Ice Cream Sandwich headed to Verizon’s Droid RAZR on June 12?


A report out of CNET may offer some hope to Motorola Droid RAZR owners on Verizon awaiting the update to Android 4.0 — that is if you didn’t already have your hopes up for the update to arrive sometime this month. According to sources inside Big Red, the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich will commence on or around June 12th. The reason the process has dragged on so long apparently can be attributed to migrating the update from an Android 4.0.3 base to Android 4.0.4. Such updates have been a long time coming for Verizon subscribers, but with the Galaxy Nexus and Motorola XOOM finally reaching the promised land, it would appear the carrier has gotten over the initial hump.

[via CNET | Thanks to those who sent this in!]

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  1. Yay,

  2. Is This For The Maxx To?

    1. Yes sir

    2. it is for both, they have the same software. The only difference is the battery.

  3. Ha. Watch, June 12th will be the start of the ‘soak test’ then the real release will follow like a month later. This is Verizon after all.

    1. I think the soak test is usually a week, so I would expect the actual rollout the week of the 18th. But what do i know, I am just a user like everyone else…

      1. Tell that to the unrooted Galaxy Nexus owners. It took VZW 1 month from the soak test to the release.

  4. Any Razr HD news? One would think Moto would want to get something out there before people start upgrading to the S3.

  5. Really want to know more about the RAZR HD…the Galaxy III is looking pretty tempting. C’mon Moto!!!

  6. Motorola has the absolute worst software updates. Every time they leave the phone with more and more problems. Will never own another Motorola phone again.

    1. You’re full of crap. Samsung by far has the WORST updates of any phone manufacturer.

    2. Moto is the best period. You a turd

  7. embarrassing. this is a FLAGSHIP phone??? Never again. I’ll be back on the Nexus phones.

    1. Because the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon has gotten so many updates since release.

  8. please be true

  9. Hopefully the RAZR (the non Verizon one) won’t be too far behind…

  10. Does this mean RAZR maxx will get it too? Don’t they have same software?

    1. Yes they do.

  11. I have 4.0.4 on my RAZR Maxx and it’s smokin, lol. I love it, and the rest of you will to. It even has the global option.

    1. You have the leak right. I can not wait to get ICS on my razr :)

  12. I just hope ICS doesn’t ruin what is already a great phone.

  13. ICS and all of the wait from what I have seen is going to make some that is the best, better than it was even before ICS…

  14. Well it’s June 12th and still no ics update on my razr maxx.

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