to by Apple, and never challenged in court for fear of having the patent declared invalid?

      Protect this, troll.




  29. Go read the patent. Apple patent #5,946,647 does not warrant banning all HTC devices.

  30. F Apple

  31. What is HTC doing that other Android companies aren’t? If anything I would think it would be Samsung, with their home button, square icon interface, and Siri ripoff.

  32. Will be very interesting to see if Apple tries to block the S3, when it gets released in the USA.

    1. nevermind, just read they are trying to block the S3 as well. Boy will that make for some angry people, if they win.

      1. They wont.

  33. Apple really pisses me off

  34. Ha ha the Apple tax the sucker tax!

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